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  1. Kronus_Aerospace

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I decided to finally try out the Camera Tools mod, It was pretty neat. This Duna spacecraft had just arrived in my main career save, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to test the waters in KSP video-making. I'm definitely gonna have to buy Bandicam at this point, I'm getting tired of that watermark.
  2. Kronus_Aerospace

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Progress is coming along alright on my Su-57-ish large scale fighter (come to think of it Su-57 probably doesn't count as a fighter, but it's a convenient euphemism so I don't really care). I'm not completely sold on the nose section, but I'm not sure what else to do there so far now I'm just leaving it. Overall the main problem I'm experiencing is the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing, as this type of design is honestly pretty foreign to me. Each individual section takes a lot of trial and error to get looking right, and occasionally I have to rip everything out and start from scratch, massively slowing down progress. The craft is already coming on 300 parts, which is a somewhat concerning considering that the particularly part-heavy components have yet to be added.
  3. Kronus_Aerospace

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Currently 2200, which is less than the Pelican even though this thing is nearly twice the Pelican's size. Final part count will almost certainly be over 3000 though. I'm honestly not concerned with the VTOL aspect, the Pelican's engines set to maximum stationary thrust would actually have given it over 1 TWR, granted this thing is over twice the mass, but this time I'll be using jet's instead of Turboprops, so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge.
  4. Kronus_Aerospace

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Haha, well considering the concept OF COURSE I had to make it look like a scif-fi space ship.
  5. Kronus_Aerospace

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    WOO BOI, do I have something to report on today, for the past month or so I have been working on my first non-replica large scale project in the past year. This magnificent monstrosity is a full stock flying VTOL Aircraft Carrier! The craft is much less complete than it might seem, as the entire ventral section is unfinished. For scale , the two fairings underneath of the carrier are max-sized (12 meter) 3.75 meter fairings This craft sets many personal and all-time records. Once complete it will be the largest craft I have ever built, likely the highest part count, the largest stock VTOL craft, and the Largest stock carrier (that I know of) The craft measures 185 meters in length, 35 meters high, 52 meters wide, and coming in at more than 4300 tonnes, absolutely dwarfing my Boeing Pelican replica. The craft currently includes 2 runways, a hanger bay, a helipad, and forward engines. The features yet to be added are finished cargo bay fairings + mechanisms, an elevated cockpit, a ventral micro-fighter bay, VTOL engines and sub-sequentially the Mother Of All Bearings (MOAB). Despite the presence of the forward engines I intend for the craft to have rotating VTOL engines to give it additional speed. All of the jets that this carrier will utilize have already been built (most of which not by me) with the exception of a VTOL craft (hence the Helipad). As a final note the craft (somehow) only contains about 2200 parts currently, which means I'll definitely be able to keep the final part count under 4000, which I realize sounds absurd. On less serious matters I have been working on my latest attempt at a large scale fighter, this time going for a more Su-57 vibe, as despite my love for Sukhois I'm still not very good at them. While certainly smaller than my other project, it's still quite a beast at 43 meters in length and already 200 parts. Despite being a side project this thing is turning out to be very difficult to build, as the geometry involved is a nightmare to resolve with the limitations of stock parts. It's definitely worth it though, as what IS currently complete looks pretty dang sexy!
  6. Kronus_Aerospace

    Stock Boeing Pelican, *HUGE AIRCRAFT*

    Haha, at the rate I'm going I wouldn't discount that possibility!
  7. Kronus_Aerospace

    Stock Boeing Pelican, *HUGE AIRCRAFT*

    Just to be clear, I really don't mind people being skeptical about my craft actually being stock. If anything, I see it as a compliment. Healthy skepticism is to be expected in a community that values merit as highly as the KSP community does. Ain't nothing wrong with that!
  8. Kronus_Aerospace

    Stock Boeing Pelican, *HUGE AIRCRAFT*

    Ok. This craft was made with no mods, no add-ons, no nothing. All the parts are stock, built by stock means, with no part file editing or rescaling, none of that. this craft is pure 100% stock, download it and you'll see. Though I will note that it only functions with the unbreakable joints and infinite fuel cheats on.
  9. Kronus_Aerospace

    Stock Boeing Pelican, *HUGE AIRCRAFT* Stock turboprops my friend! They were the hardest part of this craft by far, as even the most powerful pre-existing stock props made by the likes of Azimech were horribly insufficient to power this beast. The Turboprops alone took 2 months to develop. The prop blades were simply attached to the drive shaft and offset into place. Actually these simply use Stayputnik bearings, I've never had much luck with landing gear bearings. Compared to other bearing types they don't seem to be very strong.
  10. Kronus_Aerospace

    F-22 F-15 Hybrid Fighter Craft

    Hahaha, it's true though! Thanks dude! I've been struggling to think of a response to this that isn't a blubbering mess of thanks. The design elements you mentioned are all things I just took from awesome craft made by other people, including you. I know it's kind of stupid to say but, it makes it feel like I can't really take credit for them, since very few are even my ideas. The fact that they were executed well on this craft just feels like a fluke to me.
  11. Kronus_Aerospace

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Welp, I've found my next project...
  12. Kronus_Aerospace

    F-22 F-15 Hybrid Fighter Craft

    This craft goes out to @Servo. Through your incredible craft you have helped to show me what is possible in this game. Every time you posted a craft that absolutely floored me (which was often) it motivated me to experiment and try new things, with the goal of one day becoming your equal. Keep doing what you do man! Craft Description: I set out to build this craft with one simple goal in mind, to make it as functional, and good looking as possible with a maximum limit of 300 parts. I found this to be a necessary exercise as I am rather infamous for throwing all sense to the wind and blowing up a few computers. The result also turned out to be much better than I was expecting! The careful measures taken to ensure part efficiency allowed for a highly detailed design. On top of all that the craft is also decently aerodynamic, able to reach mach 1 at sea level and mach 2.5 at its cruising altitude. Speaking more specifically about the design itself, It ended up being a kind of F-22 F-15 hybrid, which I think worked out rather well! For that I have to give a big thanks to @Xen0m3, whom suggested that I incorporate some F-15 elements into the craft, which at that point was turning out to be way more F-22-ish than I had hoped. The craft is (obviously) highly maneuverable, and is notable for having a practically instantaneous takeoff. If it weren’t for the craft’s relatively large size I’d say that it’d be perfect for use on an aircraft carrier. Download: Part Count: 299 Mass: 36.03 tonnes Craft Stats: Top Speed Wet SL: 364.4 m/s Top Speed Wet CRZ ALT: 859.0 m/s Top Speed Dry SL: 294.4 m/s Top Speed Dry CRZ ALT: 262.0 m/s Rotation Speed: 30 m/s Stall Speed: 20 m/s Cruising Altitude: 7500 m Service Ceiling: 19000 m
  13. Kronus_Aerospace

    Threads of the Month - October

    Its an honor to have made it on here! I'm guessing that I have @Servo to thank for that. Congrats to @Triop for your incredible patience. And good luck to @zyco187, hope you have fun embarking on your KSP career! You'll be doing Jool 5s in no time!
  14. Kronus_Aerospace

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @HansonKerman @Geonovast Ah! The symmetry glitch. It would take too long to explain so I'll just say that it is a glitch that allows you to effectively multiply symmetry numbers, I've intentionally used it MANY times.
  15. Kronus_Aerospace

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I decided to make a stock gyroscope! I was hoping to make it more complex. but it turns out that the internal diameter of decoupler hit-boxes is freaking huge, so I could only fit 1 additional decoupler inside of the 3.75 meter decoupler.