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  1. I make a new hill in a cave under the irradiated crater. Over thousands of years, rock is gradually added, and it bursts through the top. My hill poking out through the top of an irradiated crater
  2. Yet another cliffhanger... You've got to stop! Just kidding... I love this story! ___________________________________ / / / / | | | | ______________________________________________
  3. Are there any good tutorials for making planets with SpaceEngine? I found one but it's outdated...
  4. I love this! Just a one request: Can you please make multi-way adapters for 3.75m? It's really annoying (and removes structural integrity) when I have to use adapters and the 2.5m modules.
  5. Hello everyone. I haven't been on these forums in a while because my school blocked the website under the category of "gaming", and I don't usually check them at home. They unblocked the forums, but I forgot to add the tabs back. Also, I was in Ecuador for the past week on a school trip. But I'm back now!

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