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  1. go to the link on the first page of the post (or this one too's Stockalike Structures: No Textures Required ) unzip the folder, and then open the GameData folder. copy or drag over the folder titled OSSNTR to your Kerbal Space Program Gamedata folder.
  2. I've been wanting that too. @Omega482 these models look amazing, and I can't wait to try and use them RSS/RO (albeit at an edited scale) Prerelease would be amazing, if that's able to be done!
  3. That would be awesome. looking forward to working with those parts in RSS/RO too!
  4. I'm having a problem with FAR with my rockets. I'm not sure what could be causing the Center of lift to be significantly outside the dimensions of the rockets, and causing severe control difficulty as a result. here is an imgur album of the issues i'm having and here is the output_log from KSP_x64_Data and KSP.log if there are any other logs i need to provide, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  5. double check that you're placing the wings in mirror mode, not radial mode. radial mode sometimes likes to turn on when it doesn't need to, and as a result, messes with the placement. I've noticed it happens a lot with wings especially.
  6. I'm not sure if i'm the only one experiencing this issue, but whenever i go to select a key for an action group, the game freezes up and the UI stops working, requiring a forced shutdown of KSP. The issue has persisted through manual installation, as well as CKAN. I'm using RSS/RO on 1.3.1. issue persists on clean install with only AGExt and dependencies installed, via CKAN. clean test logs: output_log ksp.log
  7. So i decided to give this mod a try today, as i'm wanting to work on an automated sample return system in RSS/RO. When testing the robotic arm on the runway, the hinges glitch out and refuse to move, as if they've been extremely autostrutted to the root part (which they haven't been, images are in album). I am wondering if there is anyone else that has had this issue, and has a possible fix. Output Log:
  8. i'm trying to get it to work for me. i know it's unrelated to this thread, but how did you get RO to work, if you did? i have it installed, but none of the rocket engines from stock are showing up at all.
  9. I'm trying to build a Delta II in RSS/RO, and i am having a repeat issue, where in vertical integration, the center of lift becomes very unstable, sitting very far off of where it should be, in extreme cases even being very far outside the rockets physical dimensions. adding fins and wings to said rockets does very little, as the center of lift does not move up or down, only staying directly on the COM if you manage to get it there. ^ Output Log ^ ^ Delta II COL issue ^
  10. I may be wrong, but I think they were deleted because they related to an unnecessary 'update' to the mod by someone not related to the actual development. good to know it seems to work though, might have to update my saves.
  11. @JadeOfMaar So I removed the parts you told me to remove, and have let the two engine modes use the same thrustTransform, however I am still unable to get any emissive in stock. This should not be too much of an issue, as I intend on using the engine with RealPlume and Ven's Stock Revamp, which is a whole other set of issues with configs there. Thanks for the help!
  12. Alright, so i took a look at the rapier and panther configs, and managed to get the engine to correctly swap between modes and consume fuel correctly, however I have the interstage mesh showing up for the engine when in editor and flight, as well as a lack of any emissives so far. The engine does gimbal correctly, however the interstage does not move, and I am unsure of how to delete it.
  13. So i've been toying around with engine configs and looking at some engines i'd like to try to get working using stock configs. one engine i came across was a single nozzle variant of the classic tripropellant engine, the RD-701. Similar to the thread below, i've tried modifying the config, this time using the SSME, and have not been able to get some of the config parts working, with various attempts yielding a lack of gimbal, emissives, or even thrust and fuel consumption at all. How do you sucessfully merge the configs of two engines to work properly, as well as make an RO config for said engine to work properly within Realism Overhaul?