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  1. The parts restock-decoupler-1875-1.cfg and restock-separator-1875-1.cfg are not showing up in my game (Main Install\GameData\ReStockPlus\Parts\Coupling\1875). EDIT: I think I found the cause, the "TechRequired = advancedConstruction" should be changed to "TechRequired = advConstruction"
  2. I also think this is a great ideia. The current version of SVT should work with KSP 1.8.1 when Kopernicus gets updated?
  3. @Nils277 have you ever considered making half tanks (in height) and some parts for unmanned rovers?
  4. Great, checking the parts now! But I actually like the tanks, I think I'll keep them active in my own install Edit: a small suggestion. The first bottom node in the LV-95-6 is impossible to use. Making the two nodes size "1" solves the problem.
  5. Small bug report: opening and closing the bay doors on the Mk2 Lander Can causes the game to shutter a lot (with ReStock is even worse, maybe beause it uses higher textures). I did a clean 1.6.1 install with only to Scatterer to test, should be easy to reproduce.
  6. @Nertea Thank God the Version 0.1.3 with the final small fixes came out before 1.7.0 Do you have any more info on that 0.625m Drone Core listed in GitHub for ReStock+? That part interests me a lot. Edit: and another question, the Oscar-A was not included on the release on purpose? Thanks!
  7. I thought they were the same Anyway, the patches that do that are located in GameData\StationPartsExpansionRedux\Patches\SSPXr-StockPartReplacements.cfg You can delete the whole file, or the lines related to the parts that you don't want changed. Instead of deleting you can also change the .cfg extention to something that the game doesn't read, like .txt or .cfg.prune. Or put a // in front of the lines that you want to be ignored. This way is easier to revert changes in the future.
  8. @_ZeeCould you give a more detailed explanation on how to fix that? Thanks!
  9. It's possible to fully disable the parachutes? I've tried putting level 6, but then they always have the parachutes.
  10. I was having the exact same problem, with the same " Input is null for field 'name' in config node 'SCENARIO' " in the logs. How did you suspected of this mod? I struggled with it for a long time, tested a lot of mods, without any luck. I would never suspect of this one! Curiously, it did not occurred with only one save, which I think I created using the "CommNet Constellation", that I uninstalled afterwards. I think this mod is derived of that one, or something like that. I did a decent amount of testing, and as soon I removed this mod the problem disappeared! Will need to play some more time to be 100% sure, but, so far, so good. Thank you!! @DeltaDizzy
  11. @Tonka Crash No, and I'll not. I'm talking to developer of this mod, and making a kind suggestion.
  12. @IgorZ I really liked the feature that changes the color of the lens. Compatibility with Restock would be very appreciated! I tested and the lights don't turn on at all. Thanks.
  13. This is what I would call "Making History". This will be remembered by the whole community for years and years to come. You and the whole team have changed KSP forever. Thanks!
  14. @Nertea It's easier when we don't want all the parts in a revamp, you could easily chose each ones to keep or not using Janitor's Closet, everything in-game, and with the possibility to see both parts side by side. If you don't want the stock one, you prune it and keep the other. Of course, you lose the possibility to share that craft file like it was stock - not a problem for me. Some parts also have config names totally different from the in-game part name, like the Rhino Engine, it's called Size3AdvancedEngine. Can take some time to find a lot of parts this way. Ven's can be even worse, I remember it using other name for the same part after it was replaced (For example: VenStockRevamp/Squad/Parts/Propulsion/KR-2L for the Rhino) I can say I really liked everything you did so far, I highly doubt I will don't want all the parts. But there's people out there with different (and questionable) tastes, like the ones that like the poo brown heat shields. Since having two distributions is out of question (and since you are keeping in mind to make something clean I don't even see the need for it anymore), here's my humble suggestion: If it don't impact performance, make one .cfg file for each part, with names that are easily recognizable knowing the name the part have in-game, inside folders with the category names If, for any reason, multiple parts will need to share the same .cfg, put something with the in-game part name, with "//". @JadeOfMaar I think ReStock and NF-P will merge very nicely, complementing each other. I find NF-P very balanced against the stock game. None of the engines or tanks are inherently better than stock, each one have specific niches where they excel, making the experience very fun and a good brain exercise, and greatly reducing part count in some cases. But I agree, don't make any sense to duplicate the parts and include them in NF-P.
  15. What would be the best version to use in a 1.4.5 install, since the recompile for this one was missed? Many thanks.
  16. Was more lack of attention than lack of knowledge, I didn't looked at the install files with attention. I downloaded the source code, and was finding strange to not see the files there. If I had looked at install files, I would see that my question didn't even made sense Kopernicus is updated, but I have no ideia what should be changed in SVT to solve some problems that are being related. Thanks
  17. You are totally right, SVT is only textures and configs, sorry for the really dumb question.
  18. @4x4cheesecake (cool name btw), I saved your post and now I may need it. How about recompiling SVT for 1.5.1 with this method?
  19. Anyway to evaluate my progress without doing full reloads every time I change the values?
  20. @Nertea thanks for the reply! When I said it's easier, is from a player point of view (of course not the modder's one), but using Ven's Revamp as reference. Glad you agree that it's confusing, and is keeping in mind to make something clean. This way it should make no difference for us 70 parts? I guess it's time for the legendary Hype Train!
  21. But you can do that asymmetrically when enabling the control surfaces in them, opening the brakes more in one side than the other, providing great pitch and yaw control, while you slow down and increase the surface area. Spending fuel = when you don't want something slowing you down.
  22. Just curious A standalone option to install would be nice, like in Porkjet's Legacy. It bring some advantages, like a lighter install with less MM patches, and usually is way easier to manage. As awesome Ven's Revamp is, sometimes is a pain to deal with all those patches
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