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  1. Hey all! Got a mod engine I made using NFE uranium as fuel but I cannot get an alternator to output depleted fuel for some reason. I've got the code for the alternator pulled off another liquid engine and just replaced electric charge with depleted. (With the proper names) what have I done wrong? It's also a fuel tank with the rules for needing an engineer to transfer fuels if that matters?
  2. Everything works with the engine. But I've got a weird thing on reentry the overheat meter on the engine panel (left) is tiny and just a letter C. When I mouse over it says text missing or some such (on phone can't see exact spelling) its by no means critical, the hovering part temp meter works still. Thoughts?
  3. Sweet thank you I'll see if I get it to fire later today! Edit - It worked but I can't refuel it... Is there a way to Change the "FlowMode" within the engine or would I have to change the resource itself? I want to be able to mine and refuel the craft with said engine... 2nd edit - nevermind I missed the module to transfer fuel right above the tank part...sigh.
  4. Hello all I'm trying to make an engine that runs on enriched uranium from NFE but i can't get thrust. It says EN depleted as reason for flameout but the craft has plenty. What have I missed? Is it because it's not really a fuel just a resource?