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  1. It seems you have stolen the textures from OPM. here is a side by side comparison of "your" texture and the OPM Eeloo texture: also may i ask if you have permission from him to use his Eeloo texture? you also dont have a licence for the mod or something.
  2. i cant get my craft to launch on the other airfields, but it launches fine on the normal ksc runway? https://imgur.com/a/PncybPA
  3. is there a way to remove the atmosphere or something? i love the clouds but i want to use this with scatterer
  4. so im not sure if this is because of my pc or something, but the mod seems do be doing some janky stuff. the atmospheric scatter wouldnt load up in the tracking station nor ksc view. even the ocean shaders are messing things up. ive updated my card to the latest drivers but its still quite glitchy. pls send hlep
  5. Yes! Thank you! you're a life saver!
  6. I really want these things, because the service bays cant hold anything at all other than a small tank of monoprop. This would make the Mk1 Spaceplane parts have more use other than being a small ferrying craft
  7. I installed it via ckan and it didnt work on 1.3?
  8. i cant seem to get this to work on 1.3 nor 1.4, it works on 1.2 but only partially. am i doing something wrong?
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