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  • Location ...in my secret workshop! (durham or scotland)
  • Interests All sorts of things...playing with toy soldiers, taking photographs (with real cameras too, not a phone!) reading, wandering in the woods, fishing for my dinner, puggy-sitting my daughters Pug, a bit of sculpting, live music, wing chun, kenjutsu, and bread.
  1. Hello!

    Puggy-sitting, is it not obvious? A bit like baby-sitting, but my daughter doesn't have children - she has a Pug. When she has to work funny hours, or away, then we do some "Puggy-sitting".
  2. Hello!

    Hello to everyone out there. Been a player of KSP for quite a while, but just starting to venture further and thought this would be the place to visit for advice and inspiration. I'm old, semi-retired, take pictures, go to gigs, build models, and play with toy soldiers. However, most of my free time is taken up Puggy-sitting. These things are always awkward...if you want to know anything - just ask.
  3. Hello, and this is my first post here! I hope this is not too much of a noob question, but is there anything like a VOR to help landing an aircraft, SSTO, or shuttle? If there is then I missed it, if there isn't then what else can I use to help make landing a bit easier? Is that too many questions? Any and all advice will be gratefully accepted. It is needed. Thanks you in advance, but I must attend to my clockwork band.
  4. Very impressive work. I'll run them both...I love stations!
  5. ..."still falling up stairs!"