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  1. I'm sorry for that. I am using a script that makes all my pages dark, and the text looks STUNNING! I fixed it for you. I recommend you use the addon Dark Reader. I just can't live without it.
  2. I heard somewhere on YouTube that there won't be online servers hosted by the company. So, dedicated servers make sense.
  3. We will always find a way Edit: well, i realize that the number of people working on it is far superior compared to KSP1. They might eliminate those glitches rather quickly. KSP 1 team also kind of let those bugs live, as they have become a part of the game (much rather like gravity drives another game).
  4. As multiplayer will be a thing, a large number of people will be setting up roleplay and PVP-enabled servers, so, that presents them with a very interesting set of challanges. The most important one is transportation. The best option i see is a mod that facilitates FTL travel, or some kind of kraken drive ( to reach ~C ). What do you think the community will prefer? As for weapons, the stock parts can provide good (but limited) weapon capabilities. Some that come to mind are : Mini-missiles Engine plume accelerators Reaction wheel cutters Deorbit claw Colony irradiator Kraken drive interstellar missile Weaponizable Kraken glitch creator Kessler syndrome generator, mass debris cloud deployment Concentrated directional debris cloud driven mission launch disruptor satellite station. For ground defense, i think most efficient approach would be a missile with a fairing containing thousands of small struts, or cubes, that would be deployed in a cloud to destroy any incoming object, kind of like the distuptor satellite, but with a much higher debris density(this could also be deployed by a ship to protect itself). This only works if the part-breaking system remains similar to KSP-1. Some cool mods that not only PVP, but all modded servers would benefit from: Energy shields (for ships and colonies) Missile Shields Detection satellites Just disabling the ability for people to break other people's ships or Safezones. So, what do you think combat will look like? Those weapon ideas are made on the spot. What can you come up with? What about defending against them? How will large interstellar Warships work? Physics exploits? Mods that add in FTL drives?
  5. Your response is the most neutral in terms of subjectivity. You are right. But, if i were him, i would have surely reached out to somebody to help me write it. But you cannot codemn him of not doing that. I am certain that 99.9% of all children, and, to some extent, adults, think that you point your 'spaceship' up,then fire exist whoosh trough the rear end and you get strapped to your chair, then boom! you are in space. Then you point at mars, go there and you turn your rocket around and land on the planet, etc. Heck, there are millions who think the earth is flat. The article did what it was supposed to do : deliver information to us, the fans. Those minor discrepancies did not really affect the delivery of information much. On the contrary, one might belive, one might hope, that it was not a typo. My approach would be procedural generation, when reaching beyond the default systems.
  6. Just as i suspected. One word to describe this topic : ignorance. It is surprising that someone could make the same mistake 3 times and create new context in the process. There's been a massive communication issue between the 2 parties.
  7. Pc gamer came out. Started reading, and saw that they mentioned intergalactic travel and i theorised: ' in that context, a spelling mistake is likely to occur. ' But then, near the end, i get very confused by the following statement: There are multiple solar systems, then, and tech and science advancements that continue well into the intergalactic phase of the game. I do not understand. Can someone clarify this for me?
  8. I was very worried that the game would be dumbed-down for a wider audience, microtransactions, AKA any alteration from Star Theory's vision. I won't be able to play the game anyway. I just enjoy watching others.
  9. Sorry, this project is dead. I have even lost the latest files because my hard disk failed. It still works, 100k/s if i put it in the freezer. I considered booting a live linux session to recover it, but it would be in vain, because i am NOT GOING TO CONTINUE IT. It was taking a lot of my free time, and my very crappy laptop can't handle it anymore (the real main problem) If someone has enough experience with the Cycles renderer, i will try to recover the file and i will give it to him. Sorry. I am really sorry.
  10. http://imgur.com/gallery/ATb9tnn Plumes... Hope it's good enough.
  11. Sorry for not being active at all. Image is coming in 12mins. I hope I got the fonts and colours right! (ap. gap between Ultimate and Steve is fixed!) Titan will be visible in the shot. Looking forward into seeing you detect it Ahh... I have made a mistake... The Plasma SWR's beam is blocking most of Enceladus... To see it, you need some serious software to zoom, because there are only 2 pixels of Enceladus... BTW the biggest dot on the right is Tethys.
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