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  1. Do you plan on adding the launch vehicle?
  2. This mod's really good for when I'm making reusable rockets.
  3. Hi, so I was using the A-4 rocket and for some reason, the color scheme for the rocket seems to be tinted yellow. it's more noticeable on the white areas. is there a way to fix it
  4. Hi. I was trying to build the Balck Forest rocket by using your picture and am having a little bit of trouble. in between the first and second fuel tank, there seems to be a shroud but it doesn't show which engine was used. could you tell me which one it was?
  5. By that i mean what launch vehicle do you launch from
  6. So I'm having a very weird issue whenever i use the New Glenn rocket it flies up fine but when i decouple the first and second stages its fine for a few moments and them it explodes and it just says a lot of parts collided when i didn't see any movement any where one the ship