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  1. ooh nice to see my name there
  2. Does anyone know about the UK border policies? Its just that I have a bad feeling that I am going to be stuck here
  3. This is great, thank you!!!!
  4. Is there a mod/way to make solar panles less effective? It's just that is sometimes feels like cheating because you don't really need panels that much.
  5. Jool's atmosphere is made of vape (get it?). That's why its toxic
  6. Did you know that the Moon is bigger than Jupiter. You can see this by looking at the sky!
  7. I believe there should be some kind of MechJeb, but not a full one. For example, it can get quite tideous to keep manually doing tons of resupply missions to build that one interstellar spaceship. It would be nice to do one mission, kind off "record" it and then just put it on autopilot so it runs in the background while you do more interesting stuff.
  8. "good morning" - Jesus, probably
  9. I am SO glad that you post such interesting replies! It is very nice to know that the effort that I put in is not being SPAT on by flipping one-liners, as people who do that may as well not post here at all. papanov kerman died from hype because I couldn't care less. I am so tired of this. every time I post here I am met with a stupid one liner like this. So you know what? I QUIT. HAVE FUN LITERALLY REWRITING THE LAST FEW WORDS OF THE POST ABOVE BUT WITH SOME PUNCTUATION
  10. The following is an extract from the 1006 history book "Kerbologia": "Another event that highlighted the start of the Recalimation Era is known as the Ludlong Attempt. Lord Ludlong Kerman, a highly renowed writer and explorer having conquered the Great Desert in the west and almost reaching the Northern Polar Ice Caps. Being known for his determination to reach further than ever before, Ludlong decided that his next goal would be to go as high as possible. So, in November 503, he announced his plan to the Royal Exploration Council. Unfortunatley, his plan was met with laughter and refused
  11. no, I created a new file to test the mod out. Also, I did some testing and I figured out it was just one of my old mods interfiering somehow with the game. Now that I deleted it it works. Sorry
  12. Hey, I am playing in 1.8.1 and the mod doesn't work for me. I can see all the planets in Career
  13. you should have made a pun on finding a needle as a name
  14. There should, but it must be done carefully so that what they do can't be easilly done with mods. For example, instead of parts, DLC could add more narrative (eg. easter eggs or story mode?) or more difficulty level add ons (eg. a properly integrated LS system or a different type of base), while the kommunity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) can take care of the more niche things. Or you could expand on the KSP world with high-res planets or something. TLDR: Yes, but only things that would feel broken with mods
  15. aw cmon! I only got all my mods set up!!!
  16. 9.5/10 I love the animation thingy. Its just not big enough
  17. Is there any way to do that through configs if there aren't any mods?
  18. Is there a mod that turns off artificial lighting in command pods? I always felt like some IVAs had very bright lighting, and to be honest it kind off feels off. So I was wondering if you have heared of such a mod that will make my experience more 'atmospheric'?
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