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  1. Peter Hamilton was so close yet so far. He mentions delta v a few times regarding various spaceships in his book The Reality Dysfunction, but he describes it in terms of time. As in a spaceship has so many minutes worth of delta v. Granted, that makes sense if you're talking about how long it would take to use up all your delta v, but then that's technically not delta v. Ok, you could also argue he's talking in terms of specific impulse, but that would still be wrong: it would be delta impluse then. I mean, on one hand, it's clear he is aware it's somewhat like fuel (but also not). But, on the other, it's a bit like he's using it to sound more scientific when he doesn't have a full understanding of it. Don't get me wrong, he's a great writer. But this really irked me when I read his book a few months ago.
  2. @Paul Kingtiger This looks like a really cool mod, but I am unfortunately unable to download it as SpaceDock doesn't seem to working right now. Is the OneDrive download up to date? Edit: nvm, got it working
  3. They're an official and rather old astronomical society in the UK. They're actually rather big as well