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  1. What is the funniest Kerbal name you have ever seen? Mine was Fanin Kerman.
  2. Okay I’ll try this. Thank you! also expect my return when I can’t figure out how to run After Kerbin too.
  3. I think it might be both, but I’m not so sure on the ram issue because I have 16 gigs of ram on my computer. But when I launch KSP it doesn’t have an option for 64 bit only 32... and usually it shows 64 bit first unless I did something wrong. If there isn’t a fix for this that’s completely fine, as long as it could potentially help with future issues.
  4. A very beautiful KSP short by Nassault called "Jool" A story where Kerbol has gone to its next stage as a white dwarf due to its low mass, while kerbalkind struggles to survive. All credit goes to Nassault I have NOTHING to due with this work of art.
  5. I know for sure I don't have the skill to do to this mission but I do know that many people in the KSP community can, the mission is: Assemble a base INSIDE the mohole with a mother ship orbiting Moho, create an emergency escape system, and finally a rover that can climb out of the mohole and go back in the mohole. I don't even know if assembling a base IN the mohole is possible but as long as a base is in the mohole and has a EES, and a exploration rover.f GOOD LUCK! Motivational music!
  6. Here it is, please notify me if you have found a fix or if you need anything else. KSP.log
  7. If you have any ideas for future DLCs or even updates then you can post them here! Personally I think squad should add many more levels to the Kerbal Space Center, so not only do the building get bigger or more advanced so do the parts, and maybe the kerbals suits. Like maybe they could use suit designs such as Cetera's suits. I don't know thought it would be a rather interesting idea. But don't forget to share your ideas for KSP. Cetera's Suits (1.3.1)
  8. Hi, I wanted to know if Kerbal Space Program could've had a lore, or some kind or story that players had to piece together as the explore the kerbol system. I know that there are many easter eggs hinting to the possibility of a story but I just wanted to know if squad wanted to make a story out of KSP. Feel free to share your thoughts on this subject.
  9. I usually use things like Kopernicus, SVE, SVT, EVE, scatter, and Texture Replacer.
  10. Okay I have the link of the log. Should I just send it to you through email or?...
  11. When I tried to load KSP it would load fine but none of the planets changed. I tried to see if I can get an answer from youtube but then the author told me to go to the forum and to post my KSP.log but when I tried to load it again it wouldn't show the log, but I remember it saying that kopernicus couldn't load the planets. I don't know what to do and I am a bit stuck.
  12. Hi, I was wondering will you eventually make a version for 1.3.1 or is in the progress of being made? Because I was trying to run on 1.3.1 I replaced the scatter and eve in the file with the newest versions. The game launched well but I could launch any ships. Is there a possible fix for this?