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  1. This is such a silly comment. Would you rather they say literally nothing?
  2. They are still going to have wobbly rockets and they have mentioned they are much more wobbly than intended.
  3. That is easily the funniest thing I have read in this sub forum. I actually laughed out loud. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the update! I am good with posts along the same lines that balance ongoing remediation work with upcoming content.
  5. Do you actually think that you can just “hire people” and that will make things better in any time less than 6 months (at a minimum)? Not only will it not makes things better in the short term, it WILL make things worse because someone needs to train them and they need to actually get experience before being able to do anything remotely productive. And if there is any turnover, hah, good luck then.
  6. *snort* Ya, you could say that for sure.
  7. The main issue is that the adjustment arrows should be from the perspective of that attachment node, not from the leg itself. Moving it around from the perspective of the leg doesn’t serve any practical purpose to the player as far as I can think of. If anyone has a use case for how it currently works, please share it.
  8. Uh, the Community Managers? lol
  9. I thought I was on the wrong thread for a bit, as that was disproven to you in great detail like a day or two ago. If you can't be bothered to accept the truth don't expect it from others. Yeesh.
  10. Obviously, they aren’t a charity case after all. Although they will get flogged online if the DLC is unreasonable or the base game is not very good quality when they start selling it.
  11. Welcome to capitalism, enjoy your stay.
  12. It’s pretty obvious to me that the game was stuck in technical development hell for years. Its likely the main reason why the game was forced to be released. Now they have no choice but to make it work.
  13. This is incorrect. It might influence it for better or worse, but it absolutely has an effect. The devs don’t life in a bubble and they will see what mods exist.
  14. Hahahaha. One in 50 times maybe.
  15. What part of that has anything to do with what your quoted from me?
  16. Sorry but that made me laugh out loud. So you bought 1 copy and then hated it so much you bought 2 more? Wut?
  17. You are never going to know that anyway. Just because a bug is acknowledged doesn’t mean it is going to be fixed anytime soon. Satisfactory for example has a number of acknowledged bugs that have been around for years at this point, they simply aren’t a priority, even though they are obvious bugs that everyone runs into.
  18. I have, just because some people post in 6 different places doesn’t magically increase the overall numbers in the community lol.
  19. That is true, however their community doesn’t consist of 100 people, so you have got a ways to go before you get to a majority.
  20. You definitely are not understanding what the original person you replied to was saying if that is your response to me.
  21. No, it doesn’t. Imagine shutting down an entire car factory because 1 car is held up by some issue. Lol.
  22. You may find his hard to believe but your not actually going to convince anyone to grovel to you by repeating the same complaints ad nauseam to them, at least not here anyway. The pace of development is based on the resources it has (time, money, and talent) and it’s pretty much a guarantee that the majority of those are locked in for quite some time. It doesn’t matter how much you want things to go faster, it is not going to happen.
  23. That is why this game needs a proper bug/feedback site. When the game is patched people can bring those issues up as still being an issue on the next version, and the version after that, and the version after that, and so on until the game is finished or the issue is resolved somehow.
  24. I wouldn't say a good speed necessarily, at least not yet. I'll withhold judgement on that until at least roadmap phase 2 is complete. It is a least moving forward.
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