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  1. papuchalk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    hey guys, after long time without KSP, i bought Expansion Making History last week, and downloaded some mod for historical missions, so i followed Luna 16 story today not that i am very precise in details but.. more pictures here
  2. papuchalk

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.7 (25.1.2019)

    hey guys, is there a pack of textures (someone calling extra) that i can download? i am looking for very shiny look of modules. Mostly stock modules but if also Making history expansion has been processed, better. i bet many people are looking for this appearance in game..
  3. hello i am new to career extension mods like this, and i am interested mostly in historical mission. Can somebody explain to me, if the game is able to offer these missions according to my technological progress ? For example i already did Fly by Mun, I accepted stock game missions to transfer data from Mun, and to Land on Mun. But there has not been any offer for Luna 2 missin, which should preceed i think.. OR should I completely turn off the stock game missions ??? How Does this mod synchronize with rest of game? and by the way there may be a bug in Tiros 1 mission the game evaluated my manned ship as valid for Tiros 1 accoplishment. but in objectives, the Tiros 1 should by automated without crew.
  4. i downloaded version 1.4.2 in which all mentioned mods are officialy included as CKAN compatible. i didnt like manually installing them while CKAN wasn to able to recognize them in 1.4.5. i feared some collisions in gameplay. now, i dont mind playing 1.4.2 , it runs well
  5. papuchalk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    i made the rover much more scientific with all the scanners i have but have you ever tried to add reaction wheel to a rover? see what happens on Kerbin, i cant wait to take it to Mun gravity :DDD more pics here
  6. papuchalk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    after long time without KSP, i realized i never landed a rover to Mun, design of Rover finished today more pics here
  7. papuchalk

    How to re-download 1.4.3

    hello how can i download KSP version 1.4.2 ? that is latest version which supported stock visual terrain, stock visual enhancement and scatterer. I have the game from STEAM, but i dont see any option there to download older versions. But i suppose i can have the game client from other source.
  8. Hello, i am back to KSP after long time, I updated game to version 1.4.5, downloaded latest CKAN and i am trying to find some essential visual enhancement mods, like Scatterer, Stock visual enhancement, stock visual terrain, BUT I CANNOT SEE THEM IN CKAN. How is that possible? are they not included in CKAN anymore? i need to install them manually ? EDIT: it looks like mods i am looking for are available only till version 1.4.2 ---- where i can get this version of game?? on STEAM it ssems i can get only latest version 1.4.5 thanks for help, if anyone knows
  9. papuchalk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I like to complete 2 missions with one simple rocket. Earning 1 million credits with that ship. Brings me money in my carrer mode for fun missions. 253000 for Surface data from Laythe, 623000 for satelline on Pol orbit plus other milestone achievements fulfilled during those two mission. 60000 for first Pol fly by, first enter to orbit of Pol, first fly by Laythe, orbit of Laythe... first landing on Laythe etc. 1000000+ credits with one ship. I wish making money could be so easy in real life
  10. papuchalk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    must be Constellation ??
  11. papuchalk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    ye i know what you mean. on start it was attached with decoupler. inside the lander. But on the way back, i couldnt attach the rover to ship. Docking port is too obstructive and couldnt be used on Rover. I just had to close the door and thats it
  12. papuchalk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    finished Duna Rover mission today. But it has kind of sad ending.. anyone knows whats the issue? Last photo in album... STORYBOARD HERE
  13. papuchalk

    Best place to put a space station?

    sorry its my mistake, i entered this discussion quite late, and didnt know exactly what you are talking about. wont do that again ofcourse you are right with 80km-->Mun is MORE dV than 150km-->Mun. I was just speaking about the fact, that with every rocket you have to start from Kerbin right? So actually travelling to different planets is more efficient from lower orbits. But with basic precondition, that you started from Kerbin. If you want to use station as refuelling, for example you are going from Jool back to Kerbin to refuel and carry on to Eve, it is not good to have station near to Kerbin that much, cause the breaking to low orbit will cost you enormous amount of delta v.
  14. papuchalk

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I agree with Daveroski. Going to Mun from 80 km of Kerbin is more economical than going to Mun from 150 km. If you dont believe, try it in game, or use delta V calculator here The fact is, on close orbit 80km you have very high speed, so you need just "small" burn to gain a little more speed. While on 150km orbit you have much lower speed. That means, you have to make longer burn to gain speed again. I think you are probably thinking it wrongly, because you dont consider 150 km to be a CIRCULAR orbit, but you are thinking about elliptical, with one side of orbit being still on 80 km , and the other side to be 150 km. That is different, because obviously you have that high speed when your ship is on 80km at Kerbin. However if you are speaking about really CIRCULAR orbit, you need extra delta v to get elliptical orbit 80/150 to be 150/150. And that is not eonomical at all.