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  1. Excellent I wonder if you find the secret juno inside ! Haha ! Save the pilot is more important than save the craft ! I have to read the story from the start now ^^ ( Holy mother of lag ) Haha !
  2. Yop ! Ok , i rebuild it For KSP 1.3.1 with BDAc1.1 . I improve it a bit , change some things . 97 parts now . Hope it make the job
  3. Hello If you are interested by this one , i can share it to you . But it was build with BDAc 1.0 so i need to know what's your actual BDAc Version & i re tweak it for you . ( I'm with now ) It's not my best but it fly well & 99 Parts only . Let me know & i re tweak it ASAP .
  4. @dundun92 Yep , it's a BDA bug . & values are random at every spawn . I got one craft with 2000HP too . Don't know why only one ^^ But the HP in game are real ! MMmmm ! Despite that , you craft is good
  5. @Box of Stardust @dundun92 Excuse me sirs , but i have issues with the last DU 11 . May you check if it's a Bug from my KSP or not . In the SPH DU 11 Tiger Got 1000 HP . My regular Tiger got 500 HP but Here in Game they got 26000 Hp . a bit hard to take down . All my apologize if it's a bug from my game .
  6. Yep Hard to comment all i've seen today , well ! Good surprising crafts especially the HSC now in 3rd Spot . As a sentinelle , it will be hard to pass through ^^ Lure Target still make me laugh the flying fish MSIII & SLG lake of fine tunning , well that's the game ! I've make some test against the DU-11 and it should clim up in the top tier fast soon ( Yes Sir ) I need to tune more my next craft , there's no longer place for hazardous crafts in the Top board , MMmmm Thx for all these Uploads !
  7. Yop . ... Is there already someone who make a Team Jetfighter Battle ? Two dude in the team A against two other in the team B .... ... Should had strategic team play ... & two crafts setup .... well .... just meditate ..... ... just .... ........ meditate ..... ... MMmmmmm ....
  8. Hi all ! Just working on a hybrid X-Fighter . Shape still in W.I.P . Global perfs seems better , but tuning is not ready . No link for now , No replacement for now too ! Coming soon ....
  9. Ok . thx , wanna know your feeling about KK and BDAc , if it's just me or if there really bad interact witin this mod ! Well , i'm fine with the game result PEGASys still a bit better anyway
  10. ... Defeated by the Boss ... again ^^ Mouarf XD , well , hunter still better but not enough . Haha ! @Box of Stardust I notice that after watching all movie that your BDAc seems not working properly , ( I'm not contest the result ) But all the test i've made are mostly all finish by out of fuel ( like you ) but out of ammo too , where on your computer AI seems to not use Vulcans properly ^^ Hunter not fireing in most case when chasing your craft ( never seen that ) but your D6 not firering too in lot of situation ! Sure you have a bad Mod interaction with BDAc , look like AI use 30% less
  11. Well well , great day for a formation training with all the KSC Pilots available ! " Sir , Yes sir ! " Nice day on Kerbin !
  12. Yopyop For my last entry , i submit a manned Jet-Fighter . Tweaked against your PEGASys-D6 , not really for beat it but to force me to maximise performances , it can handle it a bit with a good opening but not more The ZPF Sir !
  13. @Box of Stardust You right , too enthusiast building session So , Keep 3 crafts : - X-Fighter - Hunter Versatile craft - ZLM's Support Light Guard Mono light engine craft - Mini Shark III Fake Jet-Fighter Should be enough ^^ Just not enough manned craft for a separate leaderboard , so drone leaderboard mastering the season ! i'll be happy to see more manned aircrafts , got some ones to submit ! If you have a good jet-fighter to submit ; the manned leaderboard may growing up !
  14. Maybe you can clip inline air intake into the top fuel tank should work as long as there are not in the fairing ! Beautiful nacelle !
  15. Yop ! Mini Shark is back , ( Huhu ) EDIT : V-TEK Reboot in the place too ! And my Personal Guard Build Mania ^^ Support Guard !
  16. ThX , i like your style too , especially your PEGASys Series Pure line , look really nice ! Yep , got issue with BDAc 1.2 , not seen from age , when your craft focus a splashed down craft , & can't unlock ^^ put your craft in a dangerous stance for several minute sometimes . Hop . 2 hellfires & next target ^^ ( sometimes 4 hellfires ^^ ) Last time i've seen this was in KSP 1.0.3 ! ( if your remember , my old Rafale got Hellfire ) And yes , even if all weapons are ' Ground Target Disable ' I also like destroying absolutely everything XD You have to deal
  17. Got some new entry , better ( or not ^^ ) Let's see More TWR on Xc-Fighter - Infinity & Lower Mass on X-Fighter - Mini Infinity Mini Tada !
  18. I also keep in mind that ( 10% / 15% ) Random luck ( Haha ) My best tip is , Test , test & re-test ^^ Take a look at our AI pilot setting ( & the global shape of the craft ) could help you a lot , the two last values ( G & AoA ) can be set to the max but care with other values set at max can have Négatif impact ^^ ( too much Steering , too low altitude ) Maybe stupid idea but try to put your Mind inside your craft ( what you want to your craft ) Speed , Accuracy , Lifetime , dodge ! Yep , that's not so easy that's it look ! You've build a short design drone & it
  19. Yep , Don't know if it's intended , but all your AI flight Pilot are set to Default values ! It's highly recommended to tweak ( at least ) your AI Pilot .
  20. Honestly , i don't know ! But that's a logical answer on the battle result on my & his computer !
  21. Mmm .. strange , i made 3 matchs against your ASW-MI(D) and i win 9-0 with one craft soflty damaged . And i'not tweak them till i upload them on KerbalX . Can't know for your other craft ! Don't have Ven's Stock Part Revamp MoD ( Don't have B9 too ) , As long as there's a 'Random' part of luck in dogfight , that's maybe just 'luck' Still work for a 3rd craft entry but i got nothing very good to submit . Mmm !?! BTW , Nice day on Kerbin
  22. My entry with a manned craft I think i can push a bit more with fine tuning ! 762 for now !
  23. NP ! Best entry is good for me too . I could try something on the manned leaderboard EDIT : Only Cockpit or Command seat allowed ?
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