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  1. I guess it does not have to be a kerbalised Hawking
  2. but he contributed a lot to the understanding of the universe but it would just be a normal kerbal, not a cameo
  3. many people do though. That's why enhancement mods are popular. I mean, you don't HAVE to play with the cinematic mode, but I argue it should be implemented (like autostrut, you can turn it off if you want to)
  4. But it is really bad if you want the game to: Look realistic, Look serious, look gorgeous. Maybe there could be two modes you can access in settings
  5. alright, but surely they could just play on low quality graphics?
  6. Please make the Stock Visual Enhancements or any other enhancements stock!!!
  7. inerstellar: Scientists thought that it would be far easier to just settle on another planet in the solar system
  8. plant of the apes: the sequel to the legendary movies where the monkey bois learn to farm even better: Superman v Batman: Dan of Justice: Dan is the only one able to bring back peace and stop Batman from fighting Superman Vatar: a ripoff Darth Vader solo movie
  9. Rover6428

    The Recovered Sketches

    thanks, i did not know where to put it
  10. Rover6428

    The Recovered Sketches

    Behold the long lost sketches of Lenardo Kerman, dating back to -200 years!!! They are the first ever proof that a Kerbal can fit inside round rockets, which was revolutionary at the time! The sacred sketches, along with other precious artifacts like a prototype of the external command seat, some early liquid fuel formulas and a buttfor, were found during the third expedition to the Tut-Um-Jeb-Ahn, when Professor Tutzebalbo Kerman, being frustrated with the faliure of the expedition and the popping of two of his fellow scientists (one also being spagettified), kicked a wall which in fact covered a secret tunnel that led deep into the anomaly and into a secret laboratory, which was only mentioned in one of the famous tales of Jules-Verne Kerman " Voyage to the Mun and the attack of The Kraken) Now, these precious artifacts are stored in a museum section of the R&D facility. More expeditions are to be sent with instructions to kick all the walls in the anomaly in search of more secret passages.
  11. Rover6428

    Mod idea

    As I said, this visual effect would only happen with debris, and would also happen over time. Good point though