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  1. maybe kerbals grow old and die. maybe we'll need to build generation ships. maybe with a mod...
  2. I wish they would address whether the game will have mac/linux support. Many developers use "PC" to mean windows, macs, etc, and not just windows machines, so its unclear.
  3. i feel like pacman. the only thing I say is mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac?
  4. i got a mac, and I hope to play KSP2 on it natively and M1 optimized on launch day. I did try KSP on the console. It was way easier to land a rocket on the mun with the joystick rather than with a keyboard. Other than that, it was a difficult experience. I hope KSP2 on console will be better, as its my fallback option.
  5. hopefully it'll be available for the mac. otherwise I'll make do with the ps5
  6. Have been away for a few years, mostly due to an aging computer. Got a new mac, and so got back into KSP. So now I'm still finding my way to the mun and minmus again.. I kind of bungled my mun landing and ended up sideways. Tried to find a mun stone, but without a rover, jeb had a shortish range with his eva pack and I couldn't find anything. When I tried righting the ship, I found out I forgot to add solar panels, and the side mounted engines I used wouldn't provide electricity, so no reaction wheels. Ended up having to cheat no damage to take off. I then started a sandbox game to try and get to Valentine and see what that's about. Its this new solar system from the extrasolar mod. Took me a whole day to build and send a ship there, and when I was almost getting there, the game started bugging out. I couldn't warp properly, and I didn't have thousands of years to spare flying at regular speed. So I deleted that mod and got OPM. hopefully that'll be less buggy. So started a new career cause deleting interstellar and extrasolar gave me lots of errors on my game. Next I'm gonna have to complete contracts to get money to upgrade my tracking station so that I can start using maneuver nodes. I managed for the 1st time ever to fly by the mun and back without maneuver nodes or patched conics. Just seat of the pants (and Kerbal Engineer to know where my apoapsis/periapsis is). That was cool.
  7. Thank you for this. I'm coming back to the game after a few years away (new computer yay), and I don't really know how to play KSP without this mod.
  8. With new 15 inch Macbook Pros around the corner, I have to ask: Any news on Mac support? Please say "actually, we can now officially confirm full mac and linux support at launch" Thank you!
  9. maybe there are Fyunch clicks on puf
  10. I remember playing the tutorials and then getting to the ones for the mun. Everything always went fine, until landing. I could never control the ship enough to land without crashing, by doing the way the tutorial wanted, which was going "sideways" while dropping alt until the last moment. And then somebody suggested going to minmus first cause it was easier, and voila. Landed on the first try. And getting the feel for it, I proceeded to land on the mun, and then explore the whole system many times over, in many different ways... Can't wait to take baby steps again. I hope KSP2 adds enough change or realism or complexity or whatever to get even experienced ksp players to have to take a few hard but rewarding baby steps.
  11. Apple released today the new 16 inch macbook pro, replacing the 15 inch models. I'd love to get me one to replace my ageing 2013 MBP... as long as KSP2 comes out for the mac. C'mon Star Theory, can't you give us some info on the matter? Thank you!
  12. I wish they'd give us a clearer answer about this. Hopefully the answer will be -Of course there will be a mac version launching at the same time as the windows version, and we will fully support the mac into the foreseeable future.
  13. I'll buy after reviews. No Man's Sky burned me in regards to preorders. Unless of course, they release a whole lot of details and previews that shows its safe to buy. Also unless, of course, they do a cheaper early access thing. Given, of course, they release for mac on day one.
  14. Hi there If I change the UI Scale in settings from 100% to 90%, the altimeter becomes blank, as in, showing blank "cards" where the numbers should be. With 100% UI scale, the altitude shows normally. I didn't check other UI scales. Running a fresh clean install of 1.8 on macOS catalina 10.15. Macbook pro 2013 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2 GB graphics chip. And using a 1440x900 resolution in settings. thanks, cheers
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