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    Thanks for your answers. Of course, the small one should produce less fuel per a unit of time, than the big one. No questions. But overheating and wasting ore (despite limitless resources on planets)? I assert that they take place. Guys, KSP is a simulation game. It's a question of being authentic. I just want to know WHY Convert 125's made in the way we see it now. Cpt Kerbalkrunch, sorry, what do you mean by "post directly"?
  2. Mining

    Hi everyone! Convert-O-Tron 125 is totally out of a game. First, I noticed a cooling issue (2 screen shots below; just 1 mode's on: Convert 250 - 1 medium TCS is enough, Covert 125 - 3 TCSs aren't enough because of its max cooling = 50kW), then I checked a forum out and saw players discussing other Convert-O-Tron 125's problems (it wastes ore, for ex.). Could developers explain what's the matter? I didn't cope realizing why is it designed in that way.