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  1. finally built my first drone, and most importantly i found the proper set up for easy controll. Hovering and landing is a bit tricky. But After 5 minutes of practice i managed to land on KSP base main building heliport, and then safely back to ground at comfortable 1,2 m/s impact speed. it is powered all by batteries and solar panels question is, will this fly on Eve?
  2. Is the Maneuver node Evolved already compatible with ksp 1.8.1 ? i will not even start the game without it.. : )
  3. i did my second gameplay video today MIssion to Duna, with 3 kerbals, rover, surface experiments, collecting data from 2 biomes What i am really proud of - amount of delta v for each stage is just what is needed. Not a wasting over-engineered mission at all any comments appreaciated
  4. 3 years ago my friend told me he was playing a spaceflight simulator. then i watched some youtube gameplays because i have always been a fan of Apollo program, i had to install and try..
  5. i think you need to place each device with different kerbal. Both engineer and scientist is needed. Though i am not sure if that is needed for parts to be working at all, or is it needed just for higher efficiency of parts. Also i think you need CommNet signal. I dont know where you are testing the experiments, but if you are on far side of the mun, and you have no relay antena, your experiments will be useless. If you havent played the game with commnet so far, read some stuff on wiki. Good signal is important part of most of the missions. EDIT i can see you are not using this part, Ground communotron Also, are you testing it at night? maybe too little power to run all the devices thats all i can come up with for now, if you combine all above, it must be working : )
  6. you can leave the descent stage on duna. Retro engine, tank, and landing strut - pretty same system like Eagle on Moon. ascent stage can be only cabin, tank and smaller engine than terrier. I Dont know if you have technology for that though. Thats how i land and leave on Duna tonight.
  7. actually airbrakes are still pretty random tactic, as i am thinking about it now (still in need of F9). Having a motor for only descent stage with enough delta V would be more effective (you can also steer left to right while descent). Still, some practice before reall landing is needed.. sending a probe-lander ? Also, i think there was a mode, which could calculate your maneuver nodes including atmospheres on planets. SO when you are on orbit, and do a retrograde maneuver node, it would show you exactly where you land on Duna. Stock game does not allow that. I never used the mode though
  8. what biome did you land into? I usually choose large flatty biomes, poles, midlands. However, my Next mission is planned to have landing spot at edge of crater and canyon, bringing a rover and coming in with 3 kerbals.. which is rather big and awkward lander with 8 chutes - so it will be interesting. anyway, i think most of dunanauts use good old F9 technique.. : ) if you want to be more in controll of landing spot before the chutes open, use airbrakes in various numbers and action groups. thats all i used so far
  9. It is not important to launch at certain time. More important is to follow the same orbital inclination as target. (and not only for docking, but also when flying to a planet, especially Minmus has quite a remarkably different inclination than eqatorial) So i follow only orbital inclinations
  10. One of the worst gameplays i did was in a Jool system (first time there..). I thought i had lots of DeltaV in my lander and in the main ship, and by inefficient maneuvering i left my lander on a very large elliptical orbit around Jool with almost no fuel left. I thought it would be easy to bring mother ship closer, randez-vous, and fly away with all the crew. So i tried to play with maneuver nodes, for hours and hours. After all, I made the randez-vous but i had to time warp like 8-10 years, and it was soooo hard (large elliptical orbit is way too different level of RVs.. NEVER AGAIN). And after all maneuvering my main ship had so little fuel left (relative speed of both ships in the moment of contact was ridiculously high), that it was not possible to fly back to Kerbin. I was too exhausted to launch a rescue mission. I had to find a much older save of the game, and completely avoid doing that silly mission with lander. I was defeated. That was the only time in my KSP career that i had to find much older save of the game
  11. did my first gameplay video today Mission: Going to Mun, using rover, robotic parts, scanning arm, collecting surface features, using surface experiments visiting East Farside Crater biome and Canyon - for the first time in KSP Apollo 17 style. Almost
  12. Actually getting to orbit for the first time, and then first Mun landing were so exciting events, that its pretty hard to beat them with anything advanced in this game
  13. I expect that KSP2 will have many bugs and issues right after realease, and it might take a few months untill all patches and updates will be available. First few weeks of KSP2 release i think KSP1, with all mods, will still be slightly better developped game. First of all, i am not sure, if stock KSP2 will have better graphics, or generally said audio-visual impression, than KSP1 with all enhancing mods.
  14. I built a lander for Minmus which will be used mainly for searching the Surface features (BG expansion). This hovering lander will be much better than a wheel rover, which is not very efficient on Minmus (too slow and jumpy and they have to return looong way back to lander once they are finished..) Movement around Minmus will be done by RCS thrusters for comfortable maneuvering controll - Science arm needs to be landed precisely RCS thrusters placed at center of mass. Enough monopropellant in tanks to wander around Minmus foreva.. Actually i will collect all biomes on Minmus with this. Also perfect for data measurements in low altitude missions.
  15. Sandbox game was the fastest way how i could try it at work. Didnt know science doesnt work there, as i dont play sandbox usually. In Career mode it worked fine. 30 points of science, pretty good. Like mystery goo