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  1. Sounds good! Great work btw! I'll try to find a way to upload my craft file with the hullcam mod cameras in the positions of the livestreams when I can. Get a more authentic falcon 9 launch that way
  2. Hey man, sorry I didn't update but I managed to get it to work by starting a new game. My save apparently didn't like it when I updated all my mods. Great work btw! Wish I could upload my craft file with the hullcam cameras in the same spot as the real SpaceX livestream. Btw, small request but are you able to create a payload dispenser much like the Iridium NEXT missions? A tube that fits the current PAF would be nice instead of having to use the stock kerbal fuselage parts haha
  3. Yep I've confirmed that Kerbal Actuators is installed and for good measure, I deleted the CKAN one and installed it manually.
  4. Update: I deleted and redownloaded Animated Decouplers manually and now decoupling from the tower works. That just leaves the engine starting issue. Not sure why I have to press 1 to switch to the mode with all engines after pressing spacebar to start the engines. The fuel bar doesn't even appear on the staging column until I press 1 to cycle through the engine modes.
  5. Yes I do have animated decouplers installed. I've verified this both through CKAN and also finding the folder within my GameData.
  6. Yep I definitely have electric charge. I double checked it in hyperedit as well.
  7. Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster. I've been using the SpaceX mod since it was released for 1.4.2 and I noticed that it is compatible with 1.7.2 now so I'd thought I give it a go again. But I'm encountering an issue which I've never faced before. Everytime I separate the first stage from the second stage, my first stage does not have SAS control and the message which comes up when I try to engage the SAS is "No operational SAS module or pilot on board". Well obviously there's no pilot on board but I thought that the falcon 9 flight system (the yellow dome) had the capabilities of a probe to allow for SAS control? Any help would be appreciated here. I'd love to play this mod again in the new version of the game.
  8. Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster. Been a fan on the mod ever since I updated the game and couldn't use the launchers pack. However, recently when i tried to launch, the engines wouldn't start and I had to press 1 before the engines would start instead of just pressing spacebar to start the engines. On top of that, when the engines are started the and the launch tower pulls back, the rocket gets stuck in the launch tower itself and then tips over. I have a ton of other mods which I've installed but I would rather refrain from removing all mods so I'd just like to ask if anyone knows what mods might interfere with this mod such that it behaves in the way I'm experiencing it. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, I bought and downloaded Kerbal Space Program and everything starts up fine, but when I try to change any settings, it does not apply at all, clicking accept does not work. I finally narrowed it down to the settings.cfg which is missing from a totally fresh install of KSP. Could the developers look into this? I'm running 1.3.1 and I had to copy the settings.cfg from a github page before it would apply the graphics settings.