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  1. Dear SpannerMonkey,

    I need your help with BD armory continued. I have successfully downloaded BD Armory Continued and everything is running good, except when I load onto the runway, it says  MODULE MANAGER MISSING. BDA WILL NOT RUN PROPERLY. What do I need to do to fix this, please let me know!!!! Thanks :)

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    2. SpannerMonkey(smce)


      You can find the KSP.Log in the main ksp folder.  It will tell me instantly what your issue is , although i suspect you have installed the mod incorrectly . When installed correctly the file path should be KSP/GameData/BDArmory.    If it's anything else the mod will only be partly functional , as almost everything is expecting the files to be at that location

      an image below of a typical weapon mod install GameData folder


    3. AustinLOLJK


      Is there a chance that you could help guide me in installing the mod myself because I just wanted to start fresh, and I deleted Ksp and am now redownloading it at the moment. Could you give me links for everything I need in order to redownload KSP properly? 

    4. SpannerMonkey(smce)


      Well the BDA you got from the right place . 

      and you'll also need

      which is needed for BDA,

      and module manager

      you can see all of those installed correctly in the image posted earlier .  Anything else you wish to install is your choice, i would suggest however before piling in more mods, that you try the game with just those above ,

      you will find BDA craft in the craft folder in the BDA mod, these are ready to use and are kept up to date with the mod these can be moved into your game save sph folder when the game is running,  so start the game create a save go to SPH.  minimise the game ,  get the craft from the bda mod folder and drop the craft files into your newly created  save file, then  switch back to the game and open the craft window in the sph and the BDA aircraft and test platforms will be there ready to use.



  2. I have tried so many times modding ksp in the past two years with BD armory, mech jeb, and other mods, but its never worked, no matter how many times I have watched videos, I have not a clue how to do it right. I do not know if there is any automatic installers, but I downloaded Ksp from the Ksp website. Can someone help me learn how to mod manualally?