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  1. 1 hour ago, Tsar_bomba said:


    ;) Well ... ;)

    Ok , so , i suggest you some points , up to you to use it !

    - Before building a Fighter aircraft , build a Flyable aircraft first . ( doesn't need to be complex but a good frame is recommended )

    - Place Weaponary safe inside fuselage and/or tank . ( one sidewinder destroy most of your 2 HP ammo box )

    - Use RCS in BDAc dogfight ... MMmmm .... no sir !

    - Protect your main wings with flat surface or bigger wing strafe .

    - Forget Browning .50 Cal . good for WWII only . ( BTW there are pretty fun )

    - Try fine tuning on AI Pilot module , it's really important task !

    - Radôme is useful coupled with AIM-120 , Most missile have they own tracking system , ( except A2G Missile and Sub-Marine Torpedo )

    - Hydra 7 are ignored by BDAc Weapon Manager ( Manual use only )

    - Probably other points but it's good for today .

    Well , i not try to "blame" you i try to help you to build better aircraft .

    ASFC is not "Just put a weapon on a flying thing"

    In a haste to see your next aircraft .

    Yopyop ;)

  2. 24 minutes ago, Tsar_bomba said:

    I have a suggestion. you should build a multi-directional jet

    For now , we limited by how BDAc AI allow us to build something & it not allowed us to group engines for multi flight purpose , ( VTol to Horizontal or other flight mode )

    But if you find a tricky build or tune , then ;)

    EDIT : absolutly , there's a way to toggle engines and bind them to function key , ( brakes , gear , ... ) but it's pretty hazardous method !

  3. 5 hours ago, Box of Stardust said:

    We now return to our regularly scheduled programming of S I D E W I N D E R S P A M

    Haha ! Back in 2K17 ;)

    12 hours ago, Box of Stardust said:

    That's more like what I expected from you

    I know , but i really really want to build a super lightweight drone , but most of them was a fail . Tee-Phoon is maybe the better i've build but it's outperform in actual meta .

    11 hours ago, sturmhauke said:

    What's with the rear-facing intakes?

    Yep both styling &/ armouring . By fine offset you can gain on your radar cross section , especially on his face view . minor on the side & close to nothing on the Top view .

    ... i just hate the sound of the Saturn engine XD . this is the regular Panther !! Haha !!

    but yep , half the mass , more thrust , less fuel flow & less heat generation  ( about 35% ) But it's sound , AggGGrRR ! no i cannot !

  4. Today ! Dear Pilots , We have to train against a new jet fighter . The T-60 .

    Light Jet Fighter with a low fire power , but beware ! It's tiny size make it a good manœuvrer aircraft & excel in close dogfight combat !


    Brave pilots ! It's time to take off .

    - Yes Sir !

  5. The original Project !



    I don't have B9 mod so i can't test your craft , but it look far more powerful than mine ;)

    This is a Snap of the initial project but it not fit your rules so i replace propeller with 2 tiger & more fuel . 6 Tons is too heavy for propeller . 

    BTW it help me to re-learn how FAR work . Pretty much easier with a slow plane ^^

    I going to build something more powerful !

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