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  1. I hadn't any exact SSTO ascent path before making this topic. Sometimes I was going up to 15km, reaching 1200m/s and going up again. Sometimes else I was going to 20°, keeping that angle then hoping for leaving Kerbin Atmosphere. And as I said, it always failed. But now it works really great, much better than expected I just need now to "optimize" my SSTO, and the ascenth path too.
  2. Managed to make it by doing a little like you said, however with a little change ! The 2 Wisplash weren't powerful enough to reach Mach 1.5 at 15km altitude, I had to use the 4 engines at the same time to get an 70km apoapsis. A lot of fuel has been lost because of this, but I'm now in ~100km orbit, with 1500ms (Dv) left. I can now go on Minmus again ( finally ), but probably not travel back to Kerbin. I guess it's all about optimization now ! Quickly after being in stable orbit, I tried your method (partially combined with Foxster's one, about the 10° climb). Max speed of ~1250km/h at 20km altitude, did a slow climb trying to get at 40km altitude and lost ALL my vertical speed. By burning fuel for a long time, it has lost a lot of mass, and I finally got an ~70km orbit, but with only 800ms left I don't know why it does that, I tried it both times and sadly it didnt worked as expected. Thanks anyway ! GEEZ ! I made my flight path a little like you : 20°degrees until 6500m (what you did), then I aimed at 30° and at 10km altitude, I turned on LV-N engines : With an ~100km orbit, over 2000Ms (Dv) left ! WAY, WAY better than what I ever expected to get. Almost the half of the fuel unused too, and there wasn't any optimzation at all ! Thanks a lot all three of you, I can sleep in peace now !
  3. It does the orbit, since it's with that SSTO I've landed on Minmus yesterday. I'll try with what you said, hope it will works !
  4. Hello Yesterday I managed (with some efforts) to put a SSTO on Minmus. That was the first time I landed somewhere else than Kerbin with spaceplanes, so you can understand how happy I was. And because of that, I tried to do it again today. Sadly for me, I tried as much as I could during 5 HOURS.. with absolutely no luck. I always ended splashing down into the sea, unable to leave Kerbin atmosphere. I know it's possible 'cause I did it yesterday, but I simply can't anymore. Can someone please help me ? I play with "stock" parts, and I haven't unlocked the rapier engine yet. Main Specs of the SSTO : - TWR : 1,08 - Total Dv : 7,383 - Dv with only space engines turned on : 1,021 - Mass : ~ 27 tons 2 Pictures : THANKS IN ADVANCE for your help !