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  1. By the way, Telemachus code base wasn't written by me. But I'm definitely looking forward to make a completely new telemetry mod from scratch, with OpenMCT's WebUI. But I'll do that, if I have enough time, which is currently, sadly, not the case.
  2. Contacted @Albert VDS to give him rights for the Telemachus repository. P.S. Haven't checked forum for a while, huh.
  3. And talking about Mods?.. Should I install any Informartional mods?
  4. I have promised my teacher to show KSP at the lesson. What should I show? We've passed Newton's laws, circular motion & escape velocities. P.S: By the way, it's Russian school)
  5. Probably, if I'll just make a killswitch on the Backend-side, there will be some problems at frontend. But it's worth trying though. P.S: I am NOT an experienced C# programmer nor a unity developer. I am experienced in Python, but not C#. I am trying to continue this mod without enough knowledge about C#, so... I think, it would be easy to make a killswitch for map-related things in API, but I can't guarantee I'd make it. P.P.S: I do not have enough time for gaming, so hour in KSP per week is the best... So P.P.P.S: Actually, the most Major thing I did for Telemachus is a building Pipeline. If someone commits to Houston repository, it getting bundled automatically, and then if SB commited to main repo, Telemachus automatically grabs Houston and builds it into one ZIP-file, which is fully ready to installation.
  6. Telemachus has fixed URL. You can just add it in your browser's bookmarks.
  7. It actually was since first posts in this thread) so we've achieved it a long time ago)
  8. Yeah, I will fix it to the end of year. Together with performance at all. But if KSP2 comes out... I think, that the mod will require full rewrite...
  9. Telemachus is actually very laggy, when using it with KerbalVR, but I don't have enough time to rewrite Telemachus entirely... And this version is old and fully abandoned... So you should use this one instead.
  10. Hey, this is pretty cool, but can you add CKAN-repo integration? For example to write smth like this: lwmi install ckan/telemachus-reborn -y where lwmi is your installer, install is operation, ckan/telemachus-reborn is id & -y is silent install flag.
  11. Hello, Thx, but what have changed? I am actually using old-KSP.Leaflet with changed map urls. So what have you added to API? Or is there something also I need to know about changes?
  12. Will try to fix map on Monday, thx for report. Mb there is a problem with paths.
  13. It is not finished yet... So, yes, it's a bug. Currently, I do not have much time to change something more than compiling Telemachus for new versions of KSP and curating a community of Telemachus.
  14. A new update is ready! Telemachus Gyrfalcon (v1.7) Appears! Download links: Spacedock GitHub Releases Changelog: Fixed: * Antennas * ZIP-File * Telemachus-Dev Native UI Problems Added: * New homepage Built: * For KSPv.1.7
  15. What do you mean by that? Sry, can't understand. Which tablet?
  16. You can replace leaflet.js with your map. All orbit information will be shown, but planet info won't. No, that wasn't known, but if you are using kerbalism, you are going hardcore by yourself .
  17. Thank you! Can you tell me your GitHub Username, pls?
  18. @MOARdV , can you explain, how to work with cameras API. I have a mod, Telemachus, and want to move cameras related features from RPM to MAS. Is there any documentation about interacting with cameras? Is it different from RPM? Thx a lot.
  19. @sollarflare, can you send me some screenshots, pls? With antennas and your interaction description? Thx a lot. Also, which antenna are you using? What do you mean by " could manage the controls permitted whilst the first has a separate set of controls to manage"? Permission management?
  20. Yes. Actually, API is already made. I haven't made proper web interface yet. P.S: To use API and, in future, WebUI you should install RasterPropMonitor and camera from it on your ship.
  21. First thing, that I'll need to do: automate this process. Maybe you've seen that I've configured AppVeyor for Telemachus. So, first step for making backports is making them automatically. I think, that by the end of January/beginning of February I'll configure it. P.S: I am open to any ideas related to WebUI, Telemetry, UI Improvements, Telemachus at all/
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