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  1. Robotics with the new arm to simulate camera observations with the sciency bits. There's a DL link to my setup if anybody wants to see how it's done.
  2. @Ultimate Steve I'd like to submit the Arcosmos Science Module. Modified from my Kvant-1 Module. 45 Parts, Action groups are in the description. Designed specially for your uses Science Module.craft?dl=0
  3. It's a system I had designed for my stock Mir styled station. I can make a modification to fit the requirements if you'd like?
  4. Here's something I was messing with for stations, Needs a bit of work but I'm happy with it:
  5. I'm going to make the assumption you want something like this for the lab?:
  6. Here's one of my single best photos from a test of an Eve lander concept a while back
  7. Hello Everyone! I've recently picked up a new habit, Streaming, Oh no! Anyways I wanted a place to sort my craft and leave them for everybody to use. I play with a mix of ReStock, and the two existing DLCs and rely very heavily on both. I'll post Craft Files as they're tweaked on stream. Anyways, Enjoy! Garmoniya Station Collection Soyuz/ R7 with launcher: Built for my Garmoniya Station, This is one of the best Replicas I've made to date in my personal opinion. Uses both DLCs. Download: Garmoniya Station Segments: This thing was my take on a MIR styled station in KSP. I tried my best to replicate the TKS segments which was fun. Again, it uses both DLCs. Download: Coming soon, Need to compile a pack
  8. Here's a neat one, which accidentally discovered a bug on my end. Turns out the new props don't like Eve's Atmoshpere as 100% throttle shot it out at about 700m/s from about 600m above sea level. I wonder if micro Eve landers are now possible however.
  9. Some stuff I made in a recent livestream, Mainly the start of a Mir styled station and a Soyuz. Tips would be appreciated! So far it consists of the core, Kvant 1, and 2
  10. You can trigger the robotics on a delay and create robotic sequences, but as far as I know not action group sequences with delays.
  11. So I was thinking about this today, partially because I had an abort situation earlier and I've been messing with the Robotics. Action Group delays to create sequences. I personally don't like spamming the Spacebar after an abort. Say a slider to add time to certain actions such as: Action Group Timer+0, Escape tower fires/ Capsule Decouples, AGT+5 Escape tower ejects, AGT+10 Drogue Chutes deploy, AGT+15 Main Chutes Deploy. Also with the new robotics, say you want to deploy a solar panel, however you have a delay between the hinge and piston deploying it, you would be able to bind it to a delay.
  12. That would sound about right honestly, From 0.8.1 to roughly 0.16 I played roughly 8-10 hours a day
  13. I'm pushing 1600 hours on steam, however I've only had it on steam since late 2016, and been playing since 2011 (0.8.1). I probably have a total realistically within the 5-6,000hr range.