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  1. All great ideas, would also be cool to see some tandem seat cockpits (MiG-31, Typhoon T3, SU-30 and so on).
  2. What mod is this tandem-seat cockpit from?
  3. I have this exact issue too, I think it's an issue with this folder: NMB/Props/HUD4/model
  4. That would be awesome! However as a fighter jet guy I would also like to see a more detailed and functional IVA for the non-commercial cockpits as well, perhaps something similar to NMB. I used to have this exact issue, it turns out it was being caused by me putting the airplane plus folder inside the squad folder. The airplane plus folder should be next to the squad folder instead of inside it, I hope that helps!
  5. Actually that reminds me, @Kernowden Kerbin could you please make a two-seat Eurofighter Typhoon cockpit minus the intake? It would be amazing, thanks!
  6. I'm having an issue with rotorcraft engines, when I start them up they just go to full rpm almost instantly without the proper startup sequence, and when I shut them down the sound immediately drops and they take forever to stop spinning. Is there a faulty file or something or do I need to install some kind of mod? In the R16 rotorwing demo video the engine had a proper startup and shutdown sequence so I'm just wondering if my file is broken. I've had this issue for a while but I was to lazy to report it until now. I'm not trying to complain or anything and I don't want to sound ungrateful or selfish but I'm wondering if I broke the file somehow or need to install a plugin. Thanks for any help and thank you for this amazing update blackheart!
  7. Is it possible to add a Eurofighter Typhoon cockpit that is fairly big? The Eurofighter cockpit from Aviation Cockpits is pretty small. Also can you add cockpit lights like the one in with stock cockpits? Many thanks.
  8. In the changelog of the most recent version I saw that reloadable missile rails had been added, but i can't seem to find them, can anyone help?
  9. Maybe some more turboprop engines to complement the new Bombardier-style 1.875m fuselage and cockpit e.g. a 1.25m Dash-8 Q-400 PW150A as shown above
  10. Also, will the craft work with 1.4.3? (I can't use 1.4.4 due to kerbinside remastred)
  11. Just so you know that when i make an aircraft with a Mk1 size cockpit (from Kerbal Standard) in the SPH it always registers as a ship and not a plane in the tracking station, however when i use Mk2 or Size 2 cockpits (from Kerbal Standard) in the SPH it always registers as a plane in the tracking station, so please change the Mk1 cockpits so that aircraft using them will identify as planes just like in stock. So I wont have to go to the 'rename vessel' option on my cockpits and change them to planes every time. Also the Mk1 cockpit lights (from Kerbal Standard) aren't automatically binded to the 'lights' action group like the stock cockpit lights are, but Mk2 and Size 2 cockpit lights (from Kerbal Standard) are automatically binded to the 'lights' action group just like the stock ones, so please change the Mk1 cockpit lights to be automatically binded to 'lights', because keep having to assign it every time myself. Just letting you know for the next update if you are reconfiguring older parts, thanks!
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