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  1. i know , talking about the new BDAc , not this challenge
  2. MMmmm . Hitpoints cannot be set up in the SPH ( New BADc ) Why adding hitpoints if we can't set it §?!!? Hitpoint set to 200 / 250 Make closer battle from actual . But Text editing ALL PARTS craft is a bit boring . But i like the "Damage effect" on the craft . Haven't find any ammo tweak , i read it in the patch note . Or i miss-endersand . MmmmMM !
  3. F****** great job , i surprise that there's not more com on this thread . Whitch prog are you use for the 3D render ? Unity SDK or something ? Congratz you sould pass a good among of time on it ! But the result is awesome .
  4. @Box of Stardust I think V-TEK is globaly better than the VG . VG only good in Dogfight & if it not pass the fist front it's over . I'm not Test the VG on Last BDAC V° . Just test Rafale & V-TEK against top craft . EDIT : Add fine tune against the PEGASys-D3
  5. I finnally tune my V-TEK , it's a decent competitor now . It could replace the VG-D3.4-PG . Better thrust , small up in turn rate . more basic Pod & small up in gun ability .
  6. There's a lot of new feature . like Ammo tweak , accurate steal mode , Copter & Tank mode , Low TWR AI & other good stuff . I take a shoot in a new folder game . Intresting ...
  7. @Box of StardustI'm cooking one too , most major rules in there , but i'm wait for KSP 1.4.X , i got a good performance boost in the last version . + My computer is quite old now & i cannot handle too many crafts . I don't want to make twin challenge in the same time too . Here's a tiny spoiler
  8. @Box of Stardust yep , i use the V-TEK only for trying all routine setup on the lower Pod , the craft has good Sy-Fy looking but it don't have specific flight attribute . Not enouth thrust power . turn rate not bad . gunner not bad too . Annemic Missile ^^ erf . You can make a shoot against it but you probably win by 3-0 Seriously , i not submit it because it"s far away from the Top leaderboard craft performance . You are hard to follow in term of Performance ^^ EDIT : It's a warhead mounted , wasn't know if it's a nuke weapon ?!?
  9. Yep , Worrking on a new aircraft , a bit more aggressif & add a evolved Pod from my V-TEK project . But it's a bit weak . Need a fine tune now .
  10. @Box of Stardust In rare case , craft noze pitch down onto the runaway , i had beam & no problem after . btw , the beam stay onto the floor , so don"t affect my craft mass . I just make a few test against Squirrel & PEGASys , and well , they are hard too ! & yes , on my computer your craft is just amazingly aggressif .
  11. @Box of Stardust It's strange ! it's one of the more stable craft i have downloaded , efficent with a high rate of victory .
  12. It's ok , raise down to 99 parts . erf wasn"t seen that parts growing so fast . It's my only craft who can handle the Basilisk -C3 . I really need it ^^ VG-D3.4-PG
  13. Depend of the speed of your craft ^^ If you using AIM-9 , Effective betwenn 5 to 2.5 Km ( rarely lock before ) Try somthing around 8000 less ( The time for your craft to reach 5KM & harast with AIM-9 ) It's more a 'distract' Act to let you initiate your 1st 'Real Missile' in this exemple , i raise down AIM-9 to 5000 M I only Really lock one plane with more than 50 launchs . With all setting avalible , all target mode , & all radars combo . It's more a 'tools' than a real weapon ! But maybe someone will finish to find the ultimate setup .
  14. @GillyMonster In older version , yes . Hidden Vulcan too , in the same angle of your aircraft turn rate , but it's a bit hazardous ^^ I have 10% Succes , maybe less with revert weapon . Make a test with a single vulcan , the more harder is to set the exact angle . Missile is more easy to tune . I not test it in actual BDAc .
  15. @Box of Stardust Shhhh ^^ It's a secret ........ XD XD XD EDIT , Yep , not easy to tune . Still working on it !
  16. Oops , i just notice that i use a Radome on my VG-D3.4-PG But it's a Pure Gunner ^^ I delete it . Sorry sorry !!
  17. The Real one H/W/L 5.28 / 10.86 / 15.96 My Typhoon - H/W/L - 6.3 / 11.4 / 18 Close to 1:1 but a little bit more in fact
  18. @exbyde NP , this was just a idea . I keep it for my challenge , still cooking it . But i wait Mod update for KSP 1.4.X & finish this one too . I don't have time to play this week so no update , but i going to check if there is some other craft update . And nice day on Kerbin
  19. In my memories , when start KSP in Alpha 0.XX , I need two weeks to reach the mun . Around one week to familiar with the game meta , and one more to Land ( Not crash ^^ ) onto the mun . It's probably your 1st real big goal when you start KSP . After that you just want to go far away . Ofc , for all the older player of KSP is like saying "hello dude , fine ? " If is your 1st Space simulator ( like me ) then YES , that can be a real challenge . Nice day on Kerbin
  20. Just my PoV , but i like when there is a Hardpoints rule ! That prevent users to use too many weapon and make a more 'fair' challenge . In that way PPL work more on the aicraft design than on the among of weapons they can put on it ^^ Quick exemple : small craft ( Drone ) < 8 Tons = 9 Hardpoints Jetfighter ( Manned ) 8 tons to 18 tons = 12 Hardpoints Heavy craft > 18 Tons = 15 Hardpoints We can Brainstorm for the among of Hardpoints who can be used , Ofc . The more important is that everyone have fun in a fair challenge . Nice day on Kerbin !
  21. @goduranus You are using a very interesting trick on your Vampire Don't think BDAc use it so fine , Congratz ! Time for meditate ^^
  22. Yop everyone Tiny update of my Raffale , i like it so i cheer it Mostly against the Gunbrick and it's Rain of Fire ^^
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