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  1. With some experimentation, I came up with a munar lander and return stage that can traverse from Kerbin to the Mun, land, then return, without using Terriers (uses a Swivel for the landing stage and a throttled Reliant for the return stage). Problem is, the whole assembly weighs 14.5 tons due to the suboptimal engines requiring more fuel and I'm having major trouble putting it into Kerbin orbit to begin with. To wit: First stage doesn't have enough dV to circularize (KER says 800-900 m/s short, in practice more like 1200 m/s short). Upper stage doesn't have enough dV to both circularize and land on the Mun. Insertion from Kerbin and landing is OK (pulled it off from ~2200 m/s), but that's it. If I try to include an intermediate stage to handle the circularization, the rocket becomes so long it starts to flex like a pendulum under SAS. And even if it doesn't, it's still several hundred m/s short of orbit. My last attempt was a 116 ton monster with one Swivel, four Reliants and eight SRBs on the first stage; didn't work because the rocket rolled away from the takeoff trajectory (all my munar rockets do that, in fact: I take off, pitch east, and the rocket slowly rolls counterclockwise despite being perfectly symmetrical; does the game model the Coriolis force...?) and I couldn't correct because the lone Swivel couldn't roll the rocket, the command pod's reaction wheel had nowhere near enough torque and I hadn't researched control surfaces yet.
  2. Not really today, more like yesterday, but... That previously mentioned horrible Mun rocket of mine? I eventually pulled off a successful Mun landing with it anyway. Just needed to crossfeed the lander stage with the ascent stage. It ate about a third of the ascent stage's fuel, but there was still enough that once I took off and was on my way back to Kerbin, I still had 801 m/s remaining. Of which 700 I used to lower my Kerbin apoapse to 350 km, the remaining 101 I used to drop the periapse to -35. Still used up about 22 ablator. Next I'm going to try and see if 100 ablator is enough for a direct munar return. The rocket, for reference:
  3. Tried to get a horribly built rocket to the Mun. The most successful flight saw the lander stage running out of fuel 300 meters up and hit the surface at 23 m/s despite packing a few hundred m/s above the community dV map's values. Subsequent flights didn't even make it to Kerbin orbit due to my attempts at messing with the fuel supplies messing up the staging timing during circularization to the point an 80x80 maneuver node repeatedly produced a 60x100 orbit several times in a row. ...yeah, I'm pretty bad at this.
  4. Did some low-tech experimentation in the past few days, including today. Game likes to crash when reverting, for some reason. Anyway. My experiment sandbox is a science savegame set to 10% science rewards, ie. I'm working my ass off scraping together enough points to buy stuff, partly because for early tech, I'm abiding to VAB/launch pad level limitations as a further self-imposed challenge (30 parts/18 tons until tech 2, weight restriction removed at tech 3, part restriction removed at tech 4). Last flight was an attempt to drop a pod via suborbital flight onto the south pole for the last measurements I need to unlock the Reliant (just one point short of its science cost). First attempt failed due to my trajectory being too low and coming down over the ocean in sight range of the ice fields; second attempt failed due to my trajectory being too steep (300+ km apoapse), resulting in me reentering so hard that the pod and service bay flipped prograde during reentry, burned off the goo canisters mounted to the top of the pod while tumbling and subsequently nosedived into the ice at Mach 1.5 due to failing to slow down enough for the parachute to open and the pod's reaction wheel proving unable to overpower drag at that speed.
  5. Bug report, issue appeared a while back (ie. not with 1.4.3). The right-click menu of every part on every craft in the SPH displays the section name twice. There's also two Ship Sections icons on the toolbar; one functions normally, the other displays a blank panel. It's as if Ship Sections is loaded into the game twice, but output_log.txt only logged one initialization and I do not have a duplicate installed (I checked). UPDATE: no, wait, back up on that last one. output_log's module init section lists ShipSections twice, with different assembly versions. Ran a search through GameData and there are two ShipSections.dll files: one in GameData/ShipSections/Plugins and a second in GameData/ExtensiveEngineeringReport/Plugins. Former is dated February 1 as version 1.0, latter is dated April 25 as version 1.3; these versions match those listed in output_log. It seems that the last update to ExtensiveEngineeringReport also installed a duplicate of ShipSections that conflicts with the one installed by CKAN.
  6. I don't, actually. I know the Pathers can't give me much of a running start (at least compared to ramjets), I'm just trying to gain as much altitude as I can before lighting up the Twin Boar to squeeze out as much dV as I can from the latter by losing less to drag. Probably not doing it right, though: jet ascent at 20° to 7-8 km, then light up the Twin Boar, pitch up to 45° and keep burning until apoapse is >70km, then cut the juice and set up a circularization node at apoapse, which usually takes around 1200 m/s and is where I run just slightly short. The Twin Boar is doing just fine, it's the Panthers that are anemic (top out below Mach 0.7 in level flight despite running wet all the time).
  7. Did some experimentation today to see if I can scratchbuild an SSTO without nukes, ramjets or referring to existing designs. Used a Twin Boar for the rocket stage to go easy on the part count and a quartet of perma-wet Panthers for the airbreathing stage, with only one tank of fuel for each Panther to go easy on the weight. After repeatedly failing to stay in orbit due to insufficient dV, on the third attempt I finally succeeded... kinda. Can reach a 70x69 orbit, but only with 45 m/s remaining. Also cannot break the sound barrier during takeoff and can barely reach 7 km altitude on jets only before running out of momentum, but when the Twin Boar lights up... hoo boy. Thing fell apart during the first test flight when I lit the big boy up during level flight at low altitude. Still needs improvement, but it was fun to build nonetheless.
  8. After having watched a video of an SSTO design with Junos, having built and flew it myself but having come 555 m/s short of orbit, I ran a little experiment to see what kind of an SSTO I can whip up from Wheezleys and tech-equivalent parts. It... kinda got out of hand. As in, I ended up with a 65 ton monster with six Wheezleys and a Skipper. And ~2100 m/s worth of rocket fuel with a minimal amount of jet fuel. Only managed to run a single test flight and it ended with the entire craft except the cockpit getting demolished due to asymmetric flameouts on the Wheezleys. Several other test flights ended with tailstrikes due to the extremely short landing gear. Finally decided to add a secondary winglet near the bottom and attached the rear landing gear to that (or to be more exact, all 12 rear landing gears). Except before I even fired up any engine, the plane started rhythmically hopping on its rear landing gears. I wasn't touching anything and it was just hopping back and forth between port and starboard until the plane was about 30° off-course, at which point I decided to revert and add a seventh pair of rear landing gear, figuring the existing ones were just getting overloaded and glitching out. Except the game crashed to desktop with an access violation during the revert, exactly at midnight. I'm not sure if I should bother doing anything with the crash report because based on prior reactions elsewhere, I'd just get shooed away for presuming to ask for technical help when I'm the one who's running the game on a subpar rig.
  9. CKAN update of Maneuver Node Evolved from version 3.3 failed. What to do? Is it safe to wipe the previous version and rerun CKAN to install the current one as if it was a new install?
  10. Naming the theory after him once it's complete and proven would be the least we, the generations after him, could do to preserve his name for the rest of human history.
  11. I'm generally satisfied with the update, with one major exception. Those godawful jet engine sounds. Especially the ramjet. Previously, ramjets had this deep, throaty roar that hinted at power behind the source of the sound. Not just that but when the engine was about to flame out due to altitude, the sound changed into this duller, almost washed-out sound (as if you ran the engine sound file through lossy encoding or something like that) that got deeper and quieter the closer the engine came to flaming out. Now, though, the sound of the engine itself is overlaid by this drone that's high-pitched enough to tear into your eardrums but at the same time not high-pitched enough to not be annoyingly monotonous. Not just that, but now the drone keeps going full-blast until a second after engine flameout, so now it's impossible to tell when the engine is about to shut down by sound. It's absolutely horrible and the moment a mod comes up to revert it, I'm taking it because by all that is holy, I simply can't stand the new sound. Additionally, something's up with the color scheme display in the VAB/SPH's advanced parts listing: the button that's under the subassembly one is missing an icon (low-res black circle is displayed) and text (seems to be a localization error, tooltips something like #loc_1248612481 when moused over). I'm using the game in English, so I don't know what the problem is.
  12. I'm fairly sure you still do. For one, the changelog says nothing about Kerbals being made reentry-proof; for another, every other chute has a maximum airspeed tolerance, so I'm fairly sure jumping out of a capsule at Mach 3 will kill you with this one too.
  13. Addon doesn't seem to work in 1.4: the UI is a completely empty gray rectangle. Even the icon is missing, replaced with a gray square.
  14. ...and 1.4 got released in the meantime, so now the addon is complaining that I've got the wrong game version.
  15. Considering the recent inactivity, I'm not sure if I should be bothering to post this, but am posting it anyway, just in case. Anyway. The CKAN-supplied version of AVC crashes KSP on startup if installed together with any of several other addons. The ones I've seen the issue with so far, all acquired over CKAN: [x] Science! Alternate Resource Panel Blizzy Toolbar Community Trait Icons Connected Living Space CorrectCOL Crew Light Extensive Engineer Report (but its dependency Ship Sections is fine) Lights Out Maneuver Node Evolved Mk1 Cabin Hatch Patch Manager RCS Build Aid Reentry Particle Effect (gets past Squad logo but freezes while loading Editor Extensions Redux and eventually crashes) Who Am I? With every single one of these, I uninstalled everything other than AVC and tested them one by one. If AVC is installed by itself, game starts fine. If the other addon is installed without AVC, game starts fine. If the two are installed together, "KSP_x64.exe has stopped working" with exception code 0xc0000005 (access violation) and the executable as the faulty module at offset 0x00000000009a41a3. Crash happens either before even reaching the Squad logo or while AVC's notification of checking the addons' version is visible. The fault offset is always the same, regardless of which addon is conflicting with AVC. These addons were also tested but produced no crash with or without AVC: Control Surface Toggle Editor Extensions Redux Editor Time Engine Light Kerbal Engineer Mini Airbrakes Docking Port Alignment Indicator Extended Science Information Ship Manifest Ship Sections (dependency of Extensive Engineer Reports, which does crash with AVC) With these, game loads into the main menu without problems. I next took all of the above conflicting addons and installed them together without AVC. Game starts properly, zero errors, freezes or crashes. It's definitely AVC that's causing the crash here, but there aren't any error messages in output_log.txt: it last logs initializing AVC's Starter, then the log abruptly ends. Same with KSP.log: when none of the conflicting addons are installed, AVC is logging the others' version checks but when any of the conflicting addons are up, KSP.log abruptly cuts off with no AVC version check logging.
  16. Would it be too much of a request to add an option to disable the hotkeys or at least not execute them while a text field is in focus? I make a lot of subassemblies and frankly, it's more than a little annoying to have the angle settings change all over the place while I'm typing subassembly names and descriptions.
  17. Having started the game barely a month and a half ago, I think it's time for me to graduate beyond the "new member" thread. After starting, I spent about two weeks learning the ropes before I jumped straight into plane building and about three weeks ago, I completed my first SSTO using Mk2 parts. In the past few days however, I decided to went back to the roots and built one out of Mk1 parts instead. Mind you, I'm very much of an amateur yet. Four ramjets in a quadcoupler, four nukes, single-stage-to-Minmus, 3498 m/s dV on full load, all stock. Oh, and it does not require manual control during takeoff: after lifting off, I just set a 15° ascent angle and aside from switching engines when needed, I don't have to touch anything until circularization, it flies up to orbital altitude entirely under its own. Not much range (enough to land on Minmus and return with 3-4 aerobrakes), I admit, but that monoprop's quite heavy and it's got a docking clamp to refuel in orbit anyway. I can add a pair of extra tanks to the rear for 4100+ m/s dV, but then it loses the hands-off-takeoff feature unless I empty the tanks and only fill them in orbit. Why the monoprop, you ask? Because it's got four monoprop engines on the bottom that allow it to VTOL on the Mun and anything smaller. I tested it out repeatedly on the Mun and Minmus today, it can reliably cover the last few hundred meters on VTOL and land softly on the gears, even at maximum takeoff weight. Overheating's a bit of a problem, though; I had the cockpit reach 93.36% heat during a munar return aerobraking at 49 km altitude, but the radiators I put on specifically to extend aerobraking endurance. Solar panels too; during one test flight, I somehow burned completely through the 1000 energy reserve with reaction wheel use between burns and in another, I ran out of power during reentry, so I added on six small cells. No more power problems. Oh, and it's got enough reaction wheel torque to limp back from the Mun with literally half of the engines missing without spinning out from 7° off-center thrust. I had the opportunity to test that too during the munar VTOL test. I landed in a crater on the terminator (and cut it very close: the monoprops ran out of juice literally the second the gears touched the ground), then tried to take off on the shadowed side but forgot to turn on the landing gear lights, hit a bump and tailstruck, destroying the entire bottom row of engines. The remaining two nukes had enough TWR to limp back into orbit from the short flight the tailstrike launched me onto, from where I limped back to Kerbin... and went EVA during a subsonic glide (the two top ramjets had enough TWR for sustained flight, but ran out of fuel over rough terrain and I was coasting downwards to find flat terrain for a parachute landing) to see if I could get an EVA report mid-flight. Results were predictable. Very next thing I did upon arriving back to the SPH was adding on a pair of small gears next to the bottom jets with maximum damping as a tailstrike countermeasure.
  18. After a week of hiatus to regain my muse, I started experimenting with a Mk1 SSTO design. Three ramjets, four nukes, can pull off a round trip to Minmus including a landing, but I really have to squeeze out every last bit of delta-V. Short summary of the latest test flight: Takeoff, ascent at 15° angle (at 20°+, the ramjets can't even break the sound barrier) until ramjet thrust fell below 250, then switched over to the nukes and eventually managed to very barely pull the nose up to 45°. Circularized just above 120 km. Approximately 2100 m/s dV remaining. Direct flight to Minmus, arrived with 937 m/s dV remaining. Tried a Mun gravity assist in a previous test flight, but that plane spontaneously detonated in the middle of the slingshot while I was on the map screen setting up a Minmus insertion maneuver node. The flight log was completely empty, no part destruction or pilot death reports. Just a split-second explosion noise and instant catastrophic failure, Jeb KIA. Landed on a 23.3° slope on Minmus, 567 m/s dV left. Takeoff and escape burn back to Kerbin with a 60 km periapsis. 49 m/s dV left. About 4-5 days and a dozen aerobreaks later, safely reentered 32 days after departure. Burned the remaining fuel with the ramjets at low throttle to reduce weight as much as possible. Despite parachutes slowing descent to 9.4 m/s, plane splashed down cockpit-first and broke up into a dozen pieces. Valentina KIA and I'm editing the save file because judging from the fact that Jeb hasn't respawned after a month, the "respawn missing pilots" doesn't seem to apply to KIA ones.
  19. I've been having this problem for a while now and have managed to reproduce it several times over. I take a Structural Wing Type B, attach an Elevon 2 to the end and an Elevon 3 to the root, then grab the wing and save it as a subassembly. This works fine but when I later pick up the subassembly, I can neither attach it to whatever I'm building, nor drop it unattached, nor drop it onto the toolbar to delete it. Game just makes a click sound but nothing happens and: game doesn't freeze, but I can't do anything because there's no keyboard shortcut for dropping the part, so I have to Alt-Tab out and kill the executable via Task Manager. I'm using the 64 bit version. Here's the craft file for the subassembly in question.
  20. Sounds like something keeps activating the RCS blocks. Have you checked the action groups to make sure nothing is using them?
  21. For that matter, I have since begun experimenting with Rapiers. ...meh. Airbreathing performance is awesome but I don't like the fuel usage in closed cycle. I think I'll stay with the ramjet-nuke combo. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Also, I discovered that Mk3 hulls carry enough fuel for me to use afterburning Panthers as regular engines. Four Panthers with the burners always on propelled my first Mk3 with something, like 45 minutes of supersonic flight endurance. Tried attaching 8 using stacked bicouplers, but it was too heavy for the wings. Also also, I just hit an important milestone in my KSP adventures: I accidentally killed Jebediah with a physics glitch. Namely, I just flagged the Crater Rim DSN station and was running down a rather sheer slope under 4x time acceleration when Jeb, who was stumbling the whole way due to the time acceleration, stumbled so bad he started literally rolling down the cliff, glitched into the ground, stretched out upwards and went POOF.
  22. I... ...I did it. I reached orbit with an SSTO. Used up more fuel than absolutely necessary because I hadn't realized my apoapse and periapse had switched and kept burning to raise the latter, unaware that I was burning away from it now.
  23. I'm experiencing the following problem. When I try to attach a nuclear engine to any bi/tri/quadcoupler part in the SPH using symmetry mode, at the point where the ghosted engine would snap to the hardpoints, it instead starts rapidly snapping and unsnapping about 20-30 times a second, dropping the framerate to around 8 FPS and making actually attaching the part an exercise in tedium of clicking at the right split second. This only happens with nuclear engines, only with symmetry on and - which is why I'm posting here - only when the CoL is displayed. If I turn off the CoL indicator, everything's fine. If I may hazard a guess, could the CoL recalculation possibly be throwing an exception, causing the game to endlessly try recalculating the result until it detects that the engine is no longer in the try-to-attach position? I do remember that while I had Exception Detector on, it displayed this particular mod as particularly exception-happy, throwing several per second every time I started working on something, but threw it away and consequently had no root part but hadn't exited the VAB/SPH yet.
  24. So, I swapped out the radial intake with a pair of circular ones, no decrease in speed whatsoever and the Panthers stopped flaming out on the runway. I'm keeping them, then. Then I decided to have a little fun, replaced the Panthers with ramjets... and promptly dropped my jaw as the sucker went suborbital with a 120 km apoapse at a 10° angle of ascent! Didn't have enough vacuum delta-V to circularize and had some trouble with reentry because I ran out of power without any engines running and consequently couldn't keep the nose up and almost fried Jebediah, but still!
  25. Try angling the main wing up 1-2 degrees. No, seriously. My design pictured above had trouble making past transsonic with perfectly level wings at 5° dihedral, but then I was pointed at this. As soon as I tilted the wing up 1°, it blew straight past the sound barrier at 1 km altitude and accelerated straight up to Mach 2.07 at 8 km altitude without afterburners (!) for as long as I kept the thing perfectly level. More than 3-4 degrees of pitch in either direction while in flight and it starts to decelerate. 2° wing tilt had the same result, any more and the top speed didn't reach Mach 2. I then replaced the radial intake with a Structural Fuselage and a large circular intake for each engine and top speed increased to Mach 2.12. Fire up the afterburners and it topped out somewhere around Mach 2.8.