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  1. I think it needs more wings, particularly vertical wings to reduce sideslip.
  2. @exbyde do you mind turning off external camera shake in options? So many parts exploding at once makes the camera go all over the place
  3. Microfighter's downfall seems to be the lack of vertical wing surfaces, causing excessive sideslip. See how the microfighter's guns miss so far to the sides of the target, while having greater precision in the updown direction.
  4. @exbyde, can I build a single craft that splits into three crafts? There would still be three BDA trackers, but it's launched as a single craft.
  5. Overpromised, I couldn't get the modified version to perform any better than the original.
  6. Argh, should have put guns on my command pod new submission incoming.
  7. My Fighter is updated https://kerbalx.com/Dundun65C/DunDunDunPFC6
  8. Did I miss something? I still can't make a post withou moderator approval. When's my plane gonna fight?
  9. If you put the thrusters on the front and drag the lenthy thingy behind you, might it be more stable?
  10. I got a fighter for the manned category, the DunDunDun, it's named after the sound of 30mm GAU burst firing. No windows but the pilot gets in and out of the capsule by standing on one of the Vulcans while the Service Bay is open. https://kerbalx.com/Dundun65C/DunDunDun
  11. Someone asked for me? I am building a plane too, and would like to compete.
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