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  1. I take a shoot , with a basic design !!! The Juno-Bomb 797 just before crash .
  2. I'm always happy to see new Jet-fighter builder Because where there's Jet-Fighter builder , there's Dog-fighting challenge ... ZLM ...Over ...
  3. Haha ! i beat myself , very ironical This was the prototype of the X-Fighter & it's funny to see how it work in KSP 1.3.X . I managed to fix some of his little issue for 1.2.1 & with better AI it's tiny better . BTW , i don't think it can do something against the Gunbrick . Maybe by his size or speed , but the Gunbrick power probably don't let him pass the 1st merge . Need a good among of luck after the launch PoD to engage fast , so it probably got only one chance to prove his maneuverability because Gunbrick rarely offert a 2nd chance ^^ - Like the Du-8C , it could be really go
  4. Yopyop I can enter a 2nd aircraft for KSP 1.4.X .The Lure Target is most fun & still decent maneuverability . I work on a better version of the X-Fighter , but it's seem's than i reach it"s max performance , Huh ^^ I also try newer design without the result expected , go to the draw board again So i enter a 3rd aircraft if i'm able to build something good ! Good enough Nice day on Kerbin . EDIT : just remember that it use DCK engine ( Kitty ) so i replace them with AP engine ( Tiger )
  5. I made a radar test against the same target and this is what i see . - Mounted 1 radome in front , AIM 120 lock target at about 11 KM , with 0% success - Mounted 1 radome in front , AIM 120 ( 2nd Lock ) around 7 KM . with 20% success Then - mounted 8 Radome in front ; AIM 120 lock at 12.5 KM with 0% success - Mounted 8 Radome in front , AIM 120 ( 2nd lock ) around 9 KM , with 20% Success . So my conclusion is that Mutiply radar as no impact on your success hit , A tiny impact on range lock & a better FoV if mounted in different way ! MMmmmm
  6. @Box of Stardust The only test i've made is with reversed vulcan canon , & AI is able to fire with it ( the front canon not firering , only the rear one ) But it's always a few among of bullet in a very short wave ! ( 3 to 5 bullet rarely more ) May work better with some craft when they try to touch the sky ^^ For missile it's pretty hard because you general facing the tiny radar signature ( the front one )
  7. Using Link data transmiter seem better than mutiple radar . 1st for your mass craft , plus you don't have to face ennemy if one other of your craft still pointing him . But with multiple radar you sure to cover 360° view , not sure with Data link ^^
  8. @53miner53 In Game , Press ( ALT+B ) & Check BDA Debug ( Tick it ) You'll see additionnal BDA HuD .
  9. My 1st Craft for BDAc 1.2 is ready to take off It's a Hunter version of the X-Fighter . Just in case , BDAc 1.2.1 has been release !
  10. @Box of Stardust NP , i'm want to switch to BDAc 1.2 too , more i test craft more interesting the game is . I begin to tune them , i link them when they finish . Got some issues ( don't know for you ) - GAU gun won't shot at all . - CM Chaff with wrong skin - Torpedo explode onto water ^^ ( cannot drop them from an aircraft ) ( intended or not ? ) Not tested all part but globally AI seem far better . I'll check if there's a BDAc update , maybe a small patch ! Yep , so you can forget the last link because i've already re-build them in KSP 1.4.X . ( I also noti
  11. @Box of Stardust Oh ok Good ! For not been confused , i update X-Fighter 3 & rename it . I also a Missile spammer version , X-Fighter 4 with risky low range guns ^^ I tune V-TEK for KSP 1.4.X . It had well working for me
  12. Yopyop . @Box of Stardust Just notice that you not enter my X-Fighter to the leaderboard ! ( Or i forget to submit it ^^ ) It's a micro fighter under the 5 Tons . This is the KSP 1.3.1 version , but it's ready for 1.4.X with tinny better perfs . ( V-TEK ready too )
  13. Haha Not bad at all . I could tune the V-TEK for KSP 1.4.X and see he can do . And yep , fighting against the VIPER is still the Big Boss MMmm , Every of my new design is a bit better than the old one , so i may finish to build a very good one I'm so used to build 20 Tons aircraft that i've some issues with drone fighter , XD but it's a good training after all
  14. Yopyop ! Here's the last update of my Typhoon for KSP 1.4.X with BDAc 1.2 . Nice day on Kerbin .
  15. Yopyop , I finally use a Grid Tool , so i can use most formation in the way i want . I should think about that earlier ^^ Just Move it after placing craft . Yopyop .
  16. Maybe a visual helper for the Spawn Spot ! Simple enough and accurate enough too . EDIT : Start with V formation or Invert V formation with the same tool , just rotate it with vessel mover ! Quite Fun EDIT 2 : Multi Spawn Tool , Rotate to the desired formation . Tool Formation Helper on KerbalX .
  17. Ok , i do this , a perfect spawning V-Formation made with Trigger just under the Runaway . Just have to duplicate this for other formation ( Someone know how to have a screenshot on the Runaway in the SPH ? )
  18. @Box of Stardust Just an idea ; If you create 3 runaways in a perfect formation onto the floor ( or in air ) with grouped different name ( Runaway 1 , Runaway 2 ... / V Formation Spot 1 ... / Invert-V Formation Spot 1 ...) Craft spawn perfectly on each runaway . But the issue is that i must back to SPH every time , but the result is perfect !!! Need a way for spawning 3 crafts in formation directly on the runaway ..... Should be great ^^ ( Maybe having better interact between Vessel Mover & KK ) EDIT , Working on a way for spawning different formation on a single runaway , w
  19. Yopyop ! This is my 1st time with kerbal Konstruct & i try this . KSC 1 to KCS 2 , start directly over the sea with 29.1 KM far away . Both runaway face on . Just finish the building & not test dogfight yet . Minimal Building for performance . EDIT : Not really active this day but we have beautiful weather so i most outdoor than in my house EDIT 2 : Great formation in both team with all crafts spawning with vessel mover .
  20. Yop ! So i start with my craft link Want to test against another craft of you , so i begin . Delta Force , light fighter , light weaponary . Good agility . Decent TWR . Sould be the more intresting . Shark IV , Heavy class . sighly better weapon . Bit lack of Thrust , Goog maneuvrability . Can handle more bullet . Sould be better in this challenge without Drone ^^ Light Fighter 1 , Light Class , Diffrent global shape , try new thing ( Prototype ) This craft eat Sidewinder 3 by 3 Looking good but not efficient ^^ Still in BDAc 1.1 . Need to know if @dund
  21. Yep , I got something , a bit tricky to fly but it make the job ! 25.616KG landing KSC2 . AIR Juno Challenge on KerbalX
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