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  1. I can't seem to find a link or page for BDAc 1.4 anywhere, could anyone point me in the right direction for a download/github or whatnot for it?
  2. Finally, no more finagling my carriers from the runway with Vessel Mover.
  3. I dont know if I am Doing something wrong with the carrier parts or if someone has already asked this before, but when I pass over the space between two hull sections on the carrier the plane gets caught, and usually R.U.Ds. Am I doing something wrong with the parts or am I missing something entirely?
  4. Oh, ok. Like I said, had a feeling that I was just entirely overlooking it. Thanks!
  5. I have a feeling that I am being stupid, but I can not find the inter-stages for Falcon 9...
  6. I don't know if it was just me completely overlooking it but I can not find the engine skirt or whatever it is that goes around the engines. So I totally mistook the trunks for radial mounted tanks that went around the outside of the BFS, not even considering that they were the shroud sorry for that.
  7. Seems kind of, I don't know... counter-intuitive to me but weren't the pre-releases public? I remember downloading 1.2s pre-release soon after I got it on steam.
  8. I just realized that, why don't we anyways?
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