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  1. Delete guns from your craft & put new one , i had this bug when import craft from 1.0 to 1.1 . My shark not fireing even in extrem close combat . I just delete all weapon and put fresh one . You can try .
  2. Yep ! Not fully tuned but here's my entry , test only again my own crafts so , don't really know for now ! Link when better tune on it . probably tomorrow ! Nice day on Kerbin .
  3. Mmm , I'm in a big deal ! I try to tune my SHARK III to fit with this champ , Renamed SHARK IV , and have something good but as you see Number of parts is good , Thrust is good , Mass is good . Weaponnary fit the rules . Yep but just realise that the mass of the craft is 11.787 KG With 400 L of fuel , so , must i leave it in Light Fighter or must i raise up to 12 Tons+ and entry to heavy Fighter ? That way i can raise up Thrust Powa even if flying attribute is good enouth in this setup . MMmm . That way i can build another Light fighter ..... MMMMmmmmm . MMmmmmmmm ..... Oh
  4. @DoctorDavinci oops sorry , i've been disturbed by the BD icon in the SPH . So now it's officialy DCK FutureTech , great Not update mods for a while & still have your 2nd test release . Just asked for HP but if it's considered as text editing i will not use it . Thx for answers .
  5. I still use the HP Editor from PapaJoe ( BDAc module ) HP_Armor_Editor.v0. It's a BDAc icon in the SPH but seem to be a DCK Mod , honestly , i don't know , the HP Editor is a stand alone mod in my Gamedata ^^ Don't have DCK in this KSP Version ^^ But if i'm right , it's integrated to the last DCK update . So in real , i'm not using DCK here !
  6. Yepa I fine with all your rules except only one . 1 Engine on a 12 Tons heavy fighter , erf , Slow as hell . I got 6 Panters on my typhoon with 20 Tons ( wet mass ) There's no HP value in your rules , i supposse using Default Hit Points ! A flat 3000 HP wing need 46 Ammo before been destroyed , BUY AMMO BOX !!! Don't think having time to build something before tomorow , but you can count on me to submit something Btw , unlimited challenge is more intresting . Nice day on Kerbin .
  7. Mmmm . I have tested BDAc1.1 with KSP1.3.1 , but it is work with KSP 1.4.X . My challenge is ready for a while now and i waited for on Official BDAc release . I could test in 1.4.X , nothing to loose after all .
  8. yep , you find a tricky build for control your craft , but i don't find it , but wp if you done it I had to be extremely gentle with the control or it's ennevitable crash . XD I try the challenge but i mostly fail , haha , that's happen !
  9. I try another setup for my Wings , and it's a pain in the ( Put the word you want ) to make this thing flying ! This wing fly but . wow . really un-fun ^^ I think i cannot do better ! Nice day on Kerbin !
  10. Yep , i go back to the SPH and build a better craft . Still issue without YaW control so i keep tail control for a proper flight . Maybe not the best but still better than my first 'Fail' submition and have a flying wing look . - No cockpit - No RW Got tail control and nacelle fuel tank as historical wing i've inspirated . YB-4Z Flying Wing on KerbalX . Afterburner on RCS Key . Nice day on Kerbin .
  11. Ok , so i try this one . - No surface Control parts attibute - No Fuselage - No cockpit - No RW It's a Pure Stock craft , flying like a JetFighter . Can clim vertically and flight level far than 10000 m . After Burner bind on RSC key . My craft on KerbalX .
  12. Even elevon got control surface , do you mean not using the flat control surface part like wing connector ?
  13. Hi Everyone ! Here's my last build , The RUF - CTR . A racing car for driving sooooo fast .... Well with 10 Tons you probably don't go ... so fast More than 400 Parts & heavy mass , sure you can destroy your KSC with this car XD XD The RUF - CTR On KerbalX . Nice day on Kerbin
  14. Better view of the interior , still basic . You can use a 2nd Vario for the bottom seat . Another Vario setup .
  15. @Vagani Absolutly not , there's one of the new Science Stock part ( I say 'new' because i've not played for 3 years ) EDIT , Amospheric Fluid Spectro Variometer , Probobobyne inc
  16. Yop Everyone . Here's my 1st craft for KSP 1.4.1 and i start with a Fun Craft called KAbarth 500 . Inspirated by the Abarth 500 ofc but sigly different so i re-name KAbatrh . The car isn't perfect but i'm not perfect too ^^ Quite Fun with one juno to pusle a bit . Don't expect more than 45 m/s ! KAbarth 500 on KerbalX . Nice Day On Kerbin .
  17. @DoctorDavinci Yep thx , i post a thread on Github with more detail purpose , & some enhancment to fix our issue . Let's see if they like that idea !
  18. Just a idea but we need 2 Distances in BDAc . The 1 st distance ( the actual ) Place plane to start position still in formation then turn in idle mode . And 2nd distance ( 1 KM less ) Engage All Crafts . All plane will face each other in formation . Well just an idea !
  19. Yopyop I build a new Cool Craft who can replace my outdatted Rafale . It's a Twin Vulcan Drone Fighter not bad at all . It's a 5 Tons less craft without RW Lightly Weaponned . @Box of Stardust Right , VG with default Hitpoints was just a 'Flying Tank' XD ; i build it before BDAc release so that wasn't intended , but just hazard .
  20. @Servo Yep Yep , you are right , when i put the LFO , i was thinking in term of length & mass & absolutly not in term of texture . But you right , that's bad looking . same thing for the swep wing , bad looking . I'll try to correct that when i got some time My 1st version was build with DCK color tune , & i didn't notice that when i re-build it in Stock ^^ I generaly start with long cross beam section with the exact length , but it's not easy to have all good . Close but not exact , arf !
  21. Exellent , that's far easy to custom our crafts now ! Good work
  22. @Box of Stardust Yep V-TEK insteed of VG I sould replaced Rafale , it's tottaly out perform in the actual leaderbord . I got new one , but not tweaked yet . I made a quick crash test , with my own plane with absolutly all parts with 200 Hitpoints , You can see how damage is with this tune ! As i read below , a SPH tune will be great EDIT : Great , it's far easy now to tune all that parts !
  23. Yop , i add start Sequence on the SAS key like some of you . That ease the start .
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