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  1. Updated the Download Like for the SoK class. As well as a few minor tweaks.
  2. Stock: 5,007T, never really felt a need to push it further than that, however it's entirely possible.
  3. Heyo guys! This thread here is for the .craft file releases from the When we Left Kerbin Youtube series. All .craft use ReStock, Breaking Ground, and Making History. ReStock is not essential but highly recommended as it may cause issues with the aesthetics. Stayputnik-I/ S-7 OK1A Launcher
  4. Heyo Everyone! ChaoticProtocol here with an attempt as a YouTube series in collaboration with @Avera9eJoe. Our goal is to recreate Historical Mission from a Kerbal perspective using Stock/ReStock/DLC parts strictly. Craft Repository: Will work on this as I get some more time. Sorry for the short post the the moment!
  5. So today I went through and redid proportions on the Stock/DLC N1 replica. I'm quite happy with it now. Shoutout to @tehmattguy for giving me the inspiration on how to do the LES. I highly recommend y'all check out his builds!
  6. I was asked by a handful of people to release a teaser on the new projects.
  7. I’d completely missed this but I wish I’d found it sooner as it’d helped me with my Soyuz. I may take some creative liberties and steal use that grid fin idea on my own. Looks absolutely stunning lad!
  8. I couple of WIP projects in my venture to create stock replicas. If there's enough interest I may actually release a pack. Right now I'm tweaking the Abort Systems on the N1 and Soyuz.
  9. At the moment I am trying to avoid a leave as there are no confirmed cases at our plant, however they are attempting to withhold information relating to possible outbreaks in the plant in the name of "confidentiality" which is short for "We don't want to lose production or money". Legally I could take a leave over this given the situation with my Fiance and Mother however I also need the money as that leave would not be a paid leave. It's a cluster over here, and I can't even go grocery shopping for my high risk fiance, who is under self quarantine, because the media made it out to "We're all going to die" so all the healthy 20/ 30 year old's are looting stores before I can even get there to buy anything. It's absolutely ridiculous, and reminds me of how much I hate the general public as the majority are selfish you-know-whats. On a side note: I wish I would've bought stock in Charmin right about now.
  10. Interestingly it is a gray area from a legality standpoint. You have grounding for a lawsuit against an employer if they withhold information relating to a deadly disease outbreak on their property without alerting their employees. Now say that were to cause a death you could have a wrongful death lawsuit on your hands as the employer.
  11. You know, I'm not buying into the panic however I'm in an interesting situation: My Fiance and my mother are extremely high risk due to health issues. I physically cannot afford to get it as it will most likely result in atleast one death as there is currently no treatment other than treating symptoms. My Mother needs to go to the ER for a cold about 50% of the time where as my Fiance has an autoimmune disorder which results in "Mild" diseases going severe quite easily with her. My employers had to have a meeting with me relating to this as I work in an area with a local outbreak and they had been trying to pull "Confidentiality" BS which doesn't apply to a state of emergency and a pandemic situation. Wish me luck because I promise there will be lawsuits if I contract it due to "confidentiality". For the healthy individuals just wash your hands and avoid your face, if you're in a situation like myself, plan ahead and pay attention. Best of luck lads!
  12. I'll give this a try and make sure it's only ReStock. I've had issues in the past running solely this mod, but if need be I'll try my hand in writing a config for ReStock. Thank you for the help guy, It's greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  13. No open GUI button, I am (Attempting) to use TURD with it. For some odd reason I might've had ReStock installed which is what I think is causing said issue. Like I said, I'm pretty sure I'm just an idiot. Oof