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  1. I agree, more options for heat shielding is needed for sure as it severely restricts the possible builds of a craft otherwise.
  2. You and I have a very different definition of "good".
  3. With time warp being available it is an unnecessary inconvenience.
  4. You're not wrong, but its still terrible game design.
  5. So is 39 degrees fine? How about 38? 36? 30? etc? The reason why I am asking is because the specific time window that is used changes the challenge anywhere from completely impossible to slightly harder than a normal eve trip.
  6. So what timestamp are players supposed to start at? Do you mean the time the solar system is at the start of a new game (ie 0 days 0 hours)?
  7. Definitely, as long as you are okay playing it at about 3 frames per second.
  8. The real explanation is that no one uses RSC so neither does the person who took the screenshot.
  9. I have noticed the scatter in these screenshots always seems to be in the distance and none up close. Maybe just coincidence/location.
  10. I’m curious what role communications will play in KSP2. Interstellar distances do cause some problems if it is needed for control purposes (probes), so my guess is that the “probes lose control” difficulty option will be scrapped in favour of losing some other benefit instead.
  11. Depends what it was to be honest, I would be perfectly fine with no rocket science but other science instead if it was interesting.
  12. So is this a problem with Invision not supporting a dark mode toggle, or the forum admin's not implementing it within Invision?
  13. The question is, is that just uploaded, or when it was made public?
  14. I have never seen content posted this early so I feel like you got your times wrong somehow lol. I always see stuff posted about 2.5 hours from now.
  15. Depends on the methodology they are following but generally alphas are not “feature complete”. Maybe “planned feature complete” would be more accurate, as you almost always find some features you need to add to solve problems during this stage that didn’t come up during regular development. Once you get to the beta stage then you shouldn’t be seeing anymore feature creep, otherwise your alpha testing wasn’t sufficient.
  16. Also Of course keep in mind this is old information. Always possible it’s something that got cut.
  17. I saw that image and my brain completely glossed over it without realizing it was from KSP2 lol, good catch. Environmental hazards confirmed, presumably.
  18. No that is wrong. You are thinking beta.
  19. Here is some, likely really outdated at this point, information around that.
  20. For sure, all you need to do is block the sun from your field of view and ensure there are no reflective surfaces within that field, and viola, you will see plenty of stars once your eyes adjust to the darkness. However that is quite simply not a practical thing to implement because everything is being viewed externally and the player will near constantly be looking at things that reflect star light or even at the star itself. Who wants to see a pitch black sky for a large percentage of gameplay because we want to emulate some disembodied eyes floating in space.
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