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  1. My first ship in well over a year. She sits at 346m long. Still need to decorate, and add the elevators.
  2. Having played since 0.8.1 this hurts me, as this is one of the first games that had gotten me into PC gaming, as well as fueled my fascination in my career in the Aeronautical industry. All good things must come to an end at some point however, and I love where this game has gone in the last 10 years. Until next time old friends
  3. I would generally say you're about half right. How about @Spartwo?
  4. Custom Aesthetic, this is extremely clean my dude. Keep up the amazing work!
  5. In an attempt to keep this from getting locked as I used to love this thread: The Vindicator Class Mk IX Light Warship The Ly-111X
  6. Nah, I'm thinking more along the lines of @Spartwo
  7. I've got about two designs I've been tweaking with for the last few months off and on. Both Stock/ ReStock, and I'm almost happy enough for a public release. (On a sidenote, Shoutout to @tehmattguy for doing his Soyuz around the same time. Your craft helped me immensely!) And of course, the N1 Styled Rocket. Both Crewed and Cargo Variants:
  8. Possibly the largest fleet ever assembled for a screenshot in Kerbal Powers. A combined 17 ships totaling 8500+ parts touched up with HatBats ReShade config, Avera9eJoes Scatterer Configs, and 8K AVP. Enjoy! Also, A custom DCK paint job for the 11th Fighter Squadron for your viewing pleasures.
  9. Well KSP just turned into Paint.NET for roughly an hour or two and a half hour mission.
  10. Here's a nice little piece I've been working on for the last few days (Bonus points to whoever gets the reference)
  11. Here's what I've actually done to the Murmask so far: Integrated Breaking Ground pistons to the lift. Completely Rebuilt the front to make it less janky, as well as add hull to the flight deck where it stick out. To do list: Finish the hull, rebuild the stern, make the hanger section smaller, add more fuel capacity. Edit: If anybody is interested I may make a release, including the modified BD armor panels (Which I do not own and would need to ask permission)
  12. Please don't hate me for posting this here. What kind of KAL controller adventures have y'all had?
  13. So, I started playing with designing custom engine bells in Stock KSP to cover up mass amounts of clipping on my SHLVs.
  14. Updated the Download Like for the SoK class. As well as a few minor tweaks.
  15. Stock: 5,007T, never really felt a need to push it further than that, however it's entirely possible.
  16. Heyo guys! This thread here is for the .craft file releases from the When we Left Kerbin Youtube series. All .craft use ReStock, Breaking Ground, and Making History. ReStock is not essential but highly recommended as it may cause issues with the aesthetics. Stayputnik-I/ S-7 OK1A Launcher https://kerbalx.com/ChaoticProtocol/Stayputnik-I
  17. Heyo Everyone! ChaoticProtocol here with an attempt as a YouTube series in collaboration with @Avera9eJoe. Our goal is to recreate Historical Mission from a Kerbal perspective using Stock/ReStock/DLC parts strictly. Craft Repository: Will work on this as I get some more time. Sorry for the short post the the moment!
  18. So today I went through and redid proportions on the Stock/DLC N1 replica. I'm quite happy with it now. Shoutout to @tehmattguy for giving me the inspiration on how to do the LES. I highly recommend y'all check out his builds!
  19. I was asked by a handful of people to release a teaser on the new projects.
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