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  1. So the existing parts stay, and you will add enlarged upper stages + upper lower-stage fuel tanks? I think this is a very wise decision, and it fits the "Lego" design philosophy you've cultivated quite well. I've really been enjoying your latest releases, most of all the various adapter parts you introduced with Almaz - it really did fill so many of the gaps for mating all of the cross section sizes you use. Interchangeability and variations truly elevate your work to be among the best in the KSP community.
  2. So what are these new parts exactly? I checked your website but didn't see anything new in the part catalog. Thank you for the monoprop central core! That is usually my go-to fuel for command modules. I might have to try a xenon CM for the fun of it too. A 21st century Apollo mission perhaps.
  3. I like that you are taking the time to perfect your existing parts - those door bottoms were pushing my buttons. I'm fairly captious about such things though. Your great parts will only get greater.
  4. Nils277 is right, krrishtheamazing's problem is most often caused by putting mods into the incorrect folder.
  5. I haven't tried this yet, will report back when I do. But still, you've just made my day, friend.
  6. I figured that might have been the case - don't worry at all about it! And thanks for the recommendations and configs!
  7. The Redirect S4-3 adapter, that normally has ends of 5m and 3.75m - how'd you change it to 5m and 3.125m? That one ^^^
  8. When you recover an empty fertilizer tank at KSC, does it take money away? Must be the biohazard teams.
  9. Did you Tweakscale the Orion to 3.75m, or edit the S4-3 adapter from 3.75m to 3.125m?
  10. I think I've found a bug - the double height hydrogen tank life support tanks (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, food, waste, greywater) have a dry mass of a whopping 1.089 tons, compared to 99kg for the single height. Looks like someone was typing a bit too fast.
  11. I wonder whether @Drakenex would want to do it that way either permanently for their colored "metal Soyuz" skins, or as a stopgap measure if the skins could be converted to the new UV map. (using the .mu with old UV map and model switching, that is).
  12. It doesn't have to be one or the other so long as we have the .mu with the old UV map and textures. The stock part switch allows for model switching as used in Ven's Stock Revamp for the 1.4 Rockomax tanks, giving the choice of Orange, Black/White, or Ven's model + textures, in one single part.
  13. But... is? SCANsat adds a 'SCANresource Scanner' module to it, doesn't it?