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  1. Thank you! And yes indeed that is the general trend, I think it's due to a mixture of the playerbase's skill building over time, and optimizations continuously being made to the game to allow for larger and larger craft. A year ago when I built my Spruce Goose replica (which in total has less parts then this one does currently in it's WIP state) it was nearly unbearable as the game would freeze for literal minutes at a time constantly. Yet, working on this 747sp replica I only notice the slightest stuttering. BTW that cargo plane? Fantastic!
  2. Sometimes you get an idea of something that would be really cool, it would be part intensive, it would be difficult, but cool. The logical voice in your head tells you it's a bad idea, and you move on with a more reasonable solution. I didn't do that... I thought to myself, what if I made a custom window for my 747sp that's the actual size and shape of the real windows? That'd be neat, but even after some optimization it was 8 parts total. With how many windows there are that'd be absurd... said the logical voice in my head. Yeah screw that 1120 parts... worth it
  3. For windows I used the round Illuminators, Real airliners typically have more slot shaped windows, but these work well as they are almost perfectly sized and are just a single part. For the cockpit I used Fuel cells. Solar panels also work and are generally better part count wise, but Fuel cells offer much more flexibility as you can use the thin sides, not just the faces, to resolve the shape of the cockpit windows. A specific technique that really helps when it comes to cockpits is to mark out the outline of all the windows with structural panels, and then just filling that space in with Th
  4. Well said. One thing that I feel is very important to stress with bendy tech is it's reliability and ease of use in flight. Bendy tech mechanisms require no decoupling, don't need a large internal space to occupy, and one more massive advantage. You see, when you time warp, the craft effectively reverts to whatever its original appearance was, as any flex is removed from the joints. Since Bendy tech mechanisms keep the craft as a single craft, even if they "break" you can simply time warp to fix them. This makes using them practically and bug fixing significantly easier for obvious reason
  5. A major development has occurred for my 747sp build. With the help of @HB Stratos and @Servo, we've been developing a new type of stock tech that allows for large, strong, and reliable stock mechanisms, all without requiring the DLC as well as keeping the entire vessel a single craft. We call it "Bendy Tech". Servo made detailed forum post on the matter, so give it a look to learn more! Importantly for my 747sp project, I will be using this new tech to rebuild all of the preexisting stock mechanisms on the craft, as well as add new ones. Bendy Tech allows for much more compact designs,
  6. Good news All Progress is restarting on my 747sp. As is often the case with me I burned myself out quite soundly. After a (checks clock) 2 month break I have the energy to start working again. I won't be devoting nearly as much time to KSP as I have been in the past, so don't expect posts to be too frequent. All this time away allowed me to have a brain wave and figure out a practical solution to the problem of the second zap flap. This means that all of the wing mechanisms are completely finished. I've also went back and reworked the JT9D, It's now much more accurate, has 40 less pa
  7. No Problem man, I don't check it often either I really am not sure what I do for the KSP community, but I've been trying to curb my tendency to reject compliments so I'll just say thank you. I'm super happy that you're my friend as well my dude. (థ ェ థ) Thank you I was not expecting so many positive comments when I logged in today, y'all are awesome.
  8. Currently working on a XB-68 replica, a defunct mach 2 capable supersonic bomber that was superseded by the B-58. The wings and engines+intakes are complete with the fuselage being half finished. The craft is currently sitting at 414 parts and a hefty 38 tonnes. Edit: Also Built the cockpit, regular mark1 cockpit for scale.
  9. Thanks man! Though I wonder why this post is suddenly getting attention considering it's a year old.
  10. Thank you so much for having my topic on here. And congrats to everyone who got a spot!
  11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It was far from my longest project, taking around 2 months of continuous work to complete, most of it was quite tedious as the design of the Stratolaunch necessitated really part intensive solutions to replicate simple details. My MD-11 required around 3 months of work by comparison and was far more difficult overall despite having half the part count.
  12. Thanks! I honestly didn't even think about it, I just wanted it up. This craft was started 7 months ago, so you can understand why I was eager to just post it as quickly as possible.
  13. The Stratolaunch lives! See the dedicated topic for details.
  14. Description This is a full stock 1:1 replica of the Scaled Composites Stratolaunch. Possessing the largest wingspan of any aircraft every flown, and having been designed as an air-launch platform for rockets, this beastly aircraft requires no other introduction. This build has the highest part count of any of my replicas to date, due largely to the *unique* shape of the fuselage. This craft was completed long before the MD-11, but seemingly inescapable technical difficulties plagued the craft from then on. It was only until many months later that I was able to finally diagnose the source
  15. For the time being the 747sp is shelved, despite all appearances the plane is easily a month away from completion. And after having done redone so many parts of the craft so many times I am completely and utterly burned out. I regret to say it, but I don't know when or if I'd continue it. For now I'm taking a break. I'm sorry for the dissapointment.
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