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  1. I am having issues with the new docking parts, for some reason the LK-1 docks with the Soyuz and can't undock. And a week ago the new ASTP docking nodes wouldn't connect.
  2. Do you have the fins attached to the side boosters? Also, I usually attach RCS to the core stage for additional control. It seems like you are having a drag issue at a high center of gravity on the launch vehicle.
  3. You can delete the parts you don't want from the Gamedata folder.
  4. I usually attach it to the docking node and offset to match the shape of the fairing. Also, I typically program a LES Jettison/Decouple Node action group.
  5. I just double checked, my Smurff is at 0.25, I am getting roughly 4620 m/s (Atmo) 5788 m/s (Vac) of DV with my TKS build. Not counting the extra DV you can get from the Tug engines on the TKS itself. In 2.5x you need just under 5k Dv to reach 70km orbit. Gravity turn is useful, but I always leave the turn at 10 degrees or less, otherwise it tends to be overzealous with the pitch maneuver.
  6. I play 2.5x and Tantares LV are OP if anything. 1.5x atmosphere is overkill IMO. Roll that back and everything should be fine. Also, you might want to use SMURFF for the other rockets, I have it set to 20%
  7. Thanks, it's been hard constantly updating the install while saving the depreciated parts from past builds, I can't stand the rust look, especially because I like mixing and matching the old tanks with OP capacity.
  8. Amen! @Gapone, you need a lesson in manners. @CobaltWolf has spent countless hours making an amazing mod and is always receptive to feedback, your posts come off as obnoxious and rude. If you want to tweak things, you can always do it yourself. I am constantly editing BDB parts, textures...etc. I do the same with Tantares.
  9. I am also opposed to this idea. But if it were to be done, Contares which was a beast of a mod in size, was handled in a very good way. They made a core mod and separated the rest by country. For BDB I believe there could be a similar system. Core mod with the bare minimum and a sub-folder system much like the one that exists, separated by craft (e.g. Titan, Delta, Saturn, Gemini...etc.). Otherwise the only other way I see is by programs (e.g. Mercury Program, Gemini Program, Apollo Program...etc.) with their respective launch vehicles and whatnot.
  10. Luna 2 Probe (ish) And a custom extended station core module. (Energia-Vulkan LV)
  11. Beautiful! I can't believe that a quick PM suggestion has turned into a full mod. Pretty cool!
  12. If you want tweakscale cfgs for ReDIRECT I already gave them out to a few people.
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