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  1. So... no release for the 2MV anytime soon? Or is there already anywhere to grab them from?
  2. A methalox STME version, am I getting it right? Where'd you got the patch?
  3. @Zorg Also, that's a rather niche request, and I undersand if it doesn't get fulfilled, but I'd like to see a version of RS30 without nozzle extension to replace RL10A's and other small cryos in landers and tightly clustered engine arrangements The point is to get a truly advanced space engine (not just yet another RL10 evolution) for the whole spectrum of applications, while all other staged combustion options are WAY heavier (and thrustier) than needed
  4. I know you don't normally take part suggestions for mods which are complete, but i'd like to suggest you making Hubble roll-out solar panels. My reasoning is that: there are no worthy mods adding these panels, kitbashing them just doesn't look right either; you've already done Hubble parts for Space dust and Scansat, so panels would be a reasonable addition; from my inexperienced viewpoint it won't be very difficult to make them using your roll-out array assets; and finally, those would be quite useful for many craft, not only Hubble replicas Not really pushing you towards anything, but it would certainly be nice
  5. Oh that's a nice thing to read! I'm waiting eagerly for the Minuteman/Minotaur parts
  6. Sorry for the dumb question, but how do I use procedural fairings with BDB fairing bases? They all just show up in 1.25m size and can't be extended beyond 1.5 no matter the supposed fairing size
  7. Thanks a lot, will wait! In fact, I downloaded BDB mostly for the spysats, so it was kinda important for me. Thanks!
  8. Got a problem with the P111 subsatellite: only the animation module appers in the game, but the part has no function, no command, antennae, thruster or other modules apper in any way, neither in the VAB nor in the actual game. Will provide any pics/logs necessary, just tell me what is needed.
  9. Oh, that's a pity! Cos' I really love your idea, but totally don't want to update to 1.8 as I have ~100 mods, some of them already abandoned. Totally no workarounds to this?
  10. In KSP 1.7.3 some of the folding reflector parts don't seem to work, namely the DR-1, -2, -3 and the DR-2000. The stats for them also don't show up, as well as the right-click menu/stats bar. I don't know which logs you might need, but I'll post anything you ask for. Reinstalling the mod doesn't help. Other NF mods work perfectly.
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