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  1. I was able to "fix" this by installing the RealChute mod
  2. Has anyone tried running KSC Extended in 1.9 (or 1.9.1) yet? If so, any issues encountered thus far?
  3. Love this mod! It's made my dream of trapping and launching planes from a boat come true. Just one question. I've been having a bug where if I land a plane, activate the brakes and then go into physical timewarp, the plane tends to shake itself to death. Starting from 2x or 3x warp, the shaking is noticeable; once it reaches 4x, parts start exploding. Seems to happen whether or not the plane is connected to any tie down points. Is there any way to deal with this issue? Otherwise, I was thinking of using the Hangar mod to store the planes as I'd like to use physical timewarp when driving the ship.
  4. I really love this mod, and it's changed a lot about how I play this game. Appreciate it! But there are a few bugs I want to point out. Perhaps you are already aware of them, but it would be nice to get a release addressing these issues: - When removing a worker from a craft in a high bay, the entire vessel disappears, and all the associated workers are gone with it - The worker payroll number in the Facilities & Workers screen at the space center is inaccurate, e.g. I have 80 workers working on various crafts spread across the VAB and SPH, but the payroll is 0 - In the tracking station, pressing the repair button in the Vehicle Health display, then switching scenes and returning back to the tracking station resets the repair progress. It seems the only way to do this is to press the button, and then timewarp until the repair is complete. However, with repairs on some probs of mine lasting 11 days, it would be nice to start the repair, then continue on with other missions while the repair continues in the background - When in the flight scene, and viewing the Vehicle Health display, the list will fail to load on a vessel with many parts (for example, a landed lunar or planetary base). This makes it impossible to determine which parts are broken or need maintenance. The only way I've found to mitigate this is to quick save, then undock various segments and switch between the modules until I find the section with affected parts, and then quick load, EVA an engineer and perform the necessary repair or maintenance. I would also like to propose a feature: include the ability to hire workers in the VAB and SPH. For example, if I wanted to split the workforce to work on two different vessels, you need to change to the space center to halve the number of workers, assign them to craft 1, then go back to the space center, rehire the workers to return to the same number of workers, then re-enter the build scene and assign them to craft 2. Again, I really do love this mod. It's made me reconsider just how I manage the space program, test unmanned rockets and have a plan in place for testing new components. It would be fantastic if these issues could be considered as part of an upcoming release. Thanks for making this!
  5. Really? I was under the assumption that Kopernicus and SVT are version-locked. I'll try it in a bit. Thanks for your input!
  6. Any chance we'll see an update for 1.4.5? Seeing as it's stuck on 1.4.2 for the time being.
  7. This works! Now all of Ven's "stock" parts look just like they should. Don't get my hopes up!
  8. Tried the fix just now. Doesn't seem to be working 100% for me. For example, the Probodobodyne HECS2, a bunch of the fuel tanks and engines are still displaying the wrong texture, to name a few. Now, that might be because I'm using a different version of VSR to you (I think I'm still on the old "official" one released way back in 1.2.x). Could you point me towards the version of VSR you're using? I'll upgrade to that and see if it works. Also, just making sure I'm doing this correctly: the patch is to be saved as a .cfg and dropped into the GameData folder, right?
  9. Thank you so much, looking forward to seeing what you can come up with. Like I said, if even a few parts can be recoloured I'll be a happy man. I really appreciate what you (and Electrocutor!) have done and continue to do.
  10. Hey Manwith Noname, thank you for producing such a fantastic mod! Really takes advantage of Textures Unlimited. Thank you for continuing to work on recolouring after Electrocutor's initial release. Just wanted to let you know that, similar to what Chimichanga reported earlier, this mod doesn't play very nicely with Ven's stock part revamp, messing up textures for pretty much every part the mod touches. I tried editing the code you provided in your reply, but alas, my cfg-editing skills are not spectacular. If it isn't too much work, could you help me get this mod working with Ven's part revamp? I don't even need recolouring for EVERY part, just certain ones (e.g. in particular. the stock Mk1 cockpit and other stock aero parts, and Ven's LT-1 landing legs and fuel lines).
  11. Just wanted to say thank you for this mod. I really love being able to create reflective command modules. Only thing that irks me is that, with the default stock config on spacedock, the Mk 1-3's lights don't seem to turn on anymore. A small price to pay for an otherwise beautiful capsule, methinks.
  12. Your forum profile picture looks awesome - was that done using KS3P as well? If so, would you be willing to share your config? Thanks!
  13. Never knew how much I'd want post-processing in this game until I came across this mod! I'm not a fan of the vignetting or the dirt effects, but I thank you for providing the options to disable / reduce them. A fantastic visual mod with little impact on performance - and hey, it can be disabled on-the-fly if you need that extra FPS. Thank you!
  14. This is awesome, and pretty much what I'd want out of a variant / model switching mod!