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  1. Yep it worked! Thanks so much for your mod. It is really impressive and is downright gorgeous!! Pics:
  2. When Extrasolar is not installed, all the sunflares in TWB pack work perfectly. However, when Extra solar is installed, the sunflares do not work. Thank you for replying in advance
  3. When TWB is the only planet pack installed the sunflares work normally. When I install Extrasolar, KSS, Before Kerbin, After Kerbin or GPO all the sunflares in TWB break while the sunflares in the other planet packs work normally. All the planet packs cause the sunflares to break.
  4. I tried that but the problem still persisted. Dawn: The other stars are working and this issue happens with all planet packs I install Thanks in advance
  5. Awesome mod but I have an issue. Whenever I use this mod with any other planet packs like after kerbin or extra solar the TWB star sun-flares disappear. The scatterer affect still works on the planets perfectly but the star effects disappear. Gamedata folder Thanks in advance
  6. Bonbo

    [1.6.x] Kolyphemus System Continued

    Any chance this mod works in 1.4 or 1.5? Also great mod this looks amazing especially kolyphemus and pandoor
  7. Bonbo

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    I noticed that this mod is compatible with after kerbin, but is it compatible with before kerbin? Thanks for replying in advance
  8. I can easily say that this mod is one of the greatest mods out there!
  9. I experience the micro stutter and I have narrowed it down to KSS. I'm going to wait for a more stable release.
  10. There is a research bodies config in the install ( under support ) and I have research bodies and everything seems to working fine, so I think it's compatible.
  11. YES!!! Can't wait to try out the new Kelnis system in a few days!
  12. Oh okay now I am even MOAR hyped for 0.8 Thanks for answering my question
  13. Kerbin and Aquel from 87 km orbits and 2000 km orbits and my in game graphics settings ( 1920 x 1080 resolution is my monitor's native resolution ). ModList: EVE Hyperedit Kopernicus ( 1.3.1-3 ) KSS ModularFlightIntegrator scatterer Squad ModuleManager 2.8.1 Thanks for replying in advance
  14. I've noticed that clouds on all the planets in KSS 0.7.3 are a low resolution and very pixelated when viewed from a low orbit. I am using the correct versions of scatterer, EVE, and kopernicus and all my in-game graphic settings are on the highest possible settings. I have also made sure the clouds are correctly installed. Is the low resolution normal? Thanks for replying in advance
  15. Thanks it worked! I’m really looking forward to exploring this mod. With visuals the planets look even prettier than before