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  1. This usually happens if you open an extra info tab on a part. If you put the cursor back in the parts tray and disable the extra info tab, the camera should start working again.
  2. Delete any flags you have planted in the tracking station before loading into your ship. If there's a flag in view, it's going to morph into a strange modern art sculpture with too many polygons to render cleanly. Once the flags are gone, things should return to relatively normal.
  3. Nice! Yeah, my flags sometimes get blown over if I come in low for a landing. I just kept moving the flag back 10 meters west whenever that happened, and eventually I found the sweet spot about 50 meters back from where the incline starts up to the tarmac. I like your solution though. I might try that, now that flags are wonky. Maybe a Stayputnik probe core with antennae dropped off by a rover would do the trick? Hmmnn... gettin' ideas here!
  4. Yeah, I always have a flag planted at the west end of the runway at KSC. I use it as a kind of ILS when making an approach to the runway. (BTW; adding a true ILS to the runway would be awesome...) This is how I realized that the flag was the issue. When I loaded an unmanned probe and rover at Eeloo, the framerate issue was solved (unmanned = no flags). When I tried to launch from KSC the framerate dropped to about 0.5 FPS. Same thing with anywhere there was a flag. So, I deleted the flag at KSP and, BINGO! No more lag at the launchpad! I guess I'll have to do without flags for the time being.
  5. Yes, thank you. I am aware of that. My goal here is to vent my frustration at getting boned once again. The game has been functioning very nicely since the last update/expansion, and it's frustrating to have it all go to crap with this new "patch". Now, we need to wait (Spock knows how long...) for another "patch" to fix this one, and probably introduce some new bugs while they're at it! It's been a vicious cycle, going back to the "Frying Tyger" edition.
  6. Congratulations: Your "patch" has managed to make my saved games totally unplayable! When trying to load into a ship from the tracking station it takes a veerrrrryy looooonnngg timmmme toooooo loooaaaaaddd, and when it finally does, the framerate is around 1 FPS. Not even exaggerating here. The cursor will not come up... The pause menu will not come up... When I tried to load a flag site, it wouldn't even load. It just hangs up on the black loading screen with the sound of continuous explosions in the background. This is not my idea of "enhancing fun factor". Once again, the question arises as to whether this was even tested before release. Was it?? Because it seems like something so obvious as 1 FPS and no cursor or pause menu would have gotten noticed. UPDATE: I have found a few workarounds for those having issues... The slow loading seems to be caused by having a FLAG in visual range. If you delete all flags in sight of anywhere you want to go to, the FPS problem goes away. The PAUSE MENU can be brought up by using the XBOX HOME button. You will then have to press the HOME or B button to get back to the game. When in vehicle assembly, the camera controls will lock up if you have left an extra info tab open on any part. Select a part and hit X to close the info tab and the camera should work again. I have also noticed that you can't switch vessels by using LB + D-PAD <> any longer. You have to switch vessels on the MAP screen, which is really a pain when the ships are close together. In this case, you will need to go back to the tracking station and select your preferred vessel there. (note: last night while cruising to Minmus, the LB + D-PAD started working again. not sure why...) I hope this helps folks who are stuck "flying a desk". I'll let you know if I figure out any more tricks.
  7. I can confirm that this exact bug existed in the "Failing Tiger Edition". This seems to imply that the bug has nothing to do with either port and is part of the original code from version 1.2. Can anyone confirm that this also happened on the PC version?