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  1. I am starting to feel like the is turning into the biggest gaming failure since ET.
  2. As an engineer, I can understand the desire to be perfect, but nothing is ever perfect. At some point, you are going to have to stop designing and release the product. If you feel so compelled, follow up with updates. The most perfect product will never get seen by the public.
  3. I have never been more excited about a video game release as I am about KSP2, but oh my god these delays are killing me. Please keep going. Please do not stagnate so long that the whole project fails.
  4. Can someone with an Xbox one actually confirm if they are having the same problem in the docking tutorial. Even in locked view, right is left and left is right. Y axis is also inverted from normal flight controls, and translation still doesn't work.
  5. I have spent hours trying to get through the Docking Tutorial on Xbox 1, but the RCS controls have major issues. When you go into docking mode up, and down flight controls invert, and left and right are backwards. The controls, navball, and movement of the craft do not match. Also, translation does not work. When I tried to translate y, I throttled up and split the other space craft in half. I have never been so frustrated with a game before.
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