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  1. Anything, you say? Even, hypothetically, a bunch of EAS-1 External Command Seats inside of a fairing? :>
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. You saved me a lot of testing, which is a huge pain on console. My only remaining concern is what would happen if I were to assign the toggle for both the landing struts of the main rocket and the small landing gear for the rover to the same action group. I don't know if it's been patched, but I heard about a bug where doing such a thing procs both actions even after the two craft are separated. I assume if it's still an issue it would only do it if they are within physics distance of each other. Or even worse, the sub-vessel doesn't inherit the action group
  3. I'm currently designing a multipurpose rocket destined for Minmus. It's actually a ship, a science space station and a science rover, all on the same rocket. The issue I have is that there are not enough custom action groups (CAGs) to cover all the things i need to do on all three craft. I had a few ideas for workarounds but was wondering if anyone could save me some time and maybe explain how things work behind the scenes. I'd considered that building the science station and science rover as separate craft, configuring the CAGs and then merging them with the main rocket might store the C
  4. @gompasta mentioned making sure the landing gears are not backwards.I'm playing the Enhanced Edition on PS4 and by default when you attach landing gear to the fuselage the lights are shining towards the front of the plane. Is that right or should I turn them around?
  5. Unless they magically find a way to offload some of the physics calculations to the GPU.
  6. Thanks for the fast reply. What did you think about my suggestion? I'm assuming the default save that it tries to load is the persistent save. What would happen if we were able to choose which file gets loaded within a playthrough, as if we clicked the load save button while we were already playing?
  7. I can't select the persistent file. It fails to load as soon as I select my career save.
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but here goes. This morning (I've been sleeping during the day lately) I ended a marathon play session of collecting science and surface scanning on Mun with a new rover I designed, worked well except for hitting the odd random bump while driving. I took a break to watch Netflix, came back an hour later to continue and found that my save couldn't be loaded. I don't remember if I exited to the main menu before closing KSP, or if the game was saving when I did so, not that it should matter if the game keeps a backup save while the save operat
  9. I'm pretty sure the issue is either coding and memory management efficiency or all the physics the game runs. My PS4 internal is a Samsung 1 TB SSD and still lags just like you described in the OP. Someone said something about it being an issue with the garbage collection stage of the language used to write the core code, which is, essentially, when memory is released by the programming language for variables and objects that are no longer being used. Which is probably why it happens during events ranging from turning the camera to flying at Mach 3+. Objects constantly being brought into and o
  10. I always tag my posts, Console, PS4, xboxone, and other people posting about console do as well. And I STILL get PC advice. The only issue I have with a badge to identify users of different platforms is that it doesn't really provide a different solution than just tagging a post with the relevant platform (eg. Console, PS4, etc). It depends on someone noticing that detail in the first place. Up until recently, it was assumed that every question or issue was for PC. Changing the size or shape or the color (tagging or badges or sounds and flashing lights, actually that lost one might work)
  11. Is it just me, or has anyone else launched a vehicle only to find that the wrong crew is in it after you manually assigned which crew you wanted in it AND saved that vehicle afterwards? I'm like, no KSP, I'm not an idiot, stop trying to replace my scientist with a pilot! Is this intended behavior or a bug? #HalfwayToMun
  12. There is most definitely a Toggle RW option for all parts that have a Reaction Wheel I the Action Groups. On a related note, I think I've found a bug with the Toggle Wheel Mode action. It only seems to work once. If a wheel is on Normal, it will switch to SAS Only but then it won't switch to anything else thereafter. Not with the Action Group, anyway. I have to change it manually after using the Action Group for the first time. Can anyone else confirm this? This is really annoying because I tend to bury Reaction Wheels (or parts that include RW functionality) inside a rover, for exam
  13. This is another reason the controls for console need to be given further consideration. This just happened to be posted exactly 3 years ago yesterday. I spent an entire afternoon and evening designing a rover to gather the remaining surface science on Mun. Over 6 hours later (real life time) MunRover and the ship that transported her there are finally on the South Pole and ready to get down to business. I push forward on the left joystick to accelerate aaand BANG!! she takes a nosedive and destroys a part on the front of the rover. I load the quicksave I had just done and try again,
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