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  1. TeslaPenguin1

    Derail this Thread

    Dudes!!!!!! Check out my cool new penguin-shaped eraser!!!
  2. TeslaPenguin1

    Ridiculous Building II

    That has a portal on the inside that teleports to the KSC vab. The building is a museum...
  3. TeslaPenguin1

    Derail this Thread

    CHAPTER 1: Coincidences As the rocket lifted off, Tesla watched out the window, as the KSC got smaller and smaller. Coincidentally, a similar launch was happening halfway across the planet, at Baikenbanur... On Duna Station, Catmund Kerman unloaded the newest snack shipment. Coincidentally, Raven Kerman was doing the same thing back at Fuffle Station, orbiting Kerbin. All the way out on Eeloo, a probe touched down to sample the surface. Coincidentally, the same thing was happening on Moho... The story of Catmund and Tesla is far from over. Why not read the rest? Return to Index
  4. TeslaPenguin1

    Martian Packing List

    53: a stuffed penguin so you aren't alone.
  5. I have decided to start a "Quote of the day".


    Because so many other people do similar things. Also, I like sharing quotes.

    Here goes nothing...


    "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet."

    -Stephen Hawking


    EDIT: Changed to "Quote of the day" because I have too many good quotes.

    1. HansonKerman


      I do a Thread of the Day!

    2. TeslaPenguin1


      I know, and that was why I decided to do this quote of the day thing. I just never use the status updates, so I decided that I wanted to do a _____ of the day thing. I like quotes so I made it quote of the day. Bam. Done.

    3. HansonKerman


      I use status updates.

      But no-one ever uses them so I made my {TotD}.

  6. TeslaPenguin1

    King of the Hill

    I help defend our hill by building an indestructible dome around our hill.
  7. TeslaPenguin1

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nope. @HansonKerman
  8. TeslaPenguin1

    Ridiculous Building II

    ...that uses cake frosting instead of normal water. The building is a garage...
  9. Ten thousand angry penguins. My penguins fight @linuxgurugamer's. His penguin army wins because my penguins don't have spaceplanes.
  10. "Alright, Gene, I have a few serious questions for you. Who changed my ship, when did they change it, and why would anyone even think of doing such a thing?" After thinking for a moment, Gene said, "You'll find out."
  11. TeslaPenguin1

    Who is the most significant person on the forum to you?

    Dang, if only @Just Jim hadn't just been hired by @SQUAD, then I would be able to say how significant he is... Especially because of Emiko Station. Probably @HansonKerman, because I think he's a nice and cool guy who shares a lot of my interests.
  12. TeslaPenguin1

    A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    I get that a lot with my characters... (No, I don't have a KSP fanfic, even though I have many, many, MANY ideas, but I do write sci-fi stories about penguins every november for NaNoWriMo)