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  1. So you don't need to upgrade the Mission Control as well?
  2. Both of these are very good advice. I always had trouble keeping a science payload launched before I had the 1.25m service bay surviving through reentry, even when I offset it into the capsule as much as aesthetics allowed. But following this advice, I experimented with hanging goo canisters off a girder between the top of a Mk1 capsule and a parachute and it was perfect, with the canisters never even showing the overheat bar. For an added bonus, it also made the final stage's silhouette resemble that of a Mercury capsule. While this tower configuration adds some stabilization as well, it's sadly still not enough to make a KV-1 usable beyond a short atmospheric hop.
  3. Are you gonna build more AC aircraft? The Morgan and possibly the Raven is a no-brainer, Wyvern would need Breaking Ground for the wings.
  4. Considering that I won't have a rig capable of running KSP 2 for at least five more years, absolutely.
  5. It it looks like and quacks like Kerbin's equivalent of a duck...
  6. Turning a hamster wheel with high-pressure monoprop, perhaps?
  7. Flatspin is usually caused by too small/too few vertical stabilizers. One of the mods out there contains a static stability analysis graph tool, you may want to consult with that. I found that it helps during reentry if your shuttle has way more reaction wheel torque (and battery power) than what it would normally need. I have a 10-ton passenger shuttle with three small reaction wheels and four 100 EC batteries stuffed into a service bay at the aft, thing's rock-solid stable during reentry as long as I leave maintaining a 20° reentry angle completely to SAS and don't touch the controls until after I'm gliding mostly horizontal.
  8. The only way to get fuel through a heatshield without turning off "Resource Transfer Obeys Crossfeed Rules" in the difficulty options is an External Fuel Duct attached above and below the shield. It'll automatically disconnect when you stage off whatever is below the heatshield (since I presume you've got a decoupler immediately below the shield that you'll fire prior to reentry).
  9. Nope, 64. And as of this noon, I have another 8 GB of RAM ordered and on the way. We'll see in a few weeks if this will improve performance (though I doubt it, as CPU is also 98% during flight with a constantly yellow mission timer; back in 1.4, it used to be green without physics warp).
  10. Because if you don't, the wheels have a habit of kicking out like a horse if they touch the ground at an angle far from "straight down". ---- As for me, doing some testing on a three-seater ground-to-LKO passenger shuttle. She's ugly on the ground, but she does the job, able to make it to orbit only by following prograde and varying throttle to keep apoapse 60 seconds ahead (thank you for the idea, @OhioBob !). Just needs a very careful transition from surface navball mode because it's a mite aerodynamically unstable during takeoff due to a pair of diagonal winglets on the bottom to shield the two ventral Junos' intakes from reentry heat (there are four Junos and two Terriers on the shuttle itself). In fact, during this particular test flight, it actually spun out of control in the upper atmosphere but still made it to orbit after I cut the engines and let it drift a bit for the SAS to stabilize it. And for reentry, I gave it three small reaction wheels and 400 power, which allows it to maintain a 20° descent AoA and go into a horizontal glide at 30 km altitude without engine power or me touching the controls. Doesn't really fly well at subsonic speeds, though, as I can't use trim without making it backflip during takeoff.
  11. Um... UAC has nothing to do with RAM. UAC stops programs from starting with admin permissions without the user's say-so while an access violation is a piece of already running code touching memory outside of what it asked the OS to be allowed to use, causing the OS to instantly banhammer it out of existence not only because it could break other programs or even the OS itself by overwriting someone else's memory, but also because reading someone else's memory is a security risk (since it could be used to steal passwords and the like).
  12. My mistake. I meant 1.7. And I ran the game today with Task Manager open on a second monitor. The results are here, since my game didn't crash this time and as such I don't want to muck this thread up.
  13. Did a session today with a second display plugged in and Task Manager open on second display to monitor resource usage. Observations: While KSP is running, average system RAM usage is 94%, climbing no higher than 98%. Literally nothing other than KSP and Steam is running. So I'm definitely RAM-bottlenecked here and should really put in an order for that 8 GB RAM module I've been eyeing on Ebay for the past three days. KSP_x64.exe's peak RAM usage is just below 2.7 GB, seen in the VAB. Note that I've got 3.8 GB RAM in my laptop. Being in the VAB uses about 200 MB more RAM than being in flight. I'm guessing the garbage collector throws out the models and textures my current craft isn't using? Upon entering the main menu, KSP's HDD usage spikes massively. Understandable when starting the game, but it also happens when I'm quitting my current session and going back to the main menu, with over a minute of continuous double-digit MB/s usage, followed by a few more minutes of single-digit, before the menu finally becomes responsive. What's it loading from the disk that time? The main menu is also using as much RAM as being in the VAB. During loading screens, Task Manager commonly shows KSP as "Not responding". Every now and then, the game window and Windows taskbar begin rapidly flickering, with KSP's taskbar icon rapidly appearing, disappearing and showing twice, coupled with Task Manager momentarily reclassifying KSP from App to Background process. It stops when I click on KSP's taskbar button, which leaves the taskbar rendered in front of the game window and forces me to Alt-Enter twice to make it go away. However, the Alt-Enter doesn't make the taskbar go away when I'm in the main menu, only when I'm further in. At one point, pressing Space to start my first stage caused a "KSP_x64.exe is not responding" to pop up even as my rocket was very much rising behind said popup! And closing said popup left the Windows taskbar rendered in front of the game again. Upon confirming the exit dialogue, RAM usage stays at 2.6+ GB for several minutes, then drops to 500 MB, then climbs back up to nearly 1 GB while HDD usage once again goes into the double-digits before gradually dropping down to 300 GB. It hovers there for a short while, then drops to 0.1 MB and Windows declares it "Suspended" for about half a minute, then the game window finally disappears and the executable disappears from Task Manager, leaving me at 28% total system RAM usage. Why the sudden resource loading while the game is in the process of exiting?
  14. Okay, this problem has gone on long enough for me to ask. For the past few weeks, I've been having serious problems with starting the game, starting a while after I got MH. More often than not, it either crashes to desktop from the main menu or just freezes my laptop so badly that I'm forced to hard reboot (via power button held down) due to being unable to reach Task Manager. I'm suspecting Windows 10 memory compression acting up, as whenever the game does crash to desktop, I can see it hogging the hard drive at 100% for several minutes afterwards. I disabled it for now and we arrive to our current situation. Last night went like this. After running a Steam cache verification which replaced 83 files (I had autoLOC strings in the VAB since installing MH), I first attempted to start the game slightly after 9 PM but the Windows taskbar refused to not render in front of the game window and my attempts at trying to make it go away somehow resulted in me starting a second instance of the game, which completely killed my system and forced me to power-cycle. Next attempt at 9:32 PM, loading screen appeared at 9:33, main menu appeared at 9:43 but remained unresponsive for about five more minutes. Then I loaded my save with took another several minutes (not just the loading screen but to even display the loading screen). Got into VAB, click Open, game hangs for 10 minutes. Pick a small (~17 parts) craft, Load, game hangs for 10 more minutes and the screen turns completely black with only the Windows cursor visible for most of that. Then everything works fine with completely normal loading times up until I tried shutting the game down. Keyword, tried. I quit the KSC at around 12:44 AM. The main menu showed up but never became responsive; instead, the screen turned completely black again and didn't come back up this time. I let it stew for a while, hoping it would come around but after half an hour, nothing happened. So I tried Alt-Tabbing out, no dice. Ctrl-Alt-Delete, no dice. Start button, Windows taskbar showed up but unresponsive and disappeared after a few minutes (Windows event log says dwm.exe crashed with a stack buffer overflow and pulled explorer.exe with it). I finally power-cycled the laptop off at 1:33 AM. What's causing this? It can't be the fact that I installed MH, can it? No crash log was left behind. The end of output_log is as follows: System specs are a bit anemic, with a quad-core 1.1 GHz CPU and 4 GB RAM (which I'm thinking of expanding with another 8 GB), but it hasn't been a problem so far. Installed mod list: [x] Science! 000_ClickThroughBlocker 000_Toolbar 001_ToolbarControl AntennaHelper AutoAction BetterCrewAssignment ClickThroughBlocker CommunityResourcePack CommunityTraitIcons ControlSurfaceToggle CorrectCOL CraftManager CrewLight DistantObject DockRotate EditorExtensionsRedux EditorTime EngineLight ExtensiveEngineerReport KEI KerbalEngineer KerbalImprovedSaveSystem KermangeddonIndustries (Inline Ballutes) KSP-AVC KXAPI ManeuverNodeEvolved MK1CabinHatch NavyFish (Docking Part Alignment Indicator) OLDD (science part extended information in the VAB) PartAngleDisplay PatchManager PlanetShine QuickMods (Quick Revert) RCSBuildAid ReCoupler ReentryParticleEffect ScienceRelay ShipManifest TriggerTech (KAC and Alternate Resource Panel) VABReorienter XyphosAerospace (Deflatable Heat Shield) unBlur
  15. Mine only exceeds 1 minute at about 50 km altitude. I go with 1.7 myself and dial the engines down in the VAB to be no more than that at 100% throttle. Sometimes it's less, when I'm launching a heavier payload that doesn't merit using a bigger launcher. I start gravity turning at 100 m/s vertical speed and target a parking orbit just above 120 km (for time warp convenience). I'm completely incapable of launching on the same trajectory twice but I usually hit the target apoapse altitude while prograde is between 10-20 degrees above the horizon and either cut the engines then circularize at apoapse, or I pitch down and start burning somewhere halfway between prograde and radial-in to try and maintain apoapse while circularizing if I'm still far away.
  16. That sounds familiar. Is the issue you're talking about occurring during reentry and has the shuttle start rhythmically pitching-yawing an 8-figure with its nose if not going in full-prograde before finally going into a full flatspin? Because that happens to all of my SSTO designs and if you find the solution, please let me know.
  17. Give Bob an OKTO core as absolute minimum. As the others said, SAS will work and you can set maneuver nodes while in contact with the KSC. If you go out of contact, SAS will still work, you just can't set maneuver nodes. Also, don't forget to pack an extra battery or two (or bring a solar panel, if you have one unlocked) and set the OKTO to auto-hibernate during warp (it doesn't by default).
  18. Um... all of my designs do 800-900 m/s circularization burns. If I don't, I spend too much fuel while in the atmosphere.
  19. Actually, that's not quite true. Capsule reentries with a Mk1 Service Bay have been a major pain since about 1.5 if you don't have a heat shield. Not because of the heat, which the bay is more than capable of handling, but because of something causing the bay to have astronomically high drag during reentry. Of course, he stated that he's using an SSTO, not a capsule, but I still think it's worth pointing out.
  20. Games tend to start dying when a sequel is announced due to marketing's obsession with appeal to novelty. Hence why I'm in a low-key state of dread about KSP 2's announcement. And that's not sarcasm.
  21. KSP is known to have a memory leak due to the way Unity handles RAM (the engine never releases any of it back to Windows due to the alleged performance overhead of re-allocating it again and again as demand changes). It always lagged out and crashed for me ever since I had it, but it was playable for hours on end for as long as I didn't revert to VAB too many times; since the 1.8 update, however, I have problems even starting the game to begin with because the minute it starts loading, Windows 10 memory compression kicks in and hogs the hard drive at 100% usage for 10+ minutes (which is ironic, considering that Microsoft claims the whole point of it is to not have to access the page file as often!), which causes KSP to lock up and refuse to let go of my screen, which causes me to be unable to bring up Task Manager for killing KSP, forcing me to hard reset my computer. Granted, I'm running KSP with only 4 GB RAM.
  22. RCS Build Aid: absolute must. Not just for RCS, but also to tell you how many parachutes you need for a safe descent speed on non-Kerbin bodies. Antenna Helper: handy if you're planning on going interplanetary with CommNet. Craft Manager: really good if you have lots of craft designs you need organized. Dock Rotate & Docking Port Alignment Indicator: since you said you'd like to build stations, these will work out nice for you. CorrectCOL: a must if you want to build planes/SSTOs. Other convenience mods: VABReorienter: so that you don't have to rotate 90° every time you launch a rocket. QuickRevert: lets you revert to VAB even after loading an autosave if you find your current design is fundamentally flawed. Editor Extensions Redux: a collection of small trinkets in the VAB Auto Actions: conveniently sets throttle and auto-activates SAS before launch; in fact, you can set global defaults here to apply to all of your rockets
  23. It doesn't usually crash in the middle of a VAB session. Usually, it's either while going from VAB to launch or reverting back to VAB after a flight. Similarly, most crashes at the KSC are when you select a building or go back out. Switching screens seems to have a cumulative effect: the more you do it, the slower and jerkier the game becomes until it finally crashes with an access violation.
  24. The game really likes to crash when you're going from one screen to another at the KSC. You're not the only one with this problem. Hell, my VAB locked up my entire computer yesterday from me plugging in a spare mouse.
  25. ...ok, how the hell is anyone getting longer loading times with mods than me without mods?! Is it the RAM or the CPU?