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  1. Kottabos Review: It came out a while ago but in case you haven't seen it here it is. Once again you made a very pretty mod. It's very photo-realistic and the planets could probably be mistaken for real planets. Definitely one of the top five planet packs for this game!
  2. Is it normal for Trappist 1b, 1c, and 1d to be so bright? I can barely see the clouds from orbit. I am asking because the other planets around tau ceti, teegarden, etc aren’t as bright.
  3. Here you go
  4. Sorry about my lack of intelligence. I put in the REX textures folder and I still get the same error.
  5. Here's my gamedata folder. The mod downloaded properly but it doesn't load in game and I get a kopernicus error message. I am using ksp 1.6.1 and i am using kopernicus 1.6.1-10
  6. That's the same situation for me. The file takes a really long time and fails halfway through. Eventually when it finishes, I load up ksp and it doesn't work because the installation was incomplete.
  7. What happened? This mod was so pretty!
  8. Hello I was wondering if I could have access to the Imperial Planet Pack download. I know the mod is dead and development has ceased but I still want to play with it since it looks very pretty. The download was removed from spacedock and I want to download it somewhere. Thanks in advance!