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  1. Or you know, being able to burn while in time warp.
  2. Don't make a bunch of technical assumptions based on an off the cuff remark. Similar terminology could be used for communication purposes among the team members but the actual technical implementation could be quite different from KSP1. The only thing you can take away is that they auto generate drag cubes like in KSP1 (but the implementation of that could still be wildly different from KSP 1, and they might not even be "cubes" either).
  3. Those DLC are for KSP1, not KSP2. Your question is equivalent to something like “Will we get the Tribunal and Bloodmoon DLC from Elder Scrolls 3 for free in Elder Scrolls 4 or will we have to pay for it?” Its a nonsensical question. They could recreate that exact same content for KSP2, but don’t count on it.
  4. That’s the problem though, everyone thinks they are well meaning.
  5. Similar yes, something that at least requires the user to create a new account/profile/whatever outside of the game before making a report. You’ll still get some garbage, just like the KSP1 bug tracker does, but it greatly reduces the amount of trash as most users have to be confident enough in their report that they will actually spend the extra time required to report it.
  6. When you ask something once it is a question, when you keep asking it, and refuse to stop asking it until you get an answer, that is a demand. "Demand: to ask for something forcefully, in a way that shows that you do not expect to be refused."
  7. The longer the better in my opinion. Just to let it sink in that this type of tactic doesn't work and never will.
  8. Good communication is of course telling you exactly what you want to hear, when you want to hear it. A very professional approach indeed.
  9. The main goal of such a feature isn't actually to fix bugs but to simply appease the player. You have no idea the amount of complete and total garbage a system like that creates. Maybe 1 in every 100 reports is even worth looking at, as the other 99 reports are either user created problems, unrelated problems, or user ignorance. You have to understand that if a system like that exists, the vast majority of reports will never even get looked at by a human. It can, at best, find an obvious problem that a lot of people report through text analytics of the pool of reports. Generally you as a developer are probably going to know about those issues anyway.
  10. All game development for at least the last 20 years has been like that.
  11. FYI signatures don’t appear when using the mobile version of the forums, they do on the desktop version though.
  12. Interestingly there is no need for a scene change to work around the problem as I described it. Simply go EVA, go into the difficulty menu and disable all KJR options, finish EVA construction, go back into the menu and re-enable KJR options. I haven't experienced any unintended side effects yet anyway as a result of doing this. although I haven't done anything too crazy yet.
  13. The time line for KSP2 was very likely in discussions up until the last possible moment from the business process side. They likely left the public announcement until the last possible minute from the PR side just to protect themselves for an executive deciding to flip-flop on their decision last minute. (Because that never happens, hahahaha).
  14. If they kept their original release window of 2020 with their current scope you certainly could have been right lol.
  15. On the same hand you need to stop perpetuating the myth that a delay means the team is doing a bad job.
  16. Same here. When a project is on time and on budget I am extremely skeptical of what that project is delivering or how it was actually managed because it usually seems like a “too good to be true” situation.
  17. So from your point of view a developer who meets unrealistic deadlines is the one who is actually doing a good job? Heh, I guess from a certain point of view that is true. Certainty not going to be the end user's though, that is for sure.
  18. Actually finished, not the travesty that is the current early access.
  19. That’s the great thing, since it is just a game no one needs to sit around and wait for it unless they wish to torture themselves for whatever reason.
  20. You probably have a better chance of winning the lottery and getting struck by lighting at the same time while simultaneously getting bit by a shark on dry land. But there is a chance.
  21. For people who knew that. A thread pinned to the top of this forum that said” KSP 2 will be released in 2022” is kind of important for setting expectations.
  22. That has nothing to do with your previous post unless you are implying games can only come out at the very end of a fiscal year for some reason?
  23. Yes you were, but you were right for the same reason why a broken clock is right twice a day.
  24. I am glad it is releasing on PC first. This implies the PC version probably won’t be overly handicapped as a result of old gen console capabilities. Maybe the delay will even mean old consoles won’t be supported at all (which I still think is ideal for a number of reasons). From a timing perspective it actually works out much better for me personally so I couldn’t care less with the delay, as I would have been delayed in playing it anyway until then.
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