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  1. TeslaPenguin1

    Voyage - The Final Warning (Chapter Eighteen - No Right Answer)

    When can we expect the next chapter?
  2. TeslaPenguin1

    How famous are you?

    1/10 somewhere...
  3. TeslaPenguin1


    2531 I can't think of a pic I want to put
  4. TeslaPenguin1

    Rate the location....

    5/10 sad but also pretty long
  5. TeslaPenguin1

    King of the Hill

    I return to the hill after a long vacation and find this. I slowly back away and build a new hill right next to my No Man's Sky base.
  6. TeslaPenguin1

    Confuse the Next Poster!

    2/10 your description is way too long
  7. "VVVVVV fanart" VVVVVV is a game I like about these creatures that can flip gravity instead of jumping. Now I have some crudely drawn versions of them, so... at least I'll die in good hands.
  8. TeslaPenguin1

    How famous are you?

    7/10 wow now I’m really seeing you everywhere
  9. TeslaPenguin1

    How famous are you?

    1/10 I think I’ve seen you before
  10. TeslaPenguin1

    Lo var's KSP artwork [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    This may not be the best time to put more work on you, but I have some new screenshots that I would like to request. Same as the first one filter-wise.