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    Ore to Kerbin Mission

    Its true, and I take land twice, also I tested the "glitch mode" putting the vessel on the VAB
  2. big2142

    Ore to Kerbin Mission

    OK, thank you so much for your atention! Possibility 1, didnt work Neither 2, so maybe its the third one? (the game is in spanish, but its easy to understand) the unchecked one says HAVE 1000 ORE ON YOUR VEHICLE. I've tried even with probes, rovers, planes and spaceplanes, but it is always the same This is a really strange thing
  3. Hi guys, I'm newbe in this forum, and I got trouble with one mission: mine 1000 ore on minmus - OK bring to kerbin 1000 ore - OK stability 10 sec - OK have 1000 ore on your vehicle - NOPE !!! So, have on your vehicle? I dont understand why I cant achieve this point, I'had mined it yet (1050 first time and exactly 1000 the second), bring back with 20 parachutes... What am I doing wrong?