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  1. I have spent like 10 hours on my friends PC but besides that 100% Xbox Besides the fact that steering when you fly a spacecraft is very hard and asparagus staging doesnt work on complex builds console ksp is very much playable and I would recoomend it to anyone who isnt a pc gamer
  2. Today I sent my first satellite to space it was a elliptical orbit that was about 23 degrees off kerbin equatorial line. It was pretty easy and I had tons of fuel to spare but my rocke kept on flipping so after days of researching I came up with the idea that I should use steerable fins and it worked. Also today I did a Mun landing bud didn't have enough delta v to return by about 400m/s this has to do with the fact that asparagus staging on console for me at least doesn't seem to be working so I put a question on the console technical support hoping to redoe my misson with asparagus stagin
  3. On the Xbox I was trying to plant a flag on the Mun and return to Kerbin using asparagus staging but the asparagus staging and I am confident with my design could anyone else see if they are having this problem or tell me a mistake I might be making thx
  4. This didn't happen today but pretty recently on January 10th I went to a Science Bowl competition in Idaho and we got 5th place! out of 16 teams this may seem nit super impressive but regarding the fact the only teams our team lost to were 2-3 years older than us. WE had kids that were 2 grades above us competing not to mention this was our first time our school was ever playing! Even though we were the underdogs we had a blast and was very nerve wrecking and fun. several weeks later... My school had a pep assembly where we talked about school news and stuff( like how our
  5. Other: I don't have enough $$$ and my PC is too bad to be used for ksp
  6. I have been having trouble with preforming science around the Mun since anytime I get close and click one of my science experiments they don't work(in career mode) also I made this spacecraft that is supposed to use asparagus staging but all the fuel lines don't work
  7. As a person who just started playing ksp on console and did their first Mun flyby I would say no its not to easy. but I get your point I needed a $250,000 upgrade so i accepted 5 missions that I weren't planning on doing for a while. Why? because each of those missions gave anywhere from 40k-60k in advanced money but I don't have to complete them in a very long time. This is very useful but can be excessively used but then again you can easily crank up the difficulty and make it harder to do everything. besides easy mode I plan on completing career mode on all game modes so I can learn h
  8. Thank you for all the feedback last Friday i bought ksp enhanced edition on console and it was terrific the building in the VAB and SPH was a bit harder than normal but most things were easier I had loads of fun this weekend and I have played it for 10 hours last weekend. I would recommend ksp for anyone using console or PC it is a great game and I had tons of fun crashing my Kerbals and killing them...
  9. Its good that not all hope has been lost for ksp console thankfully Im buying it tommorow so Ill be able to play ksp for the first tine in months
  10. Check out my Delta V calculator https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BpcyE_cnH6-m3KSi_iQP3-KBBX-l1RjV_ocVkziTsXM/edit?usp=drivesdk
  11. Thats what I thought! Plus I have never downloaded a game on a PC but I have spent alot of time on my xbox so the controller is more natural to me than the keyboard and mouse I feel as if most people who don't like console are already avid pc players which makes the switch harder since they are used to the pc
  12. I have a desktop and it sucks so... Ok thank you Ilk be watching out for the patch Ok thank you I'll be watching out for the patch date
  13. Thx for the tips, 2 and 3 I can live with especially since I have never in any game modded so I dont know what Im missing so its harder to care about it for 2. Though is a hard blow especially with 1.4 coming out soon but I think as PCs become cheaper and better in the next 2 years I will probably get a good laptop so its not to bad 1. Is meh I can wait but Im not going to wait another 9 months to get ksp if they don't make it good by the end of the summer Im probably going to PC but I believe they can
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