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  1. Yop everyone ! I finally rebuild from a blank page , my Typhoon got the same issues , it's a Big aircraft & not easy to reach high perfs so i made something more competitif . He sould be more difficult to shoot & he's a pure gunner . Let's see if he better or not VG-D34-PG on KerbalX I keep my typhoon for later ! There is more accurate gun craft & that turn a bit the competition , mention for the Tiger 1 who mastering missile lauch performer ^^ Nice day on Kerbin !
  2. Except some friendly fires , it's quite hard to compete against drone fighter ^^ but they are really efficient . I had the same issue when tunning the craft , he could be good against some of them but that turn him bad against other , Mmmm , not easy . And NP for DCK , i remove it , i just like it's visual enhencement . Thx for your uploads . Yep just my PoV , but AIM 120 seems more frendly than the Sidewinder . but i really like them in olders KSP version . a bit less in this one .
  3. Yop , Everyone ! i'm working on a competitive version of my typhoon . not finish yet but it should surpass my raffale ( if all done well ) Quick preview ! I delete DCK if you have trouble with it . I just use color not parts . Nice day on Kerbin .
  4. Oh my ^^ My resurect Raffale make some shoots Maybe i should tweak it a bit more for better ressult ! Don't know why but it won't shoot any missiles , so that's why i focused on the vulcan ability . Btw , thx for all your uploads , that cost me an hour for a single one ^^ Some intersting crafts here & there , In a haste to watch more . Nice day on Kerbin !
  5. Hi everyone , what about a ride at KSC with a racing car , Mmm . Why not ^^ The Zonda R , great race car , not easy to build with some mistake here & there . Not bad looking but i should do better The Zonda R on KerbalX . Nice day on Kerbin !
  6. Gentlemen start your engines ^ I'm in a haste to see that . gl&hf , thx for the queue update
  7. Hi everyone , today i'm here for all the Stock Lovers ! So here's the Stock version of my Typhoon , sightly different shape from the Mod one ( some mod parts replaced ) Global looking is similar , Perfs is similar too . Some pics ^^ Eurofighter Typhoon on KerbalX Nice Day on Kerbin
  8. Hi everyone , was working on two jetfighters replica , Raffale & Typhoon . They are probably not enouth agility for a Dogfighting Contest , but they are fun to piloting manually . Raffale C : ready to fire : Eurofighter Typhoon : Awaiting Orders . Raffale C - KerbalX Eurofighter Typhoon - KerbalX Nice day on Kerbin
  9. Plz , let me 5 min , i must made a coffée for @Eidahlil
  10. Hi everyone ! Good day on Kerbin ! My SPH growing Slowly but surely . Have a new Copter to share with you . Probably need some minor tweak but is ready to fly . Let's check ^ Eurocopter EC665 Tigre I'm feeling good with the global shape , got wooble for a few sec at start , seems the front landing gear , but don't know why , that's stop fast after the launch ! Here's the first 'good' version to try . Good stability , fly safe at level flight . Decent autonomious , Easy take off & landing , well isn't bad . https://kerbalx.com/ZLM-Master/Eurocopter-EC665-Tigre
  11. Hi everyone . Today i update my Airwolf 2018 for KSP 1.3.1 . Still easy to use but he lost some agility , erf . It's a fun copter for zoning around your KSC , Or fishing with your Hellfire missile ... No no no , you can't do that ^^ Can be usefull on a Carrier or light frigate . My craft on KerbalX https://kerbalx.com/ZLM-Master/Airwolf-2018 Some tweak and adding color Need a coffée now , Nice day on Kerbin !
  12. Hi all , just switch my craft to KerbalX https://kerbalx.com/ZLM-Master/Dassault-Rafale-C-CE-Shark-III Minor Tweak for the challenge ! Nice day on Kerbin .
  13. Hi everyone , i try to build something for the challenge . The Green Airline Companie ( GAC ) is happy to show you there last medium regional jet . It "s optimised to have a descent among of passengers with the comfort of a large range travel . Her's some technical stats ; - Up to 72 Passengers + ( 2 Pilots ) - Cruise ALT 8400 / 8800 m - Cruise SPD 250m/s - Fuel Rate 0.31 l/s - Tank 5260 L - Take off SPD 76 m/s - Landing SPD 71 m/s - Mass 53 Tons - Range ≈ 9000 - Cost 69.064.000 You have to use Flaps to take off &
  14. Hi everyone ! Nice day on Kerbin , Time to update my AMX G2 2018 for KSP 1.3.1 The major change is the Rotor core of the turet , Rebuild for 1.3.1 . Yep , seems my old building trick no longer working . I switch fairing by the Passenger door from airplane plus . Turret very smooth but still weak ^^ And sorry , my logo is oversized KerbalX .Craft https://kerbalx.com/ZLM-Master/AMX-G2-2018 If you are only intersted by the Rotor , maybe you find him another use . https://kerbalx.com/ZLM-Master/ROTOR-131 HF
  15. @Eidahlil Yep ! You have made a fine analistic of my plane & you are right on a lot of points ^^ For my defend yep not played till 2015 & forget a lot of think ( KSP isn't a easy game ! ) - Don't know why but i figure ECM was auto-Pasiv & not Action group ( thx i correct this ) - Most of dogfight is around 2 to 3 min max , so 50 U electrcal pod never be a issue by the past ( i will check , maybe different from ksp 1.0.2 ) - Agree with the roll , bit to responsiv ! - 300 l fuel is in care of longer dogfight than usual ( 5 min ) Or if plane heavy damage
  16. Hi everyone . I'm back in KSP & i really like dogfight challenge , but i don't really know if i can submit my entry or if all is allready closed ! I finish one maned Jet-Fighter & one Drone-Fighter , i have a fresh KSP install with a few mod . Last played in 2015 so i don't expect to win this challenge But i can know if i'm still abble the build something ^^ - My Raffale C - Shark III (2018) - My Mini Shark (Probe) https://drive.google.com/open?id=126uwF2w5Qks-noe7AQhiNfr5RlUoPzHS https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PSa20dfm4XbT6uW0OLVyWfhMb6YKe_mi - R
  17. Hello , i find my 1st account here https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/profile/104150-zlm/ I got the same profile tag . I forget a lot of beacon useable here ( /IMG /SPOILER etc ) If you still have the ksp beacon list topic , that's be great I got a fresh KSP install , so i don't have a lot of thing the show you yet . For now i just update my Raffale Shark III , close to final state but i got some test to do before posting . As alway ^^ Have a nice day on Kerbin !
  18. Hello everyone , i'm back after a couple of years . Just create new account ( cause i forgot my 1st loggin & pass ! shame on me ) Still in a FUN ksp way , & i hope i can find some good challenges with all the new players in this years . ( & the older one too ) Good day on Kerbin & hf !
  19. I just check to fit with 60 PTS , & i'm at 53 Pts , i'm fine with that ! ah , yep i add one parts to the craft ( stock part ) , 55 Parts now ! & Coffee still not include with the craft
  20. Yop ! Just a lucky round with last Rafale C 'Shark' VS Helion IIIB I just see you make a new one , i try it now ! And i stay on Close view probably because my eyes aren't very good ....I just see Dot moving onto a large grass area ... erf ! That's smell glaces on my nose .... But i think most ppl use large view during battle . Sorry for the sooo short movie , it's a hell for me to upload big data files !! What's the trick for simultaneous start ? When i click on BD window nothing happens ! There all armed but that don't activate autopilot . Is there a script for that ?
  21. Y op ! Her's my very last entry , work better with "A" Start . ( I agree about start style will change my craft in all point ! ) Based on the 10 Hardpoints , no free turrets in [stock] + [bD-Armory] Only . 54 Parts . -Hard point 1 : CM Pod -Hard point 2 : CM Pod -Hard point 3 : CM Pod -Hard point 4 : .20 ammo box -Hard point 5 : .20 ammo box -Hard point 6 : .20 ammo box -Hard point 7 : Vulcan ( hidden) -Hard point 8 : Vulcan ( hidden) -Hard point 9 : Sidewinder missile -Hard point 0 : Sidewinder missile Last download always in my sig picture . "Shark" I not sure it was your last F7 , you de
  22. Just my Pov after some test ! The "D" start with 5.5 KM distant space let all design the time to take off . Most plane take off in the 500m ( in average ) Too close distant space & gun shoot down you even with all his wheels still on the ground . This start will probably make 30s to 40s battle , very fast ending . The "A" Start or "C" Start seems classical . The "B" Start may push two planes too far to the two other ! "out of the ring" Risky ! I test parallel takeoff , similar to the "D" Start with all crafts faces North . with mostly the same result . I'd like to know what other PPL exper
  23. Sorry mate i'm a bit away from the spacecraft exchange ! working on a BD Armory contest . I test it a bit latter when contest finish . Look like strongly armored , Wheels protection seems to be a good idea !
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