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  1. Hi, I don't want to stress anyone. Just asking when to expect the caching change from @AlexALX to go into the master branch. Those long loading times by scene change are really exhausting with SVT. Thank you in advance!
  2. Somewhere in this or the old thread, there was a request to add support for CTT (Community Tech Tree). There is already an old file that does not include newer TAC parts and is disabled from before the fork under: GameData\ThunderAerospace\TacLifeSupport\MM_TAC-LS_CTT.disabled I have updated this file and renamed it to .cfg. If CTT is installed it will put all inline containers to the tech node "Advanced Survivability" and all converters to "Recycling". Feel free to add this change to your repo. Edit: Ok, I made a python script to scan for all parts in a mod and create a tem
  3. Firstly: Thank you for your outstanding mod! Great work! But I scanned my KSP.log after installing it and get some errors since. I also have TAC, DMagic Orbital Science and Universal Storage installed, but not KerbalHealth: Is this a problem? Also, this: The file NF_RACK_Glovebox.mu is named with a lowercase 'B'
  4. I think I found a bug. I have "Bases and Stations" ContractPack installed and there is one contract that calls OrbitedBodies() but gets an empty list back (seen in the debug window), despite that I have loaded a save where I sure am orbiting bodies right now. I actually started a new game with this mods. So the orbiting was made, while ContractConfigurator was installed. I also tried to change it to AllBodies() -> works and to ReachedBodies() -> empty list even targetBody = AllBodies().Where(b => b.HaveOrbited() == true) does return an empty list. Is there a know
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