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  1. @akron still not sure how to find the words but just wanted to say THANK YOU again for basically the best probe mod in the whole KSP community! Thanks a lot also for the SSL-1300 satellite bus, I've been hoping for more commercial satellite parts to be available in KSP mods and that just made my day, as simple as it sounds! Your mod + Nertea's Near future packs (esp. Solar, Electric and Exploration) complement each other very well and make for the best probes and satellites!
  2. Yes Principia is not the cause of solar panels getting blocked by Destiny, I believe that is still an issue with Kopernicus. On the bright side, Principia actually solves that problem because it removes the Barycenter. Still, the solar panels track Destiny and Fate is in front, you will have blockage, and same other way around, but so far I've noticed that it's a very low chance. On the other hand, if you have Principia with @MorePortal's stability patch, the solar panel output drops significantly. I've been told by the Principia devs that it might happen if the config patch messes eithe
  3. Thanks, I hadn't realized you were the original author of the Principia patch :-) I am assuming it was working fine when you originally posted the patch, so was wondering what may have changed? Principia version? I also noted that the issue affects both Destiny and Fate, and I had to apply the fix to both. However, it seems changing the lighting parameter blindly is a bit "crude". Would like to understand the root cause... I am a noob with Kopernicus, so I don't fully understand what the various parameters under the "Light" section do. If I got it correctly, "luminosity" is the main
  4. Thanks no problem. I believe you are right, I am too much of a noob with MM and Kopernicus, otherwise I'd try to fix it myself. For now looks like changing the luminosity in the cfg files works a as a temporary fix. I started a new career from scratch and it seems to work consistently. I have no idea why it works tho.
  5. Man this beyond amazing! I basically built a new PC just to play this pack properly Thanks for bringing us closer to KSP2-like experience One question, is it just me or the solar panel output is abysmal? I am using RemoteTech and Near Future Solar and the basic solar panels (inc. stock) you get at the beginning of career are hardly enough to keep a Communotron 16 going lol - EDIT: Basically with 1.0 sun exposure I am getting 0.033 energy flow from a panel that should output 1.2 EC/s... Looked at the Destiny config and seems the luminosity is very very low. Maybe too low, or
  6. So, there have been some updates. After numerous attempts at fixing the original design, I gave up and basically redesigned it from scratch, and just decided to go overboard with the TWR. I strapped 4x J-60D hybrid engines and I also had the linear aerospike because I really wanted to use it (I hadn't initially realized that the J-60s are actually dual mode, and they are also incredibly OP, but nevermind). Got to orbit pretty fast and thought everything was golden, center of lift always behind center of mass, etc. Except...when landing, I realized that it was basically a brick. It wa
  7. Thanks, I've tried that and looks the main body parts and the wings are those with by far the highest drag, with an ascent at around 10 degrees, they oscillate from 50 to 65 in terms of drag value. But they are also all lifting bodies... so, is this what's slowing me down? Also, maybe worth mentioning that the wings are tweakscaled, but I suppose that shouldn't change much? At ths point I'm clueless, other than just reducing the weight and thus increasing the TWR beyond 1.0...
  8. Got rid of pretty much all of the MK2 parts, apart from the engines, and replaced with Mk1. Still not enough, potentially even worse. I also removed a payload bay that I had carrying a satellite and replaced it with a fuel tank of equivalent mass. Still nothing. I was able to go past 400 m/s only when I tried completely removing the side engine pods and tanks, removed the LF+OX linear aerospike that I was planning to use as the liquid fuel stage and put the 4x turbo ramjets in place of that. But at that point my TWR at liftoff was above 1, so I was basically flying a rocket. Might it b
  9. I'm using 4x OPT-E High Altitude Turbo Ramjets (340 kN stationary thrust) and the craft's wet mass is about 188 tons
  10. Mmmmh, that's a good point, I will need to check because I have quite a few mods on this install. I don't know of any that I have at the moment that would rebind those keys, though.
  11. Hi All! I've been trying a little more with SSTO spaceplanes recently. I've done some in the past, mostly small ones with stock parts, but in this heavily modded career game I wanted to try big, so I built this one using moslty OPT parts, which I wanted to use for a space camp mission (bring 15 tourists to orbit). It actually has a pretty decent TWR, not a lot of DeltaV probably, but I haven't tuned it yet...mostly because I can't get it past 370 m/s or so. In the picture attached you can even see that I'm pitching down, but even pitching down, my speed was DECREASING... So. I'm
  12. Is it just me or L-Alt + 3 combination doesn't do anything? I've installed @clusta 's latest version from GitHub, and seems to work, but the in-game settings UI doesn't come up. Maybe I'm missing something?
  13. Yeah sure, and it's not a big deal, managed to get around it by just using non-stock fairings :-). Thanks for the amazing work in maintaining this and many other mods!!
  14. I have this problem on 1.2.2, if I have kerbals on external seats inside a fairing, as soon as the vessel spawns, they will spaghetify and eventually explode :-(. If there's no way to fix it I guess I'll have to give up the idea of sending tourists into orbit in an X-37B...
  15. Great work! I am currently using your Principia patches for OPM, I'm still early in the career in this game, so not much going on, but so far it works. Assuming this mod is still alive (which I hope), I have two questions: 1) How long in time did you run the simulations to check whether the modified systems were stable? 2) Since you mentioned you are you working on star systems, are you planning to do/working on KSP Interstellar Adventure? Cheers!
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