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  1. Ok thanks! I have mechjeb and kerbal alarm clock. I also have making history and I’m probably an intermediate player
  2. I stranded 3 of my kerbals on duna. to make it harder, the north pole. can someone help?
  3. I said the best mission replica wins so if you think it’s necessary, then do it
  4. Yes. Only parts from when you start a sandbox game for the first time after the purchase
  5. Yes I made a mistake and the winning is best replica
  6. Greetings KSP forumers! Here is a challenge and the rules. Challange: Apollo 8 recreation Apollo 8 was the first manned mission to the moon. They didn’t land but they orbited 10 times before heading home. rules 1. You must make a 3 kerbal replica of the Saturn V and the Apollo 8 crew capsule. 2. No modded parts 3. You need to post a response of your craft in orbit, your trajectory to Mun, orbiting Mun, re entry and landed on Kerbin. 4. Your ap or per must be between 90 and 100 meters above Mun happy building and and have fun
  7. It did, I got an encounter with Duna but my burn would go somewhere different
  8. Greetings KSP forumers and welcome to this week’s post. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to get to Munar orbit, Munar surface and return Jeb safely home. Matireals mamoth engines (x3) The thinnest decopler you can find largest Mk3 fuel tanks rhino engine Mk2 command pod Mk2 orange parachute large landing legs medium Mk2 fuel tank poodle liquid fuel engine struts Mk3 to Mk2 adapter assemble take the Mk2 command pod and attach it with the parachute. Next throw a brand decopler under the command module. Add the medium fuel tank, poodle and landing legs ( with symmetry on 4) to the under side of the decopler. This is our lander. Add another brand decopler followed by the adapter, 1 large Mk3 fuel tank and rhino engine. This is our upper stage. Add the small decopler under the rhino and add 3 large Mk3 tanks. Turn symmetry to two and add 2 Mk3 fuel tanks on top of each other. Add a Mk3 adapter on both sides, followed by a Mk2 adapter and then an advance nosecone type b. Add struts on each side to stabilize the rocket. launch first get into an orbit of about 80km. If you don’t know how, you can look at making and executing maneuver nodes. You should have burned all the first stage and half of the second stage. This is fine for our next step doesn’t need a lot of delta v ( fuel, or change in velocity). Geting to Mun first set Mun as your target by clicking it and clicking “set target”. Next add a maneuver node at your Periapsis and drag it to Mach Muns orbit. If a lot of lines don’t appear, drag the node on your orbit until they do. The yellow line with the circle on it means when you get your encounter. Execute the maneuver and time warp by pressing . and when you get to the circle press , and a line that has pe on it should appear. Add a maneuver node at the Periapsis and turn it until you get an apalaps. Execute your maneuver and congratulations, you are in orbit around Mun. landing Ditch the transfer stage and make a maneuver node that turns down on to the light side of Mun. Execute, extend landing legs by pressing G and burn your fuel until your velocity ( on top of the nav ball) is at or under 10 m/s. Congratulations you have landed on the Mun. You can EVA Jebediah and have him walk on the Mun. That’s one small step for Jeb, one giant leap for Kerman. Near the lander you can right click on Jeb and click plant flag. He’ll plant a flag and you can write the name of your landing site. Coming home coming home is the same as going to Mun. Get an encounter, orbit and land. Deploy your chutes and you have complete your long journey
  9. Sup KSP forumers and today we will blow some stuff up. Here is a little tutorial on how to make a missiel. parts 1. Probodobodyne HECS 2. Advance nosecone type-A 3. FL-T400 fuel tank (x2) 4. LV-T45 "Swivel" Liquid Fuel Engine 5. Launch Stability Enhancers Construction take the Probodobodyne HECS and place it in the of the VAB. attach the FL-T400 fuel tanks to the bottom of the Probodobodyne Add the “Swivel “ liquid fuel engine under the assembly turn symmetry to two and attach the LSE on the side Finaly add the nose cone to the top and head to the launch pad. launch turn on SAS by clicking T and full throttle by clicking Z. Then launch your missiel and right away press T and tilt towards a building of your choice and head right to it. When you crash, the missiel will explode and destroy the building. repair when you go back to your space center, click the building you blew up and at the bottom it should say, repair facilitie. Click it and your done. thanks for reading this weeks KSP forum. See ya next week
  10. My maneuver would not go on Duna’s orbit