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  1. Sorry, this project is dead. I have even lost the latest files because my hard disk failed. It still works, 100k/s if i put it in the freezer. I considered booting a live linux session to recover it, but it would be in vain, because i am NOT GOING TO CONTINUE IT. It was taking a lot of my free time, and my very crappy laptop can't handle it anymore (the real main problem) If someone has enough experience with the Cycles renderer, i will try to recover the file and i will give it to him. Sorry. I am really sorry.
  2. Plumes... Hope it's good enough.
  3. Sorry for not being active at all. Image is coming in 12mins. I hope I got the fonts and colours right! (ap. gap between Ultimate and Steve is fixed!) Titan will be visible in the shot. Looking forward into seeing you detect it Ahh... I have made a mistake... The Plasma SWR's beam is blocking most of Enceladus... To see it, you need some serious software to zoom, because there are only 2 pixels of Enceladus... BTW the biggest dot on the right is Tethys.
  4. Yes, of course ! We need one more person! OK new suggestions? For the flyby? Or something else?
  5. OK the beam looks like it is dimming as it spreads out.and then it changes albedo due to freezing.
  6. @Pascovian I need to reproduce that with particle fx This is hard, I need to make it look Good. And if I give you a link to a free - rotating camera of the probe model, could you help by finding a place for the plaque?
  7. Plumes are hard to reproduce, I will try at least and if it looks good we will keep it.
  8. Problem is the focal length and the focus / resolution!! how on earth should i capture the whole probe with some planetary body in the background and the plaque text readable? Extreme FOV would result in loos of focus! or better said how on Saturn
  9. This is a little bit better, but not quite what i am looking for. Any suggestions for the place? @The Minmus Derp Suggestions for the place?
  10. THIS IS NOT APPROPRIATE AT ALLLLLL!!! we can't see the probe !
  11. This is the new plaque. Now i have to find a place on Cassini to attach it.