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  1. So I decided to try my hand with replicas, and started with one of my favorite all time aircraft: the MiG-21. Still very heavily a WIP. I'm trying to avoid engine clipping but it's going to be a pain as I can't get enough thrust to avoid the drag issues brought on by an aircraft designed like this
  2. My first dive into ReShade and new Video Editing Software.
  3. To be fair the average age I've seen is about 15-17 age range. These new guys make me feel old lmao.
  4. I honestly can't complain here. I've been playing since I was 12 (I'm 21 now, 0.8.1). Nine year olds I doubt, however there could be a squeaker/ griefer infestation with some of the slightly older crowd, say 13-14. Let's all just hope for customizable multiplayer and for the love of god IF YOU AREN'T INTERESTED IN SIMULATIONS DON'T COMPLAIN THAT IT'S A SIMULATION SANDBOX.
  5. Can I please change my name to "Chaotic Protocol"? I completely forgot to set this as my Twitch name, Oof.
  6. I had a ye olden Whackjob moment today on stream. I wanted to see what the single heaviest payload I could get into orbit stock/DLC was, and well.... [Snip]
  7. A couple side projects while I ramp up for Project Halcyon. (Can somebody give me a kerbalized name for the R-7 that isn't the K-7. K thx)
  8. Ahem Anyways, amazing work on the F-14 mate!
  9. Myself with a group of old players have set up a KSP2 Discussion server away from the main KSP Discord Servers. All are welcome to join and speculate on the trailer as well as information. We'll be updating daily on the information we get!
  10. 8 Years of waiting have finally been answered. Thank all of you. Some older players put up a discord server for discussions of KP2 if anybody wants to discuss with a group of people:
  11. I think he's referring to this thread as a whole, Which I'd like to throw my opinion in on. Without Military funding in the real world Space Travel, as well as advanced aerodynamics wouldn't be possible (Or atleast in their infancy at this point in time). Military is the largest research complex in human history. Enjoy one of my side projects guys
  12. I broke again, I started working on a new military Aircraft. I'm also going to leave a tutorial on how I fix wingflex with my newest swingwings as well as how the Action Groups are set up.
  13. So I ended up revisiting the Vindicator Class Light Warships I've had in storage, Going off of the Mk-VII as a baseline: After re-armoring the whole thing, re-spining it, and adding some of the robotic goodies I'd like to introduce the WIP Vindicator Mk-IX: Also has a neat Anti Fighter Missile assortment: This thing is a heavy WIP of mine, and probably will be for a hot minute. (Also I just realized this: This is an accurate representation of Bungie's UNSC ships to 343's UNSC ships.)
  14. Robotics with the new arm to simulate camera observations with the sciency bits. There's a DL link to my setup if anybody wants to see how it's done.
  15. @Ultimate Steve I'd like to submit the Arcosmos Science Module. Modified from my Kvant-1 Module. 45 Parts, Action groups are in the description. Designed specially for your uses Science Module.craft?dl=0