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  1. dr.phibes

    Happy "Test-Flight Tuesday"!

    I've read all of that. I have post-graduate qualifications in physics realated subjects too, but i'm still just a bad designer. Even when I just copy a design and build it from scratch, reverse-reverse-engineering, it still doesn't 'work'. Maybe I have no eye for aircraft? Any chump can fit monsterous engines to something, point it upwards, and it will get into space. I know this is true because I have done it. I might be over-ambitious with my ideas...who knows. Nil desperandum. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. It is a nice, bright morning here in sunny England. I makes a change, but then again, Dracula sees more sunlight than me. Every tuesday I get the house to myself (excluding cats and dogs) until 2030hrs. It is also the time of year when I stop working...20th July until my wife goes back to work in september. So, this tends to be the day I test out all of the awesome designs I have collected during the pervious seven days. No rushing. However, there is just me, so if I find a 'problem' i'm doomed. My idea is that 'we' could band together and show-off what we are testing, WIP, and any other geeky stuff related to KSPing. All you have to do is post a picture of what you are/have been testing, give a description of your experience, and feel free to add any other KSP goodness. I also thought it would help with my designs too. I have been trying to design my own aircraft and will have to admit it is way harder than it looks. Strap some engines to some wings and off you go...or so I thought. My attempts have "flown", but from the end of the runway straight into the sea. Here, anyone can swap ideas and problems could get solved. I hope! All of that to one side, it might just be fun.
  3. dr.phibes

    Test-Flight Tuesday!

    @Klapaucius - first rule of Flight Club is "read carefully". Klapaucius
  4. Hello everyone, I hope this is posted in the right place. I suppose it is a 'challenge', so here we go... Every tuesday I have the house to myself from 0810hrs until 2000hrs and I decided to make it "Test-Flight Tuesday". I get the chance to mess with all the amazing designs I have saved during the week. Some designs are too difficult for my poor skills, some are not for me, and some just fail my taste test. I enjoy it and wondered if anyone would like to join-in? All you have to do is show off what you are testing, who designed it (if it wasn't you), take some screen shots, and evaluate the craft in question. You can add a description of your experience and tell tall-tales about the one that got away. I'll start a wee thread called "Test-Flight Tuesday" on tuesday morning (GMT) and we can see what happens. The good thing about being a mental patient is that you can just talk to myself if nobody turns-up. No dicks. Let me know what you think.
  5. dr.phibes

    why do you play this?

    @Bakkerbaard - do you mean me? If you do then yes would be the answer.
  6. dr.phibes

    Build A Rover Transport System

    Wow, some stunning ideas and pictures too. @Geonovast - they are some amazing rover designs. Very impressive stuff. @Mcflyever - that is a brilliant concept for getting a rover somewhere. Now I don't have HyperEdit I have problems testing them.
  7. dr.phibes

    why do you play this?

    @Dexter249 - I totally agree with you about making aircraft. I was messing with some parts and spent an hour putting a plane together. It looked pretty good, but it only flew from the end of the runway into the sea. Partial success? Hats off to the plane designers. @Geonovast - well, it is a simulator. It simulates flying stuff! @Gerneral Apocalypse - points 1 & 2 are on target. Elon Musk worries me. @Tyce - what other games are there? (I do love Astroneer) @Bakkerbaard - " and most of them involved hastily running around, killing a thing, running somewhere else and starting over because time's up. Or life's up. Or ammo's up", sounds too much like my old job if you ask me! MechJeb is the conkers and without it I would not have as much fun either, but I am getting better at docking. The 'floating' aspect certainly gets you...add some Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schultze and you have a great night.
  8. dr.phibes

    why do you play this?

    A quick aside, do you "play" KSP? It's not really a game, is it? Anyhoo, I started playing it just after it hit early access and you had about 50 parts to play with. It was amazing. I could build all the things I used to draw...my first steps in rocket design took place on a real drawing board because there was no such thing as a home computer. If that wasn't enough you can fly what you build and perform 'missions' just to see if the design will do what you wanted it to. What other reasons would you need? It is real geek-fodder. The other reason I mess with it so much is that it is part of my post-stroke recovery. Prescribed too. Overall, I am not a computer games player. Apart from KSP I only play MoW2/CtA and Astroneer.
  9. Good evening everyone, and I hope everyone has see ' Worzel Gummidge' because I need you to bring your best thinking head with you. I have just started designing aircraft and cargo aircraft in particular. Most are just very basic designs until I get the hang of all the parts, but what I need is some help with refining anything I do build. If any of you have built, or do build, aircraft then I would like your help with the process of improving the design. What do I look at? What should I start with when trying to improve the performance of a design? (beyond just using bigger engines, etc,) What needs to be tweaked? What should I always have? You get the idea...any help would be appreciated. No jerks.
  10. dr.phibes

    What is your most facepalm-worthy moment regarding KSP?

    It is always the most ridiculous things too...spent an hour tweaking this-and-that on a transport aircraft which I then crewed and 'launched'. Engines started, by nothing. I checked EVERYTHING only to discover I had put no fuel tanks. I added a 8inch note to my monitor that says, "FUEL TANKS YOU DICK!", but in big, red letters. I'll take it down when I remember fuel tanks every time. In my defense I have had a couple of strokes, but to forget fuel tanks is unforgettable.
  11. dr.phibes


    He is one of the great "horror" threesome...Cushing, Lee, and Price. Peter Cushing is my favourite. Too many Hammer movies growing-up made me a goth and the first 'boobies' I ever saw...Countess Dracula! I was with my grandparents, and 10yrs old, when the dashing Captain pulled open her corset. My grandmother almost fainted and stormed off saying, "I'm going to bed, this is just filth." A slammed door and silence. My grandfather looked me in the eye, nodded, and calmly added, "Don't worry, boy, i'll stay-up with you and watch the end." I just thought he wanted me to see the movie, but with later reflection he was just hoping for some more greasy action. Hammer films were the best for 'real' horror. Amazing actors, gripping "pulp-like" stories, classic one-liners and quotes, and some of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. After forty years there is not many that can. Today, the horror-movie females are dreadful and uninspiring. Dr. Phibes was maybe one of the best horror movies ever. Mr. Price didn't even have to articulate himself on screen! His gestures rule. My son grew-up watching the same stuff I did and when he was 11-12 he would stand at the top of the stairs and when my wife would ask him what he wanted for tea would clench his teeth, hold a fist to his throat, and say, "Ah, Gulnavia..." He couldn't do a 'v'...try it. Told you. It's the same as you can say "Rolf Harris" is a Scooby-Doo voice just by reversing the first letter of both names...see. Don't ask how I learned that. I've just realised how long I have been waffling on. Soz, Moz. p.s., Heather, and I, love to wander around cemeteries - not for any morbid reason, but we appreciate the architecture and, before my strokes, I used to renovate and repair funerary art. Anyhoo, many of the opening scenes from Hammer films, and Dr. Phibes were recorded in Highgate cemetery. As members of the National Association of Cemeteries we get to go all the places the lower orders are not allowed. However, due to disrepair I was unable to pay my respects to Ms. Christina Rossetti while I was allowed to wander about. If this isn't teaching you to suck-eggs I thought you might like these pictures of the Egyptian Corridor...when I can work out how to add them.
  12. I hope this is the right place for such queries, but I wonder if anyone has any information about HyperEdit since the last KSP update? I have relied on it to test things, but it has vanished. I'm a massive fan of Kronal Vessel Viewer too, if anyone knows about that. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. dr.phibes


    So sorry to have not replied until now, been a bit under the weather. Good news is that my Puggy-sitting duties have doubled! Eve, my daughter, saw someone advertising that she needed to re-home their 8-month old Pug because their two-year old had become allergic to dogs and cats. It wasn't near here, but Eve had been thinking Lola should have some company. After a 'meeting' it was decided a trial week would be a good idea...it took three days. If they hadn't gotten along I would have kept her myself. Molly is such a well behaved dog, considering she has had no experience of other dogs other than on a lead, never been in the woods, or met a cat. This isn't exactly the "Blair Witch", but since it runs from my house I thought it would be a good start. There a another public footpath at the other end and a few people walk their dogs, and a few 'doggers' too. Met two older ladies with a two terriers and there was some growling and running about, but she was brilliant. Comes straight back when you shout to her and follows Lola most of the time. She is still a puppy and now has some new experiences. That brings me to Molly never meeting a cat. We have six. They are used to Lola, but Molly just ran at one of them...a flash of claws from under the table and the introductions were over. Two weeks later and they are warming to her. I hope this of some interest. D.x
  14. dr.phibes


    Puggy-sitting, is it not obvious? A bit like baby-sitting, but my daughter doesn't have children - she has a Pug. When she has to work funny hours, or away, then we do some "Puggy-sitting".
  15. dr.phibes


    Hello to everyone out there. Been a player of KSP for quite a while, but just starting to venture further and thought this would be the place to visit for advice and inspiration. I'm old, semi-retired, take pictures, go to gigs, build models, and play with toy soldiers. However, most of my free time is taken up Puggy-sitting. These things are always awkward...if you want to know anything - just ask.