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  1. Just wondering if this is just me or not, but when low to the ground on Kerbin (like the KSC) I get a weird issue that basically looks like the kerbin texture is just a bunch of colored lines? I'll try to get a screenshot if I can. Pic: https://imgur.com/a/RuGBPcN
  2. As far as I know, you have to use stock communications currently because Haully isn't finished making Kerbalism's own Comm network plus from me testing it, it doesn't seem like ground stations are implemented yet for Kerbalism's comm network (personally I feel like that's cheating having a direct connection to kerbin anywhere. With Kerbalism's current comm network off it still will transmit data like download or upload speeds, but it won't increase the connection speed per antenna (so I early game antenna does 64kb/s but with it turned on you could have like 6 antenna's with each one doing 64kb/s which would total out to 384kb/s) but it will still decrease the connection speed the farther you are from Kerbin. Although Haully may have updated in the past day or so getting it to work. @HaullyGames I'm happy to see that you took my advice on making your own thread <3 is there anything I could do to help you out? I don't know much about modding but I'm a fast learner *EDIT* well crap i didn't notice that @HaullyGames didn't make this thread now I look stupid :-/
  3. I played with this mod back in like KSP 1.1.3 with RO and I had thought that this mod had died because on Spacedock the last update was for 1.1.3. Now knowing that this mod is still alive I can't wait to play with it on 1.3.1 with RO because I love having some station keeping without all the complexity of Principia. Although I do have one worry, how well with the automatic station keeping work with RealFuels? If it doesn't work with RealFuels that's fine I can do it myself it's just nice to have that extra feature
  4. Ya later today I'm going to try RO with Kerbalism and without RT I was just worried because it's almost impossible to find out RT's exact features compared to Kerbalism, but from what I have found is that they're really similar if not almost the same. I don't know Kerbalism might work better in RP-1 than RT currently :-/
  5. Ya, I realize that, still I have a lot of respect for you for keeping this mod going along with all its complexities. I just hope that some mods take some ideas from Kerbalism like RemoteTech adding a ui (hopefully as nice looking at this mod's). I don't know maybe I should learn to code and do some of these myself :-/
  6. Well, I didn't know that with RT the connection rate would be static that's depressing, is there any possible workarounds? Because TACLS doesn't do nearly as much as Kerbalism plus I really like the ui for data transmission. Honestly, I don't understand why there isn't a mod like Kerbalism specifically made for RO.
  7. I just want to say, Thank You for continuing Kerbalism @HaullyGames this is honestly one of the best mods for KSP being honest it's more of a mod pack than a mod with all the features it adds. Also since I mostly play Realism Overhaul how well does it work with all the RO mods, and is there anything that I can do to help. Lastly how well does it interact with RemoteTech in 1.3.1 and is there anything in the Kerbalism settings that I need to change because Kerbalism worked fine with RO and RemoteTech back in 1.2.2. Anyway thanks <3